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Mini Quest 3: Reframing


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Ender stepped through the gate.  He drifted slightly downward.  The battlerooms he had practiced in always had their doors at floor level.  For real battles, however, the door was set in the middle of the wall, as far from the floor as from the ceiling.

Abruptly he felt himself reorient, as he had in the shuttle.  What was down was now up, and now sideways.  In nullo, there was no reason to stay oriented the way he had been in the corridor.  It was impossible to tell, looking at the perfectly square doors, which way had been up.  And it didn’t matter.  For now Ender had found the orientation that made sense.  The enemy’s gate was down.

-Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card


While I’ve never been in null gravity like Ender was, I have definitely been in situations that required me to reframe; to find a new explanation that throws the path I’ve taken into a meaningful light. Most of you will have done a “week summary†post outlining your progress this past week, and possibly even a summary for the first two weeks of challenge.  If you haven’t, now is a great time to do one, because you’re going to need it for the rest of this assignment.


Your assignment is to be like Ender: to reframe it in a meaningful way.  Take your summary and rewrite it focusing on the following things:

  1. Your accomplishments.  Even if you didn’t accomplish much this week, talk about what you DID accomplish towards your goal.  Don’t preface it with “only†or words like that: full out celebrate it!

  2. The things you faced or overcame.  If you struggled this week, talk about what you learned from it, or what it showed you you need to work on.

  3. How amazing you’re doing.  (Because if you’re with us going into week 3 of the challenge you are doing FANFREAKINGTASTIC.  And don’t you forget it.)

  4. The steps you have left to take.  (But make sure you address this in a positive way.)


Isn’t this just being inaccurate?  I mean, if I had a bad week, I had a bad week.

Reframing is about looking at the whole picture and deciding to orient yourself in a particular direction.  It’s not about ignoring or omitting tough things, it’s about choosing to see that there is another way to look at those things, one that will help you make progress, not drag you backwards.


Aren’t I allowed to complain at all?

Yes, but not for the duration of this assignment. If [you’re not an assassin, and] the best thing you can say about your anger management goal is that you didn’t kill anyone this week, then write it.  Find the best possible thing you can say about it.


But sarcasm is how I deal with things!  I don’t want to reframe things in a happy way.

Then maybe this assignment isn’t for you, and that’s okay.


I don’t think there’s anything good to say about my week.

Head over to the general chat thread, hit up some of the other Adventurers, or PM one of the GL’s, and ask for some help.  We’re all in this together, you know.  Once you have some input, get writing.


My summary already sounds like it was written by angels.

Help two (2) other Adventurers reframe their posts instead.  If all of the Adventurers have positive spins going on, try going to the First Time guild and helping 2 of them out instead.


What’s in it for me?

A summary that encourages you AND +1 CHA.


Happy reframing!

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Yes! Ender's Game!!! I'm excited and terrified for the movie. haha Anyway, rethought my summary for last week and have the before and after on my thread.

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Woohoo first mini challenge ever done. Though re-reading it, I feel it is difficult to tell if I was being sarcastic or super bubbly - I assure you I was just excited and enthused.

I did find it difficult at first to see the positives, it's so much easier to focus on the bad things. I need to learn how to change my thinking....

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If you haven't written your summary yet, would it count it you try to focus it that way? (Mine was going to be a fairly down one as it is).


With that said here is my summary for this week.

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Since ive been nailing my goals of workout x3, good eating and lowering body fat, imma go help out a couple of rookies. I'll post their links here - let the roulette wheel spin!

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Got my summary to date posted. Unbridled success, with plans drawn out to take another small step forward on each goal. So not just succeeding, but making my future successes even bigger. :)

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Posted my updated summary here. +1CHA!

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