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If food and I were in a relationship on Facebook, it'd say "It's complicated."


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For the past 4 months I have successfully downsized my waistline by meticulously counting calories and regular exercise. It worked well, it really did, up until now.  I am very tired of it - all of it - and I just want to come to terms with my overeating and poor snacking habits.  I have spent 4 months in fear of going over my daily calories, not eating anything I couldn't weigh or determine the nutritional value of, obsessing over a number on the scale as a sign of success or failure.  Feeling on and off a bandwagon.  I told myself this was a "lifestyle" change but if it were so there wouldn't BE an on and off the bandwagon.


I felt like 4 months was enough to form a habit, to break old ones.  I should be more comfortable in smaller clothes and in knowing what to eat and how much and stopping myself from binge eating and gorging and all that.  I'm smart, I should have made more non-numerical progress.  I don't want to be working against myself and my relationship with food forever - this will age me and make me bitter. I'm 23 years old and I'm either afraid to not measure out 0.5 oz of cheese for my omelette or I'm eating peanut butter out of the jar until I'm about to vomit.


Right now I'm thinking of opting for a whole/fresh foods diet, or at least a largely whole foods diet (85%? I live with family currently and making my own dinners separate from the gang is considered inconsiderate and rude here).  It's a pricey option for a gal working minimum wage 30 hours a week with a huge educational debt and no current prospects, but I think that health is worth more than a dollar sign.  I'd still eat some non-whole foods, like cottage cheese and yogurt, maybe some different types of flour (coconut? almond? quinoa?) because let's face it: I live in 2013, not paleo/neolithic times and obviously my will is not iron.  If I let myself feel okay about snacking on fatty nuts I'd be okay passing up the pretzels.


I'm desperate to settle on a balanced diet.  I'm sick with myself and how my motivation has degraded in my healthy eating, but at the same I want to keep the weight I lost off, in conjunction with my regular exercise, and just be happy to eat and happy about eating and just.... not have it worry me so much.  Does anyone have suggestions?  Thoughts?  Experiences?  


Sorry about the rant, friends.

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If you're not wholly on the paleo train, the Clean Eating mags & cookbooks are a really great inspiration. I have a really hard time micromanaging my food intake, and I have found that just 'cleaning up' what I eat vs. being super careful about quantities has really, really helped curb the worry and agonizing. I also try really hard to watch my portions, specifically the ratios on my plate - I make sure I have half a plateful of vegetable matter before I add anything else, so that makes it really easy to eat guilt-free!

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Try and stick to as Primal as you can. Doesn't have to be 100% like can't afford grass fed beef? Normal beef will do, eat that, cut the fat off it, much better than having a bowl of rice.


I get the over-eating feels, it's hard and after 3 months of diet, it's like you are forever hungry unless you eat till you are sick.


Here is how I deal with it, I track my calories, then if I have a little room and I can have something with more calories in it.

I load up on veggies, don't worry about organic, just go down to the market/farmers market, veggies are cheaper and better than supermarket.


I eat like .5-1kg of veggies and salad per day.


Have lean meat, and lean protein, leaves more calories for other stuff.


Fill up on protein shakes. Only like $2-3 per shake with Almond milk, ($1 for protein, $1-2 almond milk depending if you add water or not)

Protein shakes are super filling, mine is 27g protein, 2g carbs and 3g fat.


Hope that helps.


Look at Primal diet, I find it a bit easier than Paleo, stops you going insane and helps lose weight with out being super hungry.

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I lost 40 pounds last year obsessing over calories (tracked them online) and exercising daily. My clothes fit better, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn't see a change. I felt like I still looked just as fat as I had 40 pounds heavier. At the beginning of this year, I discovered paleo/primal and jumped in head first. I finally found a resource that explained  the whys of the paleo/primal diet in a way that really struck me hard and made a lot of sense. I cut out grains, legumes, processed foods, added sugar, and limited my fruit intake. I kept dairy because I love it and tolerate it well. The fruit limiting was not because I was worried about sugar/calories, but just because I filled up my plate with veggies and meat, and just didn't want to eat a ton of fruit (I mostly just had berries with coconut milk on them when I wanted something sweet). It was easy for those two months to cook everything at home and resist junk food. I tracked calories a couple times during that time for curiosities sake and was eating 2300 or so calories a day and LOSING WEIGHT (to compare, I'd had to cut my calories down to 1650 per day, not adjusting for exercising daily to lose weight before). I lost 15 pounds in those two months eating primal and when I looked in the mirror, I was amazed. Suddenly the weight I'd lost was apparent. I looked thinner, my stomach was flatter, I had a waist! The best part was that I wasn't obsessing over calories, I was full and satisfied and I could go 4-5 hours without eating or snacking. When I did get hungry, it was a slow, gradual hunger that gave me plenty of warning before I was ravenous. No energy crashes, no blood sugar crashes.


