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Hurt neck doing military shoulder press

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I have not much idea how I did this, but the right half of my neck hurts after doing military shoulder press. This is the 4th time I have done it, and I never had issues before it.


Is it possible that this time I turned my head to the right slightly during one of the reps could that have done it?


I felt the pain straight after I did the set. It got worse, then I rested and its slowly getting better now at night (worked out in morning)


Anyone experience this?

 If so can I work out tomorrow doing chest and back?

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I used to hurt my neck during all overhead pressing because I shoved my whole torso forward and had my extended arms too far behind my head for balance, which tweaked my neck. Make sure to squeeze the butt cheeks as keep you pelvis shoved forward to avoid this if it might be your issue.

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