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Montecristo73 Retakes Wall Maria From The Titans


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Over a century ago, mankind had to face a new enemy…

The Titans...



The difference of power between mankind and their newfound enemy was overwhelming. Soon, mankind was driven to the brink of extinction. The surviving humans built three walls: the Maria, the Rose and the Sina. They then lived the next century in peace, under their protection. However, in year 845, a Colossal Titan and an Armored Titan appeared out of nowhere. Instantly, the walls were shattered, along with the peace of everyday life. Mankind abandoned Wall Maria, losing a fifth of their population and a third of their territory as human activity was pushed back to Wall Rose.



Now and over the course of the next 6 weeks mankind must step up to the challenge and face impossible odds by battling the Titans, taking back Wall Maria and, hopefully, the world beyond.

This is the record of Montecristo73, a soldier in the 34th Cadet Unit and a hopeless nerd for life who will embark on the glorious and honorable journey of sticking his blade up some Titan butt!

So challenge #3…….. here we go!!!! (I was traveling with my family for a week when the challenge began, although I was able to sign up in time, so now I'm left with 5 weeks to complete the challenge.)

Once again, here's my main quest: TO BECOME A SUPER STRONG WALKING HUMAN WEAPON



In other words, to make your punch against me be your last, by means of both brute force and ninja skills.

This is being done by becoming stronger through weight lifting, proper nutrition and rest as well as being a regular Krav Maga practitioner.

Here are my goals for this particular challenge:

1. GET STRONGER TO CUT THROUGH THE NAPE OF THE TITANS' NECK (Survive 5 weeks of my new weight lift training.)



Bringing a Titan down is no easy feat. You must approach the Titan's back using your three-dimensional maneuver gear and apply a precise sword slash at the nape of the neck: the tried and true weak spot for Titans. Considering that Titans don't just stand there while you attack, this is a one-chance offensive move, so you gotta make sure you are strong enough for that sword strike to do be effective.



Since I'm attending Krav Maga training 3 times a week, and now I will include some heavy sessions of cardio each week (more about this on goal #3) I do not have all the strength and the recovery time to go 5 times to the gym as I used to. Also, heavy Krav training will sacrifice some of the efforts in the gym unless I adapt to a new weight lifting plan.

For the remainder of the challenge I will now go to the gym 2 times each week and instead of working on 2 muscles each day, I will target ALL muscle groups, concentrating on perfect form and high intensity, in order to gain mass and strength.

At the end of the challenge I will see the results, judge and adapt if necessary, but at the very least I have to show up each week and do the necessary work.

A: 9-10 workouts
B: 7-8 workouts
C: 5-6 workouts
D: 3-4 workouts
F:  0-2 workouts

(+3 STR, +1 STA)


2. GET UP QUICKLY OR GET EATEN (Learn how to perform a Chinese get up/kick up.)



There's a strong possibility that you could get knocked down by a Titan during a fight. Happens all too often. In this case, the speed with which you can recover, get up on your feet and make use of the three-dimensional maneuver again means the difference between regaining a predatory position and becoming ham in their sandwich.  

One of the quickest and coolest ways to get up from the ground is the Chinese get up/kick up, which is shown in this video:

My goal here consists in learning to do this effectively. So I either learn it or I don't. I learn it, I get an A. I don't, I fail.

(+3 DEX)

3. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, TRY TO OUTRUN THAT TITAN (Survive 5 weeks of cardio training and improve condition and endurance.)


The very last place you want to find yourself while fighting a Titan is on the ground. However, shit happens from time to time such as a malfunctioning steel wire axle or lack of gas in the canisters of the gas-powered mechanisms, which leave you with nothing but your two good ol' legs to make a last effort to get your soon-to-be-eaten ass to safety. The chances of surviving such a case is like 1 in… oh, forget it! You are dead. You are SO dead. But you want to try and run anyway. And if you're going to run, you better be in the best condition possible to do so, 'cause you won't be running a happy 5k but a dash through hell itself.



THIS is the one challenge that scares me the most, because cardio has always been my biggest hurdle. Since my teen years I've had problems with cardio because of my thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism), and while it's currently under control, my endurance is not at its best.


In our Krav Maga gym we have a 1-hour cardio class before Krav and it is extremely challenging. It also includes some strength training in it. I decided to try it out last week. However, it was so tough that after about 20 minutes of trying to keep up with the rest of the class, I began to feel dizzy and sick and I had to excuse myself to go puke my guts out.



