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Redi Spades: Run or Die

Redi Spades

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Hey all, I am new to the Scout Guild/Class and I am excited to be here.  I am currently training for triathlons, and so I have a very diverse training routine.  


Main quest:  I really want to get back down to 170 pounds again, and I am excited to continue to work on that.  I have been doing really well, and I dropped a little under twenty pounds last time.  


Goal: Lose 10 pounds by the end of this challenge.  That would mean that my total weight will be 190 pounds.  


A: weight 190 pounds

B: weight 191-192 pounds

C: weight 193-196 pounds

D: weight 197-199 pounds

F: weight 200 pounds


Reward: +2 Con, +2 Cha



Side Quests:


Goal: Workout a total of 36 times during this challenge (6/week)


A: 36 workouts

B: 31-35 workouts

C: 21-30 workouts

D: 1-20 workouts

F: 0 workouts


Reward: +2 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Sta



Goal: Drop my three mile time to 26 minutes (It is currently 29 minutes)


A: Run time 26:00

B:  Run time 26:01-26:30

C: Run time 26:31-27:30

D: Run time 27:31-28:59

F: Run time 29:00 +


Reward: +2 Dex, +2 Sta



Goal: Write in my journal daily.


A: Perfect, no missed days

B: 1-3 missed days

C: 4-8 missed days

D: 9-20 missed days

F: 21+ missed days


Reward: +2 Wis, +1 Cha



Let me know what you all think!!!




---Redi Spades---


Level 3 Half-Elf Ranger/Techromancer

STR: 4.5 | DEX: 6.0 | STA: 6.5 | CON: 6.5 | WIS: 8.25 | CHA: 2.5

Challenge 1 - 2 - 3 (Current)


"Live out of your imagination, not your history."

Stephen R. Covey


Main Quest: Weigh 175 lbs.

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