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When we were weaker once, and young

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When I first started playing with the lifts I still worked out in a local YMCA. One of the first times I ever tried overhead squats I worked up to 95lbs in the squat rack and lost control and dumped one on the pins making as much noise as you'd expect this would make. A "trainer" who was "training" a client doing quarter squats in the smith machine nearby looked at his client and said, that's not how you squat. With that single comment I went from being embarrassed to convinced I was on the right path.


To this day I'd like to see that trainer walk into my gym so I can show him how "not to" overhead squat.




One day I will best you. One day. 

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it takes time- that's the biggest thing people forget- time. The truly biggest hurdle to overcome next to the voice that says it's easier to sit and do nothing- is the time ti takes to get there.


If you can defeat THOSE two things- you WILL be a stronger better faster version of you. :D

Thanks for reinforcing this, it has only recently started sinking in, seems to me there are no short cuts worth taking and I have to be in it for the long haul. That's daunting and exciting at the same time.

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"When we were weak once" Ha, I am weak still. Or, rather, again.  But there were times I was not and that's what I'm working towards now.  So, a brief overview of short lifting career and the poorly managed injuries that set me back.


I started lifting... kind of aimlessly... in July 2011.  Then, maybe in August I started NROLFW.  I did a couple phases of that but hated how much random stuff it had and wanted to spend more time with the barbell..just the barbell so I switched to SL and that's when I started making some good progress. 

No vids, but I do have battle log updates.


July 2011, I got stuck under an empty barbell during my bench. Squats with the bar.


I participated in our first ever NF powerlifting meet in December 2011 and logged in at 150 squat, 100 bench, and an unknown deadlift, though I was deadlifting more than bodyweight for reps the week before (poor plan of attack of my part). 


Fast forward to July 2012 and I'm deadlifting 235 for reps (250 max),  I had dropped my squats back to work form.  Bench was cycling somewhere around 85-100 lbs. 


Then, poorly managed injuries.


So, I'm working back up. 


But hey, if you're there once you can get there again. :)  consistency is key.

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Great thread guys.  Always good to see how far a lot of you have come in not very long at all.  I mean 2 years to double all your lifts doesn't seem like that bad.  I'm no where near most of you yet, but I will be.  Just have to keep working.  

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I stepped up to over head squats tonight.. for realz- just mobility wtih the bar (so I said to myself).


I was broken after 5 sets of 3 reps with the bar.






and it was good. I can't wait to come back and report a triple digit over head squat- even if it's a baby 100 lbs.  CAN"T WAIT.

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Late to the shindig (as always), 


Started training August 2011, My first workout isn't on record, But I remember it going something like this: 

  • Squatting with 2x10kg plates on the bar, and being unable to walk properly that afternoon at work due to a serious case of jelly legs. Ultimately leading to me using my desk chair to roll myself into the kitchen.
  • Benching 50kg for 5 reps. Ugly form, bar up over my shoulders, flaring my elbows to get the weight up.
  • My first ever dead lift was a 30kg preloaded bar, after being shown by one of the gym PTs.

Dec 2011 as per my old  battle log shows:

  • Squat 5x5 @ 60kg
  • Bench @ 5x 60kg
  • Overhead press 5x5 @ 20kg
  • Dead lift @90kg


1 Year on, August 2012

  • Squat 3x5 @102.5kg
  • Overhead Press 3x5 @60kg
  • Dead lift @ 130kg
  • Bench @ 90kg

Far from being the strongest bloke in the shed, I'm happy where I got to in a single year of strength training, throwing in a heap of form related injuries and their ilk. 

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So I am looking at this post today.  Joined the Y yesterday, and went through orientation with the machines (because my 12 year old son HAD to or he couldn't use the weight area at all).  I did two sets of 10 reps on the machines at light for me weights (meaning that I had no trouble finishing either of the sets - though legpressing 90 lbs 10 times was a little hard).


But I WANT to use the free weights.  I just looked at Stronglifts 5x5.  I need some guidance please.  I am going to be hiring a PT (definitely for my son, because he has specific issues that need to be addressed, and probably for me, because I have pain issues than I need to work through/around).  I want to be a WARRIOR, dammit.  


Pain is pain.  There is no reason for it except that my brain is glitchy.  They've ruled out everything else, and I've been cleared to work through it.  YAY! 


I've been busy, and no around much.  I miss the warrior funnies.

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@ Timmy yeah i have had to work back up on my squat had knee surgery about 6 months ago my deadlift didn't suffer much but i have been nurseing the knee that was last week when i gave it a go felt good but i didn't want to push it to hard.  Going to try and set a new PR on it by friday of next week.  


Thanks for the poke needed it.

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i know them feels, had hip fuck-up 2ish years ago which stopped me squatting for ages (i tried again after a few months and BOOM square 1 (well maybe square 3...)) but now i'm trying to get my quads up too so i  can add around 25kg to my squat to get it in line with my deadlift

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Good god this thread is all kinds of awesome. I started lifting in high school and I believe in order for me to get an A in class on the bench press I had to press 155 for 8 and I thought that would be an impossible feat. I think I ended up with 135 after about 9 months of training. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. The other guys would ask if I needed help putting plates on. I was a mess. Keep in mind my starting point at the gym was about 2 years after I started doing bodyweight workouts in my room because I was too self conscious to workout in front of people. I'm so grateful for all of the struggles I've been through because they made me who I am. I couldn't imagine my life without the iron.

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