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katpower would really like to finish a challenge for once, kthxbai


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So, third time lucky? Have tried a couple of challenges before, but Life got in the way... but going to try try try again!


So, my goals...

1. Log my calorie intake on Myfitnesspal, and try to stay within budget (one cheat day a week allowed)

2. Strength train at least twice a week. At the moment, going with the Beginner Bodyweight routine, but might chuck some free weights in as time goes on.

3. Cardio work at least twice a week. Riding my horse doesn't count, unless I do some serious flatwork.


4. Keep that brain ticking! Either study for my course (in addition to going to class) or research Something Interesting at least twice a week.


Why? Because when my body is active and I eat better, I feel better... (well, duh!) Because going back to uni doesn't give me a free pass on diet/exercise. Because I want to feel strong and capable, not bloblike.


Let's go!

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Things that don't help disciplined eating:


- selling chocolates for charity. Meaning there's a box of 50 odd chocolates at home, and another at work, giving me saucy looks all the livelong day...

- finding a dead dude. And being a stress eater. With chocolates in the house...


Anyhoo, I'm trying to log any wickedness, and keep moving moving.

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