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Aerwyn's first (late, two week long ish) challenge

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Welcome!  I too joined the challenge late (last week), but I'm amazed at what I've already accomplished.  


For your savings account, might I recommend looking into high-yield online accounts.  They're not as amazing as they used to be, but they're better than what you'll find at most banks.  I use CapitalOne 360 (formerly ING) for checking and savings because both are interest bearing with no fees, but there are other online banks out there.  

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It doesn't sound like you at all the chocolate in the world, so I say you're good.  This week has been tough for me in the same way you're struggling.  Thank god, I don't have a car because there is literally no other choice for me than to walk to work.  But even today, I stopped halfway up the hill and wanted to throw a tantrum.  I blame the weather.  :-)


Keep it up!  You're doing great!

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