I will never go back to eating SAD.

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I'm desperate to settle on a balanced diet.  I'm sick with myself and how my motivation has degraded in my healthy eating, but at the same I want to keep the weight I lost off, in conjunction with my regular exercise, and just be happy to eat and happy about eating and just.... not have it worry me so much.  Does anyone have suggestions?  Thoughts?  Experiences?  


Sorry about the rant, friends.


Suggestions:  You could make a list of the things that you've learned while tracking that promote healthy (eating and thinking) habits.  Things like better portion estimates, or foods that had more or less calories/protein/whatever than you would have expected, eating patterns you didn't recognize before calorie counting,


Thoughts:  I think what you're experiencing is normal, and a bit more common than people realize.  I know I've seen/read some stuff about transitioning to maintenance, and how to cope with Life After You've Met Your Goal.  I know I've seen quite a bit about how to find balance between not thinking about health and thinking too much about health (eating and working out, too).  Maybe I can find the links again.



I thought calorie counting was going to help me avoid the whole [diet=temporarychanges] set of problems, but I, too, found it warping my relationship with food.  I had even been working (and making progress) on viewing the tracked data as objective data - not allowing it to have a positive or negative judgement value.  That part went well, I didn't view specific foods as "good " or "bad" based on calories, and I didn't view myself as "good" or "bad" for eating things. However, instead of making me mindful about what I eat, it started to cross the line into making me obsessive about what I eat.  I took a week off tracking and dreaded going back so much that I didn't. 


Since then, I've used what I learned while using myfitnesspal to help me with maintenance:  I learned a bit about the difference between felling hugry and feeling bored, sad, lonely, or tired.  I learned about the difference between how it feels to eat enough versus how it feels to eat too much... in a sitting and in a day(ish).  The things that haven't carried over as well include making sure I vary the things I eat, making sure I get enough vegetables, and balancing my food & exercise calories (although I'm not sure how much that last one matters). 


In terms of weight, I'm pretty much at maintenance.  I lost about 2 pounds over about 6 weeks since I stopped tracking (more or less, since two pounds is within a daily varience for me).  This would be perfect, if I'd reached my wieght goal before I stopped...  I'm a bit at a loss of how to proceed, now.



tl;dr:  All I can really offer is some sypmathey, but I wish I could help, because, me too.

This used to be where  my weight loss progress bar was. Maybe it will be here again when I'm ready to face the scale and work on my fat problem.
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All right guys, I think I'm going to do this.  I'll attempt to be as paleo as my lifestyle allows because of all your great personal feedback :)  I really really really hope that this sticks.




LittleMissSunshine, it's great to hear that my line of thinking has worked for you!  Portion sizing will be important still, you're totally right, but I've learned to portion properly since starting my healthy lifestyle change so it should be a relatively smooth transition that way.


Jimbo, I've committed to avoiding dairy and processed foods, but I think I will still eat quinoa.  My research is inconclusive as to if it's "official paleo" or not but if I only eat a total of a cup of cooked quinoa a week I think I should be okay.  It's usually eaten with a veggie salad, and is a complete protein, so I mean…. can't all be bad?


lawrencep93, I looked at the Primal diet and I like the looks of it.  The allowance of butter is a beautiful and dangerous thing though :P  But yes those are my feels!  I know people in weight loss journeys who say their stomachs shrink and they get full off so little food and I want that.  I guess I'll always have a ravenous appetite?


Wow, Vian. Wowowowow that is a powerful and positive testimony to the paleo/primal diet.  It's provided me with a lot of motivation so thank you so much for sharing your story with me! :)


Georges - you get me, you really get me.  I have never had a problem filling my diet with veggies and I've always, even when not looking to lose weight, been cognitive of the nutritional value of food.  My biggest problem right now is snacking between meals and at night, I just haven't been able to get by it.  But hopefully cleaning up my diet will push me in the right direction.  In terms of weight loss, I'm about 20 pounds from my goal so I know that feeling.  I'm really trying to shift my frame of mind from skinny=healthy to strong/nourished/energized=healthy.  I'm a tough sell!




So I bit the bullet and grabbed some paleo meal and snack alternatives to what my household will be eating: giant bags of frozen veg, frozen fish, green beans, mixed nuts.  Day 1 of eating this way has been easy, but I'm sure I'll hit bumps in the road ahead.  I'll try this for 30 days and let you know how I fare. Thank everyone for the great feedback!

"The best workout is the one you do." 

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."

"Make the difficult decision."

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I have a little trouble with obsessing over what I'm eating as well- good job with your accomplishments of losing weight- be proud!! I think it's just a balance of eating healthy whole foods 92% of the time and snacking on stuff you like but know that's bad for you only a couple times a week. Don't kill yourself over the little things! You could definitely try yoga to help yourself get the right intentions and set your mind straight- that might help a lot with your eating habits, i know it helped me.

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