One of the guys who is taking both this class and the Krav class tells me that this cardio class is tough even for him who is an Airborne Soldier, and he believes that the training we do here is actually tougher than the training he did at the Army. Realizing this scares me even more.

But I will still do this. I don't know how, but I will. When I do punch drills in Krav class I realize that if your cardio isn't in top shape it's all too easy to bring your hands down and be open for a punch in the face. So I WILL do this. I expect to puke in the next few classes as well, but I will do this.


Since I can only go to cardio class 8 times at most in the following 5 weeks, here are the numbers...

A: 7-8 classes
B: 5-6 classes
C: 3-4 classes
D: 1-2 classes
F: 0 classes

(+4 STA, +1 STR)

4. CREATE THE FINANCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE TO REPAIR WALL MARIA (Launch website for the promotion and selling of my information product.)





Once the wall is reclaimed from the Titans, it will need to be repaired from the damages it suffered from the Armored Titan. This will require money, and so a monetary resource infrastructure must be put in place to make this rebuilding process as smooth as possible.

For the longest time my plan to sell an information product that I have worked on for years has taken a back seat for some of the dumbest reasons. Although the product offers high value to the specific market it is aimed at, I have let time pass by under the ridiculous and deceiving premise that someday it will get done. Not anymore. It happens now, or it never will. And since I'm not willing to let all those years of developing it go to waste (or all that I had to go through to learn what I will be offering), the bare minimum for this goal will consist in launching a website for this product even in the roughest form possible.

As with goal #2, this is an either/or kind of goal. Website launched: A. Not launched: a big nasty F, as in FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU…!!!

(+3 WIS)


So here goes! Let the battle begin!


Oh, and Colossal Titan approves this message!


There's something about him that reminds me of Miley Cyrus...

Level 3 Winged Humanoid Warrior/Monk Hybrid 

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Day 1

It seems like a tradition for every challenge that as soon as I start some unseen difficulty arises to make things harder.




Last time it was my chest injury.


This time, right on the first day, my shoulder impingement kicks in spontaneously. I could barely raise my right arm to pick something from the fridge. I decided to stay home, give it some rest and try again tomorrow.

However, this totally messed up my schedule for this week, as cardio at the Krav gym is offered only 2 times a week and this thing already made me miss one.

Obviously, practicing the Chinese getup was out of the question. Pushing up with your hands is a big part of it, and I can't right now.

I don't expect to be able to go to the gym tomorrow either. It's fine, I guess. Better to rest and be ready than to hurt myself further and complicate things for a longer period of time.

So I concentrated on my life goal by editing some of the content to be offered on my future website. There are 2 books that will be offered for free. They are both in English and Spanish. One of them is already finished in Spanish, so I worked on the English version a little. The other one is more than halfway done in either version.

I will look into webpage services tomorrow, and if I'm feeling better in the afternoon I will try to go to Krav Maga this evening.

See you tomorrow!

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Day 2




After almost 2 weeks of not attending Krav Maga class because of a family trip, and feeling sick and with pain in my shoulder yesterday, I finally showed up for class today. As you can see below, even though I was away from home, I took the opportunity to exercise whenever I could.




However, they were body weight exercices focused on strength rather than endurance. So I was really out of shape for the requirements of the class! The warmup exercises were not that long, but I was almost out of air by the time we started with the drills.

Our first drill consisted of jabs and straight punches combinations against mitts. This drill was longer than usual, and because I was out of condition I got tired really fast. Keeping the hands up while you are tired is hard as hell. I was getting dizzy. Thankfully we got a much needed watering break. Again, I see the benefit of cardio class right here.

We did other drills that included punches and kick combinations, and by the time we were finished I noticed I was sporting some bruises on my left arm, but then again so was everyone else on my level, so I looked at them as my marks of pride for working my ass off in class. It's good to be back!




It seems to me that I will probably have to rearrange the point system for the cardio goal. Yesterday I was feeling sick, so I missed the first cardio class. The next one is tomorrow, but I was called from work and I was told there would be a special meeting that I have to attend, so it's possible I will miss the class again. Also, I have a friend from Japan coming to visit next Monday, which is the day where I will have the 3rd class and it's almost sure I will have to miss that one too. :(


Normally, I penalize myself when I'm lazy, not when things outside of my control intervene. If I miss the class tomorrow, I will consider a new grading system or rearrange the goal, because with cardio class only on Mondays and Wednesdays I have not much options to play around with days.


