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Favorite Apps - tracking, workouts, etc.

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For tracking workouts I like Beyond The Whiteboard.  For runs I use the Nike Running app.

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Full Fitness is my favorite app for tracking workouts...gym or home. It makes it super easy to enter sets, reps, and weights, and has most all the exercises in there already. I love fitocracy the website but can't stand the app. I love the Zombies, Run app for running and sync it up with runkeeper. MyFitness Pal is by far the best for tracking food, I've tried a few including paid ones and it's still the best. For Crossfit workouts I like WOD Genius because it will generate a random workout of the day based on your equipment.

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Myfitnesspal is a great food and activity log. I used to use Noom but once they added the option to go pro the old version just took up memory.

Nike + is a great run log.

C25K seems to be a great program/app to start running

Nike Training Center has quite a few useful workouts, some with and some without equipment.

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I have a new fav.




If you know Fitbit One, Force or Flex, "Moves" is the Fitbit on steroid.

It uses location and accelerometer to keep track of your movement, and then figures out what you are doing.

Today is the first day I used, but it knows when I'm walking and running.


For testing, I ran for a little. I thought I started Runtastic, but for some reason, it did not start.

"Moves" identified me running for 7 minutes for 0.6 miles or so.

I kept the phone in my pocket while playing tennis. It identified the activity as "walk" but after changing the activity to tennis, it gave me the calorie count.

This is the first time ever to be able to tell the calories consumed while playing tennis.


For an hour, I did a warm up, and played. It identified 10 minutes walk and 50 minutes "something else" as walk. I changed the 50 minutes part to "tennis" and gave me about 340 calories consumed. My partner today was relatively easy so I was rather coasting.

If I type in "tennis, general" for an hour in MFP, it shows 540 or so. My coasting tennis is about 60% of MFP entries.


I'm really stoked about "Moves". Obviously, downside is that you have to keep the phone in pocket while playing tennis. But, once I get a few data point, I'll have a general idea of how much I actually burn calories while playing tennis.


Also, it eats battery a bit. I've read that the battery consumption better on 5s which I have.

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     My most used app is without a doubt fitbit. I track just about everything on that app and if I really want to dig in to fitbit I can always jump on the website. Followed by that it has to be LoseIt!, mostly I use it to import my meals into fitbit. I log my lifting in a little lift log but for a long time used Jefit but found it easier to just use a log, mostly because I incorporated exercises not in their database. I started using a c25K by I think cool runnings and it seems alright thus far. On a side note I also use fitocracy but mostly so I can try and complete quests and achievements.

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I've used MapMyRun for years. For a little while I used the food-tracker, too. When I'm doing my own programming (like when I was marathon training), it has been useful for laying out what's up.


More recently, my box has started using WODify. I'm liking it! food tracking as well as WODs, and a really simple water intake tracker. 

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I use multi year training app to track lifting workouts. You can pick different programs like stronglifts, 5/3/1, etc.


I also use fitocracy to put everything I do in. I like having different types of workouts all in one place.


When I actually manage to step outside, I enjoy the zombie run app, although I only walk so far.


Other apps I have used and liked are mapmytracks and mapmyfitness.

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Does anyone have a better review on Nike +? I've downloaded it but have yet to use it as I'm not running much right now.

As for other apps, MyFitnessPal is king for nutrition logging. I've tried a couple others, but... No. This kills it.

I'm also on board the Moves train. I would love something a little more accurate (sometimes it has me leaping buildings... I haven't even started working on Parkour yet! Maybe it predicts the future?).

I was using Jefit for workout logging, it's pretty decent, but I fell off of it. I log on Evernote now, but logging workouts is REALLY tough for me and I end up skipping some. I don't like taking too much time.

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I finally got a smart phone. It is android, looking for a recipe/meal planning app that is good. I'm using MFP to track food, but I'd love somewhere to store recipes and make meal plans and shopping lists. Thanks

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I just posted a thread about looking for an app here, but it seems relevant to this forum too, so I'll just quote it below... I've tried Fitocracy and PumpUp, and they both seem very flashy for what I need, which is a basic collection of workouts to do in the gym with the weights!



Hi guys,


I'm starting a uni course in September and I want to hit the ground running with a gym membership. In the past, I've been a bit too timid in the gym and stuck to the cardio and weight machines - weights were always something the proper gym bunnies used, not someone like me. 


But, I've decided/realised that I'm never going to complete my quest without using weights, so I've got to tackle the weights section. Problem is, I'm clueless. I wouldn't know where to begin. So, I'm wondering if someone can recommend an iPhone app which provides training schedules and guides for strength training work at the gym? I don't mind paying, but free is better!


Thanks guys,



NB. I have tried searching the forums, but 'iOS', 'gym', and 'app' all have too few characters for the search function. Sorry if it's been posted before!


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Hello! I know I haven't been here in an eternity, but a friend of mine is Kickstarting a fitness application that I immediately thought would interest many people here: 



The main app is already funded, but it the kickstarter reaches 15000 pounds she will be able to add a database for individual profiles, allowing you to track your progress - there are about 2000 pounds and a little under a week left, so go to the page and back her if you're interested!


I was part of the beta testing (several of the "feedback" comments on the page are actually from me ^^) and, as someone who has HUGE motivation problems, I thought it was awesome and just the thing I needed :)

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How is sworkit though for just warm ups?  I have sworkit and I use the warm ups right before I start my bodyweight brigade workouts, but I feel that the warm ups are a bit intense and not as fully encroached as Steve's or Staci's warm ups.  Maybe it's because I never exercised in my life, that Sworkit's warm up feels intense or does anybody else agree?  Also, Steve's and Staci's warm ups really stretch the whole body from head to toe.  Do you think Sworkit's warm ups do the same?  

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It's been a while, but my favorite current apps that I use all the time now are:


Fitocracy - I use this for tracking and I just like the points system... I'm a sucker for leveling up! ;)

Skimble Workout Trainer - I actually love love love this one! I have made 21 workouts in it, and I love that I can share these workouts with friends.


I am not tracking my food, so I don't really use a food tracker. I do plan to get a Fitbit soonish and will probably start using an app with that. 

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