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Who would've thought that this challenge would fly by so quickly.  As the end of the year approaches, time just seems to speed up. 


Well the second last challenge of the year has come to an end and we'd love to know how you did - the phenomenal, the good and the bad too. Don't forget to link your challenge, so that anyone who's interested can go and see what else happened. 


Also we'd love to know whether you're graduating or continuing your journey with the wonderful Adventurers. If you're contemplating graduating but aren't sure which guild to join, why not check out the forums to help you decide.  Ask as many questions as you want - the various members would be happy to help you.

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My challenge


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End of challenge reporting time -


I feel like I did ok on this challenge, not great just ok. I am probably being too hard on myself but those morning when I stayed in bed when I should have been exercising are flooding back in my mind (there aren't too many of them thank goodness, but enough to get me thinking about consistency)


My main epic goal is to reduce my LDL cholesterol from 156 to 130 by Dec. 31. In order to accomplish that goal, I set the following mini-goals for myself in this challenge:


1. Complete the final week of C25k and then start 5k-10K training via app 3x per week (STA 4)

That would be 18 runs over the course of the challenge, and I completed 13 runs. That earns me a B (barely) so I will only take +2.5 in STA


2. Do NF Beginner Bodyweight workout 2x per week (STR 2)

That would be 12 workouts over the course of the challenge, and I completed 9 workouts. Again, just barely a B so I get +1 STR


3. Replace bad snacks with healthy ones 6x per week (CON 2)

That would 36 times over the course of the challenge and I did it 28 times. This is a C, and +1 CON


4. Schedule and get blood work done to retest cholesterol and schedule follow up doctors appointment (WIS 2)

I got my blood work done, scheduled the appointment and was able to have the appointment last week. This gets me an A and +2 WIS


2 B's, a C and an A averages out to a B so my GPA would be a 3.0 - not on the Dean's List, but not on academic probation either


So while I was not perfect, I made a lot of gains during this challenge:

Finished C25K and into 5k-10k training and can regularly complete 5K distance in morning runs

Ran/walked a total of 69.45 miles during challenge

28 days out of 36 I either skipped an unhealthy snack or replaced it with a healthy one

30 out of 42 days in the challenge I stayed under 2,000 net calories for the day

24 out of 42 days in the challenge I did some sort of workout (walk, run, or bww)


In terms of achieving my epic goal, the results of my blood work and doctor's appointment was that I dropped my LDL to 140. Good news, but I have more to do.


For the next challenge, I am going to join the Rangers - I actually like running and strength training together so that seems a good fit for me.

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My current challenge

2014 - My Year of Badassery (Battle Log)




Past Challenges:

#1; #2; #3; #4, #5, #6, #7, #8



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Here it is, time for accountability and rating the past six weeks of my healthy life.


Objective 1: Use the SAC (workout facility).  I worked out 2-3 times per week for 5 weeks; C+     +1 str +.5 dex +.5 con

Objective 2: Walk 24 miles (4 per week). Mission Accomplished; A     +2 Sta +2 Con

Objective 3: Learn to cook. I prepared 17-20 meals per week; A      +2 Wis +2 Cha

Objective 4: Don't lose my mind; A   +2 Cha +1 Wis


I declare the past 6 weeks to be an over all success, I am coming closer to my goal of losing 40 lbs by Thanksgiving.  I've got 20 to lose in 4.5 weeks.  I am very optimistic.  

Race: Proto-Human

Class: Druid

Profession: Graduate Student


Please check out my blog at JohnnyShoesNews for more information about my health history.

3-30-2016 a1c: 9.4

6-29-2015 a1c: 5.4

I control my diabetes, it does not control me.



Initial Weight: 391     Goal Weight: 225


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Challenge Summary "Keeping the chain intact":


Goals were:


  • Lose a total of 12lbs in September and another 12 in October via:
    • Weightlifting 3x a week, elliptical (or other cardio such as walking, hiking, jogging, etc) on other days
    • 1800 calories, 150g of protein daily
  • Keep non-essential spending in check


I got all of my lifting sessions in - I had to get creative with my schedule and adapt (going solo, going while the kids were doing something else, going on my lunch since I'd be out of town for the weekend, etc).  




