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Is a Kebab everyday ok?


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Hi all


I have been doing the Paleo diet since 07/10/13 - not long I know, since then I haven't touched Sugar, Grain or Diary and I have just been eating Meat, Fruit and Veg.


So a Kebab a day?


I am working in Turkey and will be for the next 2 months. 


All I seem to be able to get for dinner is either chicken/Lamb shish kebab, Steak and salad.


They don't seem to do any vegetables where I am and I don't have much choice of restaurants, so I am stuck with the above options.


So is a kebab a day ok?


I have 2 months until I go to Malawi to meet my fiancees family for the first time so I am trying to lose as much weight as possible as at the moment I have one of them horrible beer belly's!


Thank you   :nevreness:

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Well, first off - is there a way you can avoid buying a meal everyday?  On a weekend, if you're short of time during the week, couldn't you make up food, then heat and eat?  I guess it might depend on where you're staying - whether you have a hotel with a kitchen or not, but even on a minimally stocked kitchen, you can generally still make a decent dinner (might require a little creativity, but that's worth it).


If that's not available to you and you truly are restricted to buying food, then really pick your kebab place.  Look for one where the meat is good quality and the veg is fresh.  Ask if they can make a kebab without the wrap for you, or if they won't do that, then grab a fork and eat everything out of the wrap, then discard the wrap.


And befriend the locals!  One of them might be willing to lend you a kitchen in exchange for making them dinner, or at least point you to some restaurants that are a little more paleo-friendly.

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Isn't shish kebab just meat on a stick?  (Aren't MOST kebabs just meat on a stick?)  Sounds pretty darn paleo to me!  Are you worried about the sauces and such that it might be marinated in?  You could ask them about it and see what they have to say.  It will probably be just fine.  I wouldn't worry too much about it.  If your options are meat on a stick and steak and salad, I think you're good to go.

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a kebab in most places in the UK is slices of mushed up crappy bits from really cheap meat that's been rotating on an element for weeks all wrapped in a tortilla type thing with a bit of lettuce, tomato and some sauces... i think proper kebabs are better quality (a stack of proper cuts on a skewer and slices taken from that) but if there's literally nothing else then just go by macros and put a hold on quality for a bit if your goal is weightloss not health (that can be done when you've got better amenities) so just try to stick to low carb, be wary of how much you eat of them though, you could still be getting more calories than you'd think due to the high fat content (not a bad thing in itself especially if you're properly cutting carbs but just something to keep an eye on)

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middle easterm kebabs are either chuncks of meat- or more like a ground beef style sausauge link (although it has another name)


They make all sorts of crazy good food that's fairly good - lamb- chicken are all wonderful- tabuli, hummus (technically not paelo) babaganoush (do not like but that's a personal choice) and then they do a great deal of delicious soups.   I wouldn't limit yourself to 'just a kebab'


although they are delicious!

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