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Do you see yourself bigger than you are?

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it is what it is- I was a little surprised when I saw it- but I'm very ingrained in who I am as person and what I think that person is and what she looks like- all the good and the bad (and there IS both- don't let me fool you into thinking I don't have 'fat days')


that being said- you don't' have to kill for them... but you do gotta beat yourself up a little LOL- it takes time. i've been fortunate- I grew up doing this- so I have a good base... you'll get there. You can do it!!!!  I promise!  :D

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....these are days when it sucks that I'm stuck in a foreign country without my tape measure.


I have a sneaking suspicion that ask me tomorrow and I'd say something different, though.  Some days I think I'm making good progress and look pretty fab, some days I just want to wear clothes under which nobody can judge the extra weight I'm obviously carrying.  *shrug*

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Thingy is flawed .. But it's nice to know that I don't think of myself as looking like a semi truck - cuz I feel like that a lot of times. lol.

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I'm about 1% larger than I apparently perceive myself, but I'm going to call that user error for not sliding the little slider over just a tad more XD

I'm happy with my body shape, but I remember when I was in high school I thought I was too fat and that I desperately needed to loose weight. Looking back at photos of myself, though, I was extremely skinny, probably skinner than I've ever been in my life. Thank goodness it was only a little insecurity and didn't develop into an eating disorder because if I'd eaten one french fry less than I probably already did I would have probably floated off. I'm so glad to have a good perception of myself now. I know a lot of women don't. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves that we don't need to in that area.

I'm also, apparently, the perfect pear shape, so that's... nice? Hahaha :3 Big hips like a boss.

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I see myself as 5-7.5% larger than I am, according to this. It also calls me a pear shape, which...isn't bad, I know. But I'm so used to thinking of "pear shape" as a euphemism for "fatass" that it's not sitting well. (Though its fashion advice is atrocious. With a booty like mine, why would I hide it under a full skirt?(You can tell which part of me is my favorite.)) So the site agrees with my husband.


It's a weird contradiction, though. I see myself as bigger than my measurements say, but I've also always been pretty small in every dimension. So while I feel "fat" for me, I also feel like there's no particular need to address this because I'm a "small person". So I simultaneously think of myself as too big and small enough for it not to matter, even though my pants don't fit and my bras dig into my back and it *does* matter.

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Iiiiiiiiiiiinteresting. I apparently see myself as 10% bigger, which surprised me because I recently lost about 50 pounds and I feel like I see myself as tiny now, perhaps overly so since I am still on the top end of the "healthy" BMI range.

What really surprised me was the body analysis: "perfect" (ugh, don't get me started on that label) hourglass. I have always seen myself as quite pear-shaped.

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37/30/37 and..."You are the perfect hourglass." I also apparently see myself as 7.5% smaller than I really am. I had to pick the smallest side of the scale because the options are all the exact same body shape with a different fat %, and this body shape doesn't match mine. Also, perfect hourglass shape with an A cup? o_O Does this mean my lats are getting bigger and I'm closer to being able to do pull-ups? One can only hope!


Eh. At least my hip/waist ratio went up to 0.81 from 0.80 since I last took my measurements \o/


This site is ridiculous lol. It says I'm shaped like Scarlett Johansson and, while Scarlett is freaking awesome, I looked up her stats on chickipedia for comparison and they are not that similar to my stats, ratio-wise. And the clothes it suggests I wear are like, the exact opposite of what I like to wear :|


Hahaha! Only 3 people come up when I put in my stats into chickipedia. So much for my celebrity aspirations XD

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I view myself as 2.5% larger than I am. a "perfect hour glass" I think a height option should be added because my little hourglass has some extra sand around the middle/

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you are 30% smaller than you think you are...





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Wow. I came in almost 20% smaller. Shocking! Because I saw a pic of this 'chubby girl' last year and didn't recognize her as me! True story, and a cathartic one at that. So, guess I need to work on generating a realistic impression of moi.

They called me a rectangle. I've always thought of myself as an hourglass... Or a brick house depending I whom you ask...

Guess I need to cut a few more carbs.




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Didn't see any percent... I saw myself about two third down the line but was actually one third.


It surprised me because every time I see a picture of myself, I get depressed over how much bigger I look on the picture than I perceive myself as when not seeing myself. It's to the point that I'm starting to dislike having my picture taken when I used to love it.

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yeah I always think I'm smaller and more shapely than reality- i did that a while ago- everyone was like- oh I think I'm bigger than i am- I was like okay- apparently i'm the vain one I think i'm not so big LMAO


You're not alone. I am apparently 2.5% bigger than I think I am... lol. 



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Hmmm, wow, I see myself 20% bigger than I really am

I'm actually a little disappointed, I always thought I had a pretty good idea of what my size is. Though all my girlfriends and most of my female family members are tiny little things so that might be why I'm a little skewed. 

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You're not alone. I am apparently 2.5% bigger than I think I am... lol. 

I'm always a little shocked when I see pictures because I realize what I see and how people treat me and what I think of myself are not the same thing.


A little shocked but not much- my give a fuck is pretty broken when it comes to pictures LMAO. 

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I'm not at all surprised I see myself as bigger than I am, I've had self esteem issues as long as I can remember. I look at old pictures when I was a kid ans realize my norm weight felt worse because a lot of my friends were underweight. But, 15%? I thought I had gotten much better about my negative thinking....

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