Prior to the challenge, my 30-day numbers:


Before Challenge: 1790 Calories, 243g Carb, 115g Protein, 43g Fat, 8.5g Sat. Fat, 53g Fiber, 71g Sugar

Challenge Avg:......1816 Calories, 173g Carb, 152g Protein, 58g Fat, 17g Sat. Fat, 30g Fiber, 45g Sugar


My calories were up 26, carbs down 71, Protein up 37, fat up 15, Sat. Fat up 8, Fiber down 23, Sugar down 26.


I lost 20.5lbs since August 20th.  I had set a goal to be down ~27lbs by this time, but I'm still pleased with the progress.  I'm also down 2" in waist circumference since August 20th.


Spending has been good - each of the last two months, we've spend 30% less than the previous - what we spent for September was 52% lower than July!  this goes back to the last challenge were I was really focused on lowering bills and cutting expenses - I did things like drop down a tier for our satellite TV, adjusted my work schedule so we wouldn't need before school care, and so on. I also set a monthly budget for Christmas shopping.  I have met or come under this budget each month, and I've even wrapped and delivered my oldest sister and her husband's while they were visiting to save on shipping costs.  My brother and his wife will be here for Thanksgiving, and I'll be able to give theirs to them as well.  I also delayed purchases of my wife's computer and a new desk for my son until I had enough Staples gift cards accumulated through our credit card - I didn't have to go out of pocket for either of them.


The chain is intact and will continue to the end of the year.

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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Final challenge results:



Eating The Food:  A+  Managed to hit my minimum of 1970 every single day.  Good thing it was a minimum :)  I have one final bump to 2500.  I fully expect to start gaining, and this is going to be hard, as I've lost 22 lbs since starting, but I really want my metabolism working at its maximum capacity, and I can't do that unless I start eating to TDEE. 


Moving the Body:  F  I was only able to exercise the final week of the challenge.  But I have been cleared for take off, I have joined the Y, and it is ON.   I actually RAN this week a little with the Zombie's Run app.


Tracking: A  Missed one and a half days of the challenge in the middle of a very rough emotional spot.  For those who don't know, my child was assaulted by a teacher a couple of weeks ago.  He is autistic.  After two ensuing weeks of school phobia and escalating aggressive behavior at school, I decided to home school until we can get his school changed.  I am sorry that I wasn't more visible on the threads - but we were in crisis mode for two weeks.  At any rate, tracking binges is hard, and on one of the days, I just didn't have it in me to beat myself up any more.


Life:  A+  Getting Healthy - all doctor's appointments were made, kept, all tests were completed.  Strangely enough, I have fewer answers than before, because they ruled out fibromyalgia. Now I am left with just being crazy :)  That's okay.  I am used to crazy. 


Overall grade of B.

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First Challenge Thread

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Cut and paste from My challenge thread


Challenge #3 wrap up!


So this was my third challenge here.   It was by no means easy.  The challenge threw me for quite a ride emotionally, but I think I am coming out of it a better person  :)


Overall I made great progress.  My official end weight is 276 lbs.  So I lost 19 pounds this challenge  :D  Yesterday I was 275 (my next goal weight), but we know how the scale move around.  Either way, I am freaking excited about that.  Food is like 80% of weight loss, and this challenge really proved that to me more then before.  Now hopefully, I didn't lose too much muscle taking off so long from the workouts.


I've had lots of time to try to think out why i stopped working out.  One factor I think that is messing with my morning motivation is I have been staying up way too late again.  So next challenge I think it's going to be back to basics.  I'll get my sleep challenge going again.  In bed by midnight.


Here are my measurements for the challenge:


Left Bicep:

42.3cm | 40.5cm

Right Bicep:

41.2cm | 40cm

Left Forearm:

32.5cm | 31.5cm

Right Forearm:

32.7cm | 31.7cm


127.8cm | 121.8cm

Waist at belly button:

134.5cm | 130.4


47.2cm | 47.4cm

Left Thigh:

70.5cm | 68.5cm

Right Thigh:

69.5cm | 66cm

Left Calf:

50.2cm | 48cm

Right Calf:

47.3cm | 46cm


295lbs | 276lbs


Since I posted a shirtless picture of myself last time, I figured I would keep doing it  ;)  This time though I combined photos together.

Starting challenge #1 (333lbs) Starting challenge #2 (318lbs) Starting challenge #2 (295lbs) and finished challenge #3 (276lbs)



Of course the first challenge I told myself I wouldn't make the typical grumpy look, but I guess it happened anyway  ;) haha


So Even though this challenge wasn't the best, I can't help but feel positive seeing the results.  57 pounds in 3 challenges feels great.  It also seems keeping my diet close to whole 30 is still working out great for me.  So next challenge I will continue on with the trend.  I guess move into the paleo lands, but try to stay closer to whole 30.


