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And so it begins

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Hi there,


I'm getting married in just under a year and want to look half decent in the pictures...


To that end I have started going to the gym 2-3 times a week and changing my workout to free weights and will phase out all machines if possible.


I'm doing interval training when not going the gym, my body hates me for it but I certainly feel the burn afterwards!


I used to drink 2 500ml drinks per day, an energy drink in the morning and a 500 ml bottle of diet coke with lunch.  I've now dropped that to 1 bottle per day as of Monday this week.


I've just gotten a quote for a bike so I can cycle to and from the work place each day.


I will commit my 16 hours per month to being a volunteer police constable. 


I do need a life skill that I should level up...I'm between doing CBT classes to get rid of my fear of spiders and learning the guitar...unfortunately both will cost money (although I own the guitar and a learn guitar for dummies book and there's never a lack of spiders...)


As a bonus I've decided to start completing my collection of Xbox games so that I can get rid of those before I go for the next console.


I will start back at Jujitsu when I start permanently at my current job (I'm a contractor with a start date of the 1st November)


I guess that's my manifest right there for what I want to achieve (get to my wedding in better shape than I am now!)



I'm 33, I weigh 98kg and tonight I will attempt my first ever unassisted pull up for about 15 years...wish me luck!

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So I thought I'd better look through my first introduction post and update on where I now am seeing as I'm less than 3 months from my wedding:


I've now dropped to 85.5 kilo's and am maintaining that quite well


I train at least 3 times a week, whether it be intervals or weight training


I've kept my 16 hours up as a volunteer and have recently been considered for promotion


I've broken the habit of energy drinks in the morning, although that has been replaced by a cup of black coffee instead!


I can't yet do 10 complete pull up's in a row but I'm managing sets of 5+ each time so that is a bonus.


On the downside, my life skills training has not been as good...not sorted out my guitar skills but this 6 week challenge will help with that:



But I'm getting there, it's all coming together and it was small changes that helped with that and will enable me to keep doing it after the wedding!

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