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Hey! I'm going to be in Phoenix Oct 4 - 8 for a work conference and have a few things I'd LOVE to do in my free time while I'm there:

* See Incubus. They're playing the Comerica Theatre on the 5th

* Visit Jerome AZ to see Maynard's (of TooL) vineyard and the Caduceus Cellars Tasting Room http://www.caduceus.org/

* Experience some Mountain Biking, Arizona style

* Locate and purchase another set of Vibram Fivefingers

Incubus is easy. I happen to have that night off from conference activities, and they just happen to be a favorite band of mine.

Visiting the vineyard is more of a challenge but would freaking love it if i could pull it off. I have no idea if the vineyard would offer me a tour if I showed up or if Maynard will even be there when I do. (Not a requirement, but damn would that be awesome if he were). Worst case is I'd go to the tasting room and pickup a couple bottles of wine and maybe a t-shirt or two. Problem with this is that I would need to rent a car and I have no idea whether I should attempt this trip or not. Also on the 'to see' list is Arizona Stronghold Vineyards http://azstronghold.com/ in Cottonwood AZ, where Maynard also operates out of.

Mountain biking - again, I'd love to try this out, but knowing nothing of the area I wouldn't know where to go to ride, nor where to acquire the necessary equipment. I suppose I could ship my bike, but at $200 one way it gets kinda pricey. Ideas on this would be awesome.

The VFFs - well, that's easy! Find an authorized retailer and check them out.

SO. Any of you AZ'ers interested in meeting up with a Canadian and doing any of the above mentioned ideas with me?

My free time while there is:

Tues Oct 4 - 9am-6pm

Wed Oct 5 - 5pm on (incubus concert night)

Fri Oct 7 - 2pm on

Sat Oct 8 - anytime up to 6pm

PM me or reply here!


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I get down there once in awhile for work related stuff. I either fly into San Diego or Phoenix depending on my mood and drive the rest of the way. next time I'm down I'll see if anyone wants to meet up and if so, I'll come through Phoenix.

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I live in North Scottsdale, have family in Peoria, Glendale and Ahwatukee/Phoenix, and work has me all over the valley. I'd be interested in a meet up.

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