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Erick the Red

Questions about weighted vests - especially the Hyperwear Hypervest Pro

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I have had the idea recently to increase my effort on runs and other body-weight activities to introduce a weighted vest.


After poking around Amazon, this Hyperwear Pro (also here) seems to be the best fit for something that won't get in the way or bounce around during movement.


It is also the priciest of the lot.


The only negative reviews seem to be from people who have worn some of the fabric off the little weight-pouches, it seems from doing exercises on a cement floor.  This will not be an issue for me.


Does anyone have any experience using weighted vests during running or daily activities?


Regarding this Hyperwear brand in particular, is it really sleek enough to blend in under a shirt?


Has anyone tried to make a weighted vest themselves, more than just a weighted pack I mean?


Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.

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I PM'd you a few things about the Hypervest.


In response the question about wearing the Hypervest under a shirt- you can do this! It's the only weight vest sleek enough to do this. 




I really like the idea of working exercise into my daily routine (only way I can get it to work) so the idea of wearing a light-to-medium weight vest under my normal clothes seems like a good way to work bone-density and posture.

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I'm off to Bangkok, to hang out with Mehdi of Stronglifts.com, among other cool kids.


But I shot a quick video in my garage of my 1 year old Hypervest- including me demo'ing it under a shirt and showing durability/wear. Enjoy the crappy production values and messy garage gym:



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