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Starbuck's Ladies Be Lifting: A Sisters Getting Swole Challenge


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Assassins, hear my rallying cry. My older sister, IrishAmazon, is rejoining the online Nerdfitness community for this challenge, which is great. But she is doing it to test me, to push the boundaries of my badassitude and to claim renown as Swolest of Them All. As her nemesis, Viper Pilot Extrordanaire, Boulder Monkey, High Inquistor of Cats, Pharoah of Phunk, and Captain of Team Me, I cannot allow this arrogance to grow unhindered and unchallenged. Worst of all, she's not even an assassin. Pfft!

The winner of this challenge is awarded a prize, in the form of foam roller or lifting straps. Needless to say, I cannot wait for my new foam roller.


On to my goals. The first fun new element for me this challenge is that I have started lifting. I will most likely be lurking on the Warriors forum for tips etc but because I am an assassin first and foremost, here is where I stay. Also because to balance out my lifting I will continue to utilize rad and balance intensive BW moves as well bouldering the crap out of everything I can boulder. I also learned how to jumprope (!) for the first time ever and I am developing a pretty cool dynamic warm-up that involves jump-roping, jump-squatting with weight, push-ups, and so on.


Main Quest: Raise It All Up

I want more upper body strength. A lot more. It will help my climbing exponentially and with the combined power of my already Super Glutes, make me nigh unstoppable; help me get closer to real pull ups, and also, super developed shoulders are hot, and I am super vain. So there.


3 Goals:

1) GAINS: Eating. According to IIFYM, I need to be eating between 2155-2371 calories a day. I know I'm not right now, so that has to change. I will reach this goal by continuing to meal prep for work, and starting planning dinners ahead of time (I rarely eat enough dinner). I am reinforcing this by only allowing myself to buy food while I'm out at work once a week (coffee doesn't count). 


2) Workout 3 x Week: Pretty straight forward lifting programming; press/squat day, deadlift/bench day, bodyweight circuit day.  Stick to this programming, don't miss a workout. I will add my workout stats at the end of every week (to prove I did them!).


3) Climb 2 x a week. I haven't been making as much time for climbing, so this is a priority. If I miss a day one week, I make it up the next. Will record my climbs as frequently as possible.


Side Quest:

Save up $250 for passport. I have been putting that off for ages and I HAVE to get it soon, because there is a small chance I will be somewhere in Europe next summer. Should not be too hard, I just have to do it. 


And I realize this is a week late, but I wanted to give IrishAmazon a head start, seeing as she has been out of the game so long. Muahahah. 

Which reminds me, we haven't come up with a concrete scoring system yet,  which we should do, eh?


Ready, set, go!



"In the silence of your bones and eyes forgotten magic sits and waits for fire." 

-Robert Montgomery

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Sister's Getting Swole: Starbuck Vs. IrishAmazon



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We do need a scoring rubric. I think we should both assign ourselves a total of 20 points (so, 5 for each of 4 challenges), and post how many points we get for what. So, if I lose between 10-15 pounds, I get all five points for that challenge. If I lose 8-10, I get 4. Etc.In addition to that, we should get a half point every time we fulfill our team's side quest. To make things even more interesting, we each get 1 point each time we do the side quest of the opposing team, to make sure we're pushing the limits. Sound good?

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Sisters Getting Swole: Starbuck Vs. IrishAmazon

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Yay, Cara! 

So your challenge this time is to "assassinate" you sister? For a foamroller? You're really a person dear to my heart :D I agree with your sister, come up with a good point system and publish them! If you fall behind I'll use my whip! (and I'll tell wolfie too) that should give some extra motivation, don't you think? :P

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Looking forward to following your progress! So good to see some fellow climbers on a site like this! 


Good luck!

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This is awesome!  Best of luck to all of you (but mostly you, since we know that Assassins are the best always)


I love the idea of combining the 6 week challenge with a challenge offline.  Extra motivation on all sides!

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