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When we were weaker once, and young


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I have not yet posted here! 


I started out doing CrossFit in early 2011. I couldn't even snatch the bar. Or bench it. Or barely pick it up. I did that for a good long while and I decided to switch exclusively to weightlifting in 2013. I had to take a break in 2014 for shoulder surgery. But I came back. Even now I'm still improving. My form has gotten infinitely better. My efficiency has improved. My strength numbers will come back in time. First video is from March of 2013 when I had no idea how to pull the bar off the ground. Second video is from about 3 weeks ago, and is probably one of the prettiest snatches I've ever done (at roughly the same weight as in the first video). KEEP GOING. You can always make improvements. 




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3 years ago my squat 1RM was 140kg after maxing out my newbie gains.


Here's me squatting 200kg with ease in competition on Sunday


And here's me squatting 140kg beltless for 5x5 as a post-competition recovery workout :) Amazing how what was once hard becomes trivial with enough time and effort.



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