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Hello Montana?

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Standing tall in Lewistown!  Starting a small rebellion, people have seen the awesome changes I have made, and are asking questions/joining NF.

I haven't made a goal, I have made a lifestyle change.

I am not where I want to be, but I am closer than I was yesterday.

It was hard to make changes at first, I will never go back.

The only person that was standing in my way was me.

Now that I have gotten out of my way, nothing can stop me!


Level 4: Burger-Flipping Ass Kicking Ogre Ranger:  STR:7 DEX:8 STA:11 CON:2 WIS:5 CHA:12

Challenges -(1),(2),(3), Current

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Welcome to the area!  I live just down from you in the Bitterroot (Stevensville).


If you're ever feeling adventurous, you're welcome to join me for a hike up the "M".  Barefoot if you dare.


I actually hike Rattlesnake every weekend, I live half a mile from one of the trails that leads to the recreation area (basically adds another 2 miles to every hike from the main trail head).  If you're ever down to do a 10-11 miler..that's about my average right now.

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I apparently missed every damn notification for this post, sorry guys, anyways I realize this is a tad late for today, but I started a group on Meetup.com for local hikers a few weeks back, we head out into the Rattlesnake every Sunday at 1pm.  I've just added a new event organizer and she should be scheduling hikes in other areas throughout the week.


That's a direct link to it.  I also just joined the Gamers group, going to their meeting tomorrow night..not sure if any of you are in that.  I can also make time to meet for beers/coffee/whatever with nerds if you guys ever want to do anything (I happen to have one of the best N64 game lineups in most likely the whole state..lol).

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