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Drop a dress size

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Im at the higher end of size 14 and waiver to the lower end of size 14.

My 3 goals are:


Do Konami Code ccircuit once a week

Do Zumba once a week

Do Beginner body weight circuit twice a week



My side quest is to meditate for 5-10 mins either in the morning or at night.


Im in to day 5 now, zumba was cancelled today so went for an extra 6km walk with my dog.

Recently I was promoted and have found things a little stressful, hence the meditation.


Thats all for now



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So today is day 6. I have incorporated my daily walk into my morning work routine. I work at a cinema that has 2 theatre sites not far for each other. I walked my dog to both sites to do the small bits and peices that i need to do first thing in the morning. 2 birds on stone there.


Last night i didnt eat before bed. This is a huge temptation for me. I had a black coffee before i walked and now having a lemon green tea before i do the 'beninnger body weight circuit'. Im going for 3 circuits today. It may not be much but on saturday I did 3 and needed a long rest inbetween sets, like 5 mins. So im looking for a rest on 1 min.


My food this week has been good with 2 days of oppsies eating raspberry m&m's (its a fruit right) and straberry icecrem on another (again fruit!). I have been drinking lots of herbal tea too, and have made my own a few times. I like the thought of anti inflammatory drinks as I feel they work with my digestive system much better than plain water.


I dont want to eat before i work out as I perform better on a completly empty stomach. Maybe my body knows that it has lots of fat to burn. and plus it repeats on me if i push real hard. No one wants to taste their breakfast when working out, even if it was bacon.


This is morning 2 of the challenge but moring 6 on my chart.


Happy feeling today :)

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Thanks GothicBeeza.


Just completed my circuits, sweating like a mofo BUT did it with 2min breaks inbetween circuits.

4min 20sec circuit 1

4min 1 sec circuit 2

3min 57 sec circuit 3


think i got in to crazy mode as i went on.


I found i was taking too bigger strides in my lunges and so was getting wobbly and clicking hip and knee.

I have a day of just walking tomorrow and thursday i have the Konami code circuit where im going to go for 4 rounds.


Feeling very hungry now

Paleo brekkie!!!

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Today was complete rest. I went out for dinner yesterday, ate sensibly but drank a bit too much. Ok way too much. I had a bad night sleep as i couldnt stop sweating. the air con was on but it wasnt cooling me down. So all in all i got about 4 hours sleep and woke up with a bang of 'omg im going to be late'.


My boyfriend made me a paleo breakfast. (bless) and off to work i went. where i woke up late i had no time to make lunch so has a sausage roll and an ice cream.


For dinner I had chicken and veg curry which is also paleo but i have little energy to do anything else.


I was working longer hours than usual and the top of my legs and butt are sore from lunges yesterday. So exercising 6 out of 7 days of is good to me.


Early night tonight and early morning to get in my Konami code circuit and walk before breakfast with friends and work.



Challenge accepted!

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Ok so yesterday I totaly failed on my mini challenge. I over slept and it just wemt all pete tong from from there.


TODAY though was different. a scheduled day of rest was a day of triumph! i walked for 40 mins then did 4 circuits of konami code in a row with no rest at all.


Food is still a problem as im finding it hard to cook decent paleo meals and have been eating from the kitchen at work, pies and sausage rolls.


Although ive been slack for 2 days i have still improved greatly. Now im thinking if i allow one day of slacking next week what improvement can i make then!


As a side note, it has been 40 degrees and over for the past few days here so i think im doing well.

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Today I continued with my exercies plan.

30 min walk follwed by beginner body weight circuit.

circuit 1 - 3.22min

circuit 2 - 2.50min

circuit 3 - 2.55min

with 2 mins rest inbetween

 so on my next day of circuits i think i shall up it to 4.


my squats are getting deeper and faster and my push ups are getting better ( still on knees for most of them) .


Good day for paleo eating too. I made sweet potato muffins and had grilled stuffed mushroom for brekkie.

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Took my puppy for a walk and ran over half way.

I was a a bit puffed out and my puppy loved it, she was a big confussed and kept jumping up trying to play. It was quite comical trying to find a pace we were both comfortable with. but we found it and away we went.

Zumba will have to be postponed again as work commitments have risen and i need to be in about 3 places at once tomorrow morning so Zumba will have to take a back seat :(


This morning was a farewell breakfast for my boss where we all took something to eat. I had half the amount i would usually eat and was stuffed. It was all food i shouldnt eat too so where i havent been eating it i kinda didnt want it.

Paleo lunch and dinner went well.

time for some meditation then........... house work :(:playful:

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Monday went well, I did a 6km walk and was very active throughout the day, walking around town and being a bit social.

Tuesday was a melt down day. My boss left town and it seemed everything went wrong, I had to go in and out of work every few hours and had no time to relax. I had a great start to the day seeing old friends. I got home late exhausted and had mcdonalds, I hate mcdonalds, im really mad that i ate it but it did and thats that.

Today was a busy day again, but got in a good hour walk with my puppy who is now fast asleep and i think i will be soon too.

Konami code tomorrow. hmmmmmmmm.

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No Konami code today,

I have a strained top inner thigh/groin and find it hard to bed at the hip. Went on a 4.6 km walk with the puppy. i knocked off 15 mins from our last walk. I know its not much but it got my heart pumping, my body sweating and where i was concentraiting on foot placement i had no pain in my hip.

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I thought id mix it up today and went on a different route than usual on my walk/jog. i alternated jogging and walking by swapping everytime i came to a road to cross so it was about 40% jogging and 60% walking.


I really didn't feel like doing a circuit exercise so i did a full body warm up and put on groupie by rob sin claire and did squats to the beat for the whole song. my thighs are on FIRE!!!! I put a 15kg bag of popcorn (unpopped) on my back today and did squats. i think i have found my boredom reliever for work.

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Hello, as you can see I haven't been here for some time. I failed miserably.

There were a lot of things happening with work and im kinda annoyed that I let it all get in the way of me. Now that things have calmed down, Im going to try again. My goals weren't that specific and my plan wasn't in my face enough.

Thank you so much for checking in on me!!! its very appreciated.

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