Next challenge, I will compete in my Spartan Sprint.  I hope to be closer to 250 by then.  I don't think I will be 250, but as close as I can would be great.


I was considering moving to the scouts for next challenge.  Mostly because I was thinking of going to try the Couch 2 5k program again now that I am down weight.  I still worry about running though.  A lot more of it now has to do with my gut flopping around.  It makes me very self conscious.  I guess I just need to get over that though.


I might stick here with the adventures still though too.  I want to have working out as my goal again, or just focus more on walking/running in preparation for the race.  I guess I will have a week to figure it out  :)


Thank you everyone for your great support here.  next challenge I am going to get more active again on the boards.  I let it slip more this challenge, and I don't want to miss cheering you all on too.

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Thread in signature...


Goal 1 exercise 36/36 A.  


Goal 2 recording everything 41/42 A.


Goal 3 modified primal, no cheats, no alcohol at home 38/42 just barely an A.


Side quest fitness, pumpkin run 5k in less than 31 minutes, complete 1/1 A.


Life quest organizing and cleaning, 41/42 A.


Ending stats:


Weight 191 lbs (down 6.2)

Waist at widest point 40.5 (down 1 inch)

Right thigh 26.5 (down .5 inch)

No changes in other measurements

Caliper BF measurement 20.63% (down 2.3%)

Electronic BF measurement 28.3% (down 7%)

Scale BF measurement 26.7% (up .6%)

3 measurement BF average 25.1% (down .8%), finally reached my 25% goal, yay!

I think eventually I will be a rogue as I enjoy both lifting and cardio, but I am going to experiment with limited cardio and more lifting this next challenge to try and add some lean mass, so I likely will hope over to warrior at least for one challenge and see how it goes.  Thanks for all my Adventurer support here, you guys have been great!  Let's go get another challenge!

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This was the best challenge I have EVER done. I also feel like this is the first challenge where I didn't let myself down in anyway. I lost a total of 10 lbs for this challenge and some of my aches went away due to the Whole30 program. 


Overall grade A

Goal 1 - Whole30 with possible reintorduction - + 5 CON
This is pass or fail (PASS A)

This was a pass or fail goal and I passed this goal with flying colors! This goal was so scary to me the week prior to starting this challenge. I went in thinking this was going to be the hardest thing for me to do. I can't cut sugars out cold turkey, I can't stop having pizza, I can't I can't I can't but you k now what, I rocked this goal. I've never felt better in my life and it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. The first week and a half were hard but after that foods started tasting better and I started to really enjoy my meals.

Goal 2 - 3 days of cardio - + 3 STA + 2 DEX
Grading -
16-18 days completed = A
12-15 days completed = B
7-11 days completed = C
0-6 days completed = F

21 cardio days! I surpassed my A goal and I felt like I really did well here. I still feel like I need to have some way to track progression with a cardio goal but I'm glad that I got so many cardio days in.

Goal 3 - 2 days of strength & 1 yoga/Tai Chi - + 3 STR + 2 DEX
Grading -
16-18 days completed = A
12-15 days completed = B
7-11 days completed = C
0-6 days completed = F

I hit 14 days for my strength days. Week 1-3 were tough to get in strength days because of the whole30 program. I was all sort of messed up during those days and I decided that I needed to make the Whole30 a priority over lifting weights. I kicked up my game the 2nd half of the challenge and I feel good about this goal.

Mini challenges
Mini Quest 1 : What's a Hero without a Sidekick - Joined Holding Whole30

Mini Quest 2 : The point of fighting to live another day - I savored my dinner
For understanding the true enjoy of food, you will receive +1 WIS.

Mini Quest 3 : Take your summary and rewrite it focusing on the following things: Reframed my summary

Mini Quest 4 : Pick at least one weak point you think you might need to address, so you're prepared for when things get tough, and make a plan to help you get through it.

I pretty much always have a back up plan. Going into this challenge and doing Whole30 I knew I would need back up plans forfood just in case I ran into trouble. I made more than enough food to freeze so I always had SOMETHING I could grab. For myworkouts, I have a small strength workout that I can do at home for back up if I can not get to the gym and for my cardio, my work has 2 treadmills I can use!
+1 WIS

Mini Quest 5 : Your challenge this week is to identify something in your life that is broken.

