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In need of a strength training plan, please!

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Hello hello!

It has been a while since I've visited these forums but I'm in need of getting back on track!


My stats are 5'6", 130-135lbs, around 20% bf


What I am looking for - get down to 125lbs. Not greatly concerned with what my bf% is, but I would like to knock that number down as well. However I no longer have access to any way of measuring it soo...!


I also want to get stronger. Legs are my number one area I want to work on.


I have access to a full gym (cardio/weight machines/free weights). I very much prefer free weights! I love doing squats. I usually do squats, lunges & dead lifts. I would love suggestions for free weight arm exercises as well. I need a good routine for both.


I just moved to a new city & I'm at a new gym so I've been kind of slacking/not feeling comfortable around the new people there. so i've just been doing cardio and some weight machines. i did some squats this morning & I'm ready to get back to the free weights!


Any suggestions welcome! I do have to leave for work in a bit so there might be a short lack of response.  Thankssssss....!!!  :redface-new:

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It sounds like you're doing solid exercises for your legs.  As long as you're approaching them in the right way (good form, sensible programming), I don't think you need to do anything else to develop strength there.


In terms of arm exercises, I prefer to consider the upper body as a whole.  My arms get plenty of work between push ups, pull ups, presses, and all the other compound movements where I'm either lifting my body or holding onto dumbbells.  I tried isolation exercises for my arms for a couple months, but they started to put too much stress on my elbows.  Since dropping the isolation exercises, I haven't noticed any decrease in muscle size or performance in the other lifts.


So for an upper body workout, I'd probably start with a couple kinds of push ups (play around with hand placement and leverage), pullups/chin ups, and dumbbell rows.  For more work on your shoulders, I like standing overhead presses (I think standing, as opposed to sitting, gives my core more to do).  If you want to focus more on your chest, try flyes and incline dumbbell presses.  Even when I add free weight lifts, I still like to anchor my workout with bodyweight exercises.  It's just a personal preference, but I feel bodyweight exercises tie everything together.


If you want more of a prepackaged program to follow, a lot of people here like Starting Strength.


Good luck at the new gym - feel confident that you're there to work just like anyone else!

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+2 for starting strength.

"I've torn a hamstring tendon and re-injured my knee, lower back, and upper back while doing yoga. Don't get me started on shin splints. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't, so might as well be strong." - Some guy on the SS forums.

"Heavy is dangerous, but light is no fun." - Mark Rippetoe

"Squats are a good assistance to bring up your curl, as a bonus you can do your squats while your are still in the curl rack." - SJB


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No matter what plan you go with getting a copy of Starting Strength should be required reading for anyone with a gym membership. I started out on Stronglifts 5x5 which is a similar program, mainly because I heard about it before SS. Either one will get you strong in a hurry.

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