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NF Mexican Division

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Hola rebeldes mexicanos!!!


Abro este hilo para congregar a los rebeldes nerds mexicanos.


Este hilo esta pensado para rebeldes mexicanos, pero si alguien mas se quiere unir (y habla espanol) tambien es bienvenido.







Hello there Mexican rebels!


I open this thread to gather the nerd Mexican rebels


This thread is mainly for Mexican rebels, but if somebody else wants to join (and speaks Spanish) is welcome



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Hi, I live in <New> Mexico..

(it's Not new & it's Not Mexico)

totaly NO habla Espanol..

But I have a lot of friends who speak "Castillian Spanglish" (yeah, I made that up, but it IS descriptive)

what part of Mexico are you in

I used to live north of Baja, now I'm north of Chihuahua.


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