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Sept. 19, 2013



Day 1 of P90X


Have you ever pushed yourself so hard during a workout that you had to vomit and poop at the same time? I did. Although I'm not exactly proud that I had to cut my exercise routine short today, I am proud that I finally took the first step to getting my physical health in order.


My workout for today was the "Chest & Back" routine. It's primarily composed of push-ups and pull-ups. Those are two of my favorite exercises, so I had a lot of fun until my insides wanted to be my outsides. My mistakes were

  1. Not properly pacing my exercises
  2. Half-assing my warm-up
  3. Eating crappy food right before I got started

After making odd cat noises and doing my best not to turn into a Barfmander, I decided to lie down. Not a beautiful start, but it's better than what I did yesterday (i.e. nothing). Here's to a better tomorrow.

"The Iron never lies to you." -Henry Rollins

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Sept. 20-22, 2013



Days 2-4


I've been away from the computer for a few days so I'm a little behind on my posts. Anyway...


My second day of the program and I decided to do a little modification to the schedule. I found an excellent leg workout on Youtube consisting of 6 exercises for 10 reps each, repeated for 3 rounds. It felt good to perform the squat and deadlift again, even if I did have to check my ego and go with lighter weights. At least I didn't feel like puking again.


My third day saw me facing YogaX. While the yoga moves themselves aren't really that weird, the extreme part comes from the length of the workout--1 hr. and 30 min.  I'm keeping an open mind about yoga because my flexibility is on par with a metal post. 


The fourth day I used as a rest day, but I did spend several hours walking around the mall. Does anyone else feel like gagging when they smell the Abercrombie & Fitch from a few hundred feet back?


Today is Day 5 and I'll be doing the Legs & Back workout from P90X. I'll post again once I'm done. 

"The Iron never lies to you." -Henry Rollins

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Day 5


I made it halfway through the "Legs & Back" workout. In the past, this fact would have put me into a deep funk. Luckily I had my amazing girlfriend exercising with me and she raised an excellent point that I had so far failed to implement:


"You don't have to do everything at once." 


Such simple advice, yet amazing in its significance. I've ignored this advice my entire life. Granted, it's pretty good that I finally decided to retain the information at 23, but I'm still embarrassed it took me this long. Day 1 of this personal challenge is a perfect example of me failing to use my brain and body together. For the first time I actually managed to sync the two and really get an understanding of what I was doing and how I was doing it.




Research & Stretch


I spent my time regaining feeling in my hamstrings and researching "micro-progression." Men's Fitness actually had a very interesting article praising the long-term benefits and practicality of gradual increase. Again, I'm kinda embarrassed it's taken me so long to embrace this idea when related to my fitness. Well, the real error would be ignoring this information moving forward.




Day 6


Did half of the "Shoulders & Arms" routine and felt great! I used lighter weight than what I have used in the past and focused on making each rep as close to perfect as I could. The best part was completing each exercise and not feeling ashamed because I wasn't lifting amounts close to Kryptonian standards. I was honest with myself and realistic about the steps I (just me, not anyone else) need to take to reach my goals. This is the first time in my life I've felt proud about the actions I've taken to improve my fitness. Here's to another day.

"The Iron never lies to you." -Henry Rollins

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Day 7


Got through half of the plyometrics. As before, I really spent my time focusing on form and making sure that my landings were more Spidey and less Hulk.


9.28.13 - 9.29.13


Fell off the wagon a little bit here. I'm not going to say that a certain new game from Rockstar had anything to do with it. *wink* *wink*




Day 8


Back to the "Chest & Back" routine. I was really happy that I made it all the way through the workout with much better results than Day 1. I'm going to really focus on improving my pull-ups since I was only averaging 10-11 for each set. Still, I was very happy to make it through in one piece.




Day 9


After inserting the leg workout I found last time, I definitely will be keeping this routine around. On Day 2 I made the mistake of doing stiff-leg deadlifts way too fast. My lower back felt like it was home to a teething badger for a few days. I didn't increase my weight this round, but I took things slow and paid extra attention to my form (starting to sound like a broken record here). On to the next day!

"The Iron never lies to you." -Henry Rollins

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