Cleaning my kitchen - To complete week 5 mini challenge I'm pushing my interval training to tomorrow morning so I can do some cleaning. Tonight after dropping off a book at the library I will clean the kitchen. That means, putting away clean dishes, filling and running the dishwasher, washing dishes that can't go in the dishwasher, putting away Olive oils that are sitting on the counters, putting away spices, cleaning the stove, cleaning counters, vacuuming the carpet, and cleaning the floor.
Kitchen is all clean! +1 WIS

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This is the first challenge that I've felt so positive about. It was certainly a success. I only sucked 3 times in the entire 6 weeks in all of my 3 challenges. This was the second time I put sugar into a challenge. I can say that it is officially defeated! No snacking after dinner was another one. As well as I did, this one is very slippery and easy to fall back into. I have a feeling that I may be revisiting it the future. Finally, I added yoga to my workouts once a week. I love the way it makes me feel. I'm very excited about the next challenge. I already have in mind what I want to do. 


I am officially at level 3 and have decided the direction I want to go. This is my graduation day. You can find in a company of Rangers beginning with the next challenge. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/36963-challenge-3-jessimash-revisits-the-path-of-least-sugar/

Adventurer Level 3

STR - 3; DEX - 6; STA - 3; CON - 9; WIS - 9; CHA - 3


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I struggled to keep commited to this challenge, I think a big part of it was my support group and I didn't get together and discuss things.

Half way through I signed up to the NF academy, so I am contemplating either stepping away from the next 6 week challenge and focusing solely on that or alternatively combining the 2.

I think it is in my best interest to stay with you wonderful adventuring folk for a few more challenges yet as I am not ready to step forth and become a ranger just yet.

The highlight of this challenge for me was a change in attitude. I've been trying to focus on 2 wins each day for the past week or so rather than looking what I failed to do. It's helped a lot and I will be using this idea for my next 6 week challenge whenever that might be :)


Link to my challenge page is in my signature below

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Str: X ~ Dex: X ~ Sta: X ~ Con: X ~ Wis: X ~ Cha: X

Rachy87 - Going to level up my way, watch this space!

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you folks have done so well!!  I am loving catching up on your threads.  Keep them coming.

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My challenge


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Overall the challenge went well, I didn't workout as much as I wanted due to illness' and injury the first couple of weeks (and just plain being busy or lazy the rest of the challenge). Getting my F/V in with meals was kinda tough but I think I'm getting the hang of it. My other goals I accomplished 100% and made great leaps in my craft pile.


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It's time for challenge wrap up. I think this challenge should be renamed "joedog's failure to launch" challenge. 


Cons from this challenge:

  • Straight Fs on my goals.
  • Slight weight gain. 


Pros from this challenge

  • Even though I didn't track like I planned or really make any particular effort to eat better, I noticed that I'm instinctively making better choices and I'm unable to eat as much as I used to. That's a big plus! 
  • I am committed to being more social going forward.
  • Every year at my birthday I get depressed about the fact that I never finished college and that I'm not as "successful" as I was supposed to be. It will be a long process but I'm committed to forgiving myself for the past. I'm not who I was at 19 and I need to stop beating myself up for the way I was.
  • I have a plan for taking care of a few financial issues that have been hanging over my head and I'm already making progress on it.
  • I have a free trial workout at a boxing gym scheduled. I've really missed my fight gym. 


I'm really happy with where I am right now. This block of 6 weeks could be called a failure but I don't view it that way. It was just success in an unplanned direction.   :tongue:


Technically an F and no level up but I still see a lot of success for myself. Probably the biggest success was how quickly I recovered from my bout of depression. Normally a bout as deep as this one takes much longer for me to recover. I went to the boxing class last night and absolutely loved it. The best workout is the one you enjoy. I will be signing up there on Friday when I get paid and I suppose that means that for one challenge at least I will be moving over to the Monks Guild! 

joedog, level 15 Monk

Current Challenge

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Well my life took a different turn this challenge, what I thought I wanted to achieve and what I actually needed to achieve were different. So I spent a lot of this challenge drumming, socialising and generally being busy doing stuff. This has made me overall happier, I've been really depressed for a while and this was a real break through for my mental health and my my overall happiness. I am not unhappy with the fact I didn't make my goals because I shifted my focus to things that were coming up that were overall all a lot more important in the long term. Reconnecting with friends, being creative, learning new things and being physical in a different way.


