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I want to reduce my body fat through healthy eating habits and habitual exercise

Drink enough water,
Don't over-eat - listen to the signals my body gives me,
Never miss a workout (even if I have to do it on a different day - as long as I do all the ones I need to do each week)


Put money in the savings account each paycheck and leave it there.



I have been at sub-par health for way too long and it's keeping me from doing things I want to do.  It's keeping me from feeling as good as I can, and as good as I can about myself.  I want the exterior to match the warrior-woman spirit within.  Also, I want to pull off a spandex cosplay some day....





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Workout Schedule:


Sunday - Yoga

Monday - Workout A

Tuesday - Workout B

Wednesday - Cardio

Thursday - Workout A

Friday - Rest day

Saturday - Workout B


I have modified the workouts a little bit because I'm currently recovering from a lower-back injury.  I'm going to be doing a lot with TRX straps and Vipr tubes instead of traditional free weights.

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Good planning.  Listen to your body in regards to the lower back.  I have a problematic disk and since I have started getting in better shape, it's been very manageable.  Stay with it and ask for any help you need.  Good luck out there!

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"If these people tell this story to their children as they sleep; then maybe someday they'll see a hero is just a man who knows he is free."

Good night and joy be to you all ~Jitters The. Clown

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