We'll see what happens! See you tomorrow!

Level 3 Winged Humanoid Warrior/Monk Hybrid 

12 STR | 5 DEX | 13 STA | 5 CON | 5.25 WIS | 3 CHA

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Day 3

A total waste of time regarding the challenge...



I was called to the meeting from work and it took longer than anticipated. So, I lost another opportunity to go to the cardio class, and with that all opportunities for this week.

My friend from Japan comes to visit me on Monday, so that's another class that I will miss. I definitely need to rearrange the grading system. I will think about something tomorrow. But I'm happy to see my friend after such a long time. It's been a while since I have a chance to talk to someone in Japanese all the time.

My shoulder is still bothering me a little. Less than yesterday, but enough to not let me go to the gym today.

Oh, well, the Titans score one against my unit today. Tomorrow is another day...



Level 3 Winged Humanoid Warrior/Monk Hybrid 

12 STR | 5 DEX | 13 STA | 5 CON | 5.25 WIS | 3 CHA

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Day 4


Today I went to the gym with my brother to work on goal #1. The last time I had been at the gym was 2 weeks ago, and were coming today to lift heavy!




We did an upper and lower body circuit of 4 sets, leaving arms and triceps out for today.


The routine consisted of bench presses, lat pulldowns, bar shoulder presses (behind neck) and leg presses.


All exercices were taken from maneagable weights until the very maximum I was capable of handling. In so doing, I broke a few records on my first day at the gym after 2 weeks.


The shoulder and leg presses were especially a nightmare.


Then the routine ended with a superset of pullups and pushdown (3 sets) which I managed just fine thanks to my first challenge. I did 15 pullups after weeks of not doing them, and right after such a taxing routine, so it was not bad at all.


I'm working tonight, so there's no Krav Maga for me tonight. I will definitely go tomorrow.


I just hope this day at the gym won't mess my plans for tomorrow! :)



Level 3 Winged Humanoid Warrior/Monk Hybrid 

12 STR | 5 DEX | 13 STA | 5 CON | 5.25 WIS | 3 CHA

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Day 5


Going to Krav Maga class today was a considerable challenge. This morning I reaped the results of going to the gym yesterday and training so hard. I had a lot of pain on my chest, arms and legs, and my shoulder injury was bothering a bit. Also, I felt very tired. I was supposed to leave for class at 5 pm, and at 4 pm I decided to stay home because I was too tired. However, at 4:45 I told myself "stop being such a baby, get up and go to class today." I did a couple of exercises to see how "functional" I was and realized that even though doing pushups was very painful I could handle other exercises. I decided to show up and see what would happen.




There were not a lot of people today in class, which was great because I got to ask more questions and got more corrections from my instructor. We did several warmup exercises such as traditional pushups, scissors abs, mountain climbers, spider pushups, burpees and yoga pushups. We also did an exercise called "shoulder tap" where you face a partner in fighting position and you have to try to tap his/her shoulder and try to avoid being tapped by him/her. Sounds simple, but after coming from all the other exercises it is very exhausting. Surprisingly I was able to make all of the exercises without major problems.



When we moved onto stretching, before the fighting drills, I realized that the pain on my shoulder was pretty much gone. It seems the movement and the heat helped. By the way, I began to incorporate these stretching exercises to my morning routine and I feel a lot better after getting out of bed thanks to them, so I definitely recommend doing stretching first thing in the morning if you haven't done it yet.


The drills for my level included jab and straight punches combinations, groin kicks (a classic in Krav Maga) and a combination of a hand-plucking technique (to free yourself front a front choke hold) with a groin kick followed by a burst of combatives. I can tell you, grabbing someone who is well-trained in Krav Maga by the neck is a really, really bad idea.




Great day, great class! Learned a lot! I'm glad I got up and decided to show up.

Level 3 Winged Humanoid Warrior/Monk Hybrid 

12 STR | 5 DEX | 13 STA | 5 CON | 5.25 WIS | 3 CHA

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Shoulder trouble notwithstanding, you're off to a good start!  I too find that exercises helps a lot with shoulder impingement pain as long as I don't overdo it or move exactly the wrong way.

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How's it going?

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