1: Physio Exercises (STR 5): F Yeah I didn't do well with this, I think I spent 3 weeks not doing any, the last two weeks I managed it about twice per week. Not good enough. I need to do better!


2. Walking (STA 5): A I kicked this goal in the face, I walked tons, I even felt so confident that I week 4 I think I did a little too much walking. I walked back front practise and spent time walking round galleries with friend, walking on errands. I feel great about it, walking is something I've always done a lot of and being able to do more again feels very liberating.


3. Recovery (2 CON): F For the first few weeks I've been doing real well, but my medication is still messing with my sleep so I've been having trouble with my energy levels in the afternoon. I've been trying to rest up and stuff but sometimes when I need energy for drumming, costuming and focusing on French, tea and coffee help me out. I've not been having it late evening still and I'm trying my best not do drink a lot. I think the fitter I get the easier it will be to get a good nights sleep also hoping to get of medication in the new year!


4. Start reading more books (3 WIS): F I started off well and I have still been reading a little here and there but overall, I didn't finish the book I wanted to and I haven't been reading consistently throughout the challenge, I guess I picked the wrong time, at least I am still doing it and haven't completely given up. 


Side Quest: Try out barbell lifting: I didn't do this, I would have but the gym were being mean to my friend, so I am going next Sunday the 3rd with her so I guess I'll report on how it went next challenge!


Overall, even though I haven't done well goals wise, I think I've still learnt a lot about myself and am generally happier. I feel more confident for the next challenge, I am excited that my leg is feeling better and though I should do more physio to strengthen it it feels so much better. I am probably going to change my main quest again, hoping I can figure out my more long term plan for these challenges!


Not sure about moving, I think it all depends on what I want to do next challenge. I also love adventurers but fancy a change, so I don't know.

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Righto, time for the end of challenge report thingy. (copied from my challenge thread.)

I started of with this depression, and it hit a very bad spot in week 3. That week is a blur, I cannot remember much of what happened, I did some stuff, but most not at all. It derailed my bodyweight routine completely.

My foot is still hurts. I neglect my stretching routine, so next challenge will include that.

I was 106.5 kg at the beginning of this challenge, and weighed 103.5 kg on Sunday morning. Not as good as I had hoped, but 3 kg over six weeks is not bad, it shows I am on the right track.

For my 3 goals:

1. Move a lot: I did record my steps, except for a blip in the middle where I lost my pedometer, but I got the new one and kept on recording. And I also took the bicycle to work twice a week for the entire six weeks.

2. Pick up heavy stuff: My bodyweight routine stopped dead in the middle of this and I never got it back on track.

3. Eat healthy: The one thing that I am very proud of is my diet. At no stage during the entire challenge I went of track with eating. I think if I put all the things I have eaten that is "wrong" together it would barely cover a single plate, and that is because I never eat alone and have to eat what other people eat.

Life quest: Cleaning every day, not as good as I hoped, but I did a lot. My bedroom is now clean, and by clean I mean the windows washed, every single cupboard unpacked and cleaned inside, and I can walk in there now and not find anything out of place.

Fitness side quest: Starting a pull-up program. Abandoned half way through. I am too heavy and not strong enough yet.

Procrastination stuff I had to work on:

I applied for and received my passport, I finished the new seat on the kayak, I did work on the Tanto, but run out of inspiration and ideas and still not sure how to complete it. I didn't touch my forge.

Final thoughts:

The depression was a baddie. I am back on medication, it is the only thing that kept me sane through that week, and I am still using it, but trying to cut back. Even though it helps my mind, my body somehow never relax, and I am tense all the way through, I had tension headaches for the past 3 weeks that constantly lurks just below the surface.

My final score: Not good at all, I would give myself a C- overall. I am very proud of my eating habits now, I've gathered data for my next challenge and are raking my brains on exactly how to approach it.

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Copied from my challenge thread.


Challenge Review!


So here's a look back at the challenge on the whole.


Diet Goal: I had two cheats the entire challenge that happened on different weeks. So overall that ranks me as a B here. [CON: 3]


Exercise Goal: Thankfully I was able to hit this one this time through. A here. [STR:3|STA:2]


Tracking Goal: Got everything tracked. So another A here. [WIS:3]


Cleaning Goal:  Missed the average by two days, I never updated the goals based upon the "Average" basis, but I'll call this one a B. [CON:2.25]


Challenge Measurements!


So this section will duplicate the section about a little bit. I'm going to post my measurements again, first column will be the starting measurements, the second will be final. Final will be color coded based upon if it's up/down/same from start for ease of viewing.


