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Joyful Hooper first time Challenge!

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Hi!  This is my first challenge with Nerd Fitness - so excited because I see a friend is also doing this challenge, too!  I loved Steve's list of 25 ways to exercise without realizing it - but I have a 26th one to add: Hoop Dance!  A little circle of plastic that has rocked my world! =)


I have lost 14lbs and a total of about 11 inches overall, as well as toned muscles that I forgot I had since I began seriously hooping in April of this year.  I dabbled a bit in some strength training, but I always go back to my hooping because it is just pure joy to play and dance and spin to really great music!


So, for this challenge:


Main Quest:

Tone up some more, lose more inches; hoop dance with confidence with some new tricks and moves.



~Hoop dance daily Mon-Sat for a minimum of 30 minutes

~Learn 3 kick-ass hoop dance routines that allow me to use all my new moves

~Eat mostly whole foods/paleo 5-6 days a week


Life Quest:

Begin writing again daily


Motivation: to feel healthy and strong, flexible and confident in and out of the hoop and to tone and lose a bit more so I can go on the clothes shopping trip I promised myself.


I'm sooooo looking forward to this challenge and getting to know others on the journey, too!



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Nice! I always wondered how hooping was! My neighbor hoops in the street, it's really cool to watch.


I love that so many other people are doing the challenges for the first time. We'll all rock together!

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JustGettingStarted - hooping is SO much fun!  I couldn't see myself doing it until I tried it and then I just fell in love - I couldn't get enough! Now I drive my friends and family nuts with all my "hoop talk" and try to get everyone to at least try it once.


I agree with you - We'll all rock this challenge!

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