Weight: 223 lbs | 219 lbs

Waist: 43" | 40.875"

Hips: 41.5" | 40.5"

Chest: 42" | 40.5"

Neck: 15.75" | 15.375"

Thigh(Left): 24" | 23"

Thigh(Right): 23.75" | 23.5"

Bicep(Left): 13.75" | 13.375"

Bicep(Right): 14" | 13.5"

BF%:  32% | 29%


All things considered looking at that big column of all Green from the Starting Measurements to the Final Measurements makes me call this particular challenge a win. This challenge also taught me a lot about the positive outlook, the Mini-Quest that required looking at your week in a positive light happened to hit during my worst week and having to look at it in a positive light completely changed my entire attitude about the week and the challenge on the whole. I hope that's something that I can keep pushing forward with.

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Lupus, reporting in with mostly passes!

Ive started doing vlogs of my challenges every week - check out my final in my thread (its in my sig)


I did pretty good, i gotta say! Next challenge will be aweeeesome :D

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Here are my results for the 3rd challenge. I'm very pleased with the results and am graduating the the Assassin's Guild. I'll miss my Adventurer buddies, but will still be in contact with the ones I know. Cross-guild accountabilibuddies rock!


Main Quest

To lose weight. I lost 8 lbs. and about 5 ½†this challenge. W00t!



1: Try going Primal with my diet: Average was about 70-73% = B


2: Journey to pull-ups: Managed to do body weight rows at ~60% angle (8 reps/3 sets) and 45% with my feet flat (8 reps/3 sets) = B


Try at least one new, healthy recipe each week: 6 meals = A


Life Quest

Read the Bible daily: I read a total of 36 times = A

Level 5 Wood Elf Assassin

STR 11.25 | DEX 9.5 | STA 15 | CON 11.75 | WIS 13 | CHA 13

Current Challenge - 4th3rd | 2nd1st

Accountabilibuddies - 3rd | 2nd | 1st

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Quick readers digest from my challenge


Main Quest - Lose Weight (Preferably down to 275 by my birthday next year 33 weeks away)

Lost 7.2 lbs this challenge down to 334.8



Activity - Averaged little over 40k steps (or equivalent made up on exercise bike per week) = B Grade

Sleeping - Averaged 47 hours sleep a week (This challenge got screwed up a bit my the real world) = C Grade

Logging - Everything logged during weeks 1,2,3,4 & 6. Week 5 was largely logged retroactively so I in all likelihood missed a few bits = B grade


Life Goal - The List

10/15 Items, although I'll fully admit all I really knocked off where the easy ones.

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Round 4


Main Quest: To lose 100 pounds


1 - Food - Complete the Whole 30.

+5 Constitution


2 - Exercise - Warhammer Training 2x+ a week.

+3 Strength


3 - Stretching 2x a week.

+1 Strength +2 Dex +1 Wisdom


4 - School.


I was going to attempt a bookshelf (still might), but considering all the work I have to do to get an application (3 letters of recoomendation, 8 page essay, etc) I think that'll be my life goal this time.

+3 Unsure

1) Completed! it was insanly difficult at first but it was a life-changer.  I'll be doing another whole 30 in the next challenge.  I'm starting it day after halloween.

+5 Constitution


2) Completed! Since I was doing the whole 30, I didn't want to do 3-4 times a week since a side effect is serious energy loss levels.  I wanted to make something attainable.  I missed one workout, but I did 5 hours of cleaning with my mom the next day which was harder than my workout.

+3 Strength


3) Barely Completed.  I kept forgetting and would end up stretching later on or missed it.  Towards the end of the challenge, I starting doing some stretches in-between reps and then started adding a song to my list specifically FOR stretching.  So I'll give myself half credit for this one. 

+1 Strength +1 Dex (no +dex/wisdom)


4) I went with the school stuff.  I got 1 letter and the other 2 are pending.  The essay it done.  I'm just waiting.

+3 Something. (+1 wis/+1con/+1strength)



Mini Challenges

1) group - I made RPG Fanatics (the best group ever) +1 Charisma

2) I forget- I did it though  +1 wisdom

3) Reframing- +1 charisma

4) ready for trouble- +1 Wisdom

5) Fixing what's broken - a new plan, and another whole 30, and planning better meals - +1 wisdom


So according to this, I earned a total of:

+6 Constitution

+5 Strength

+1 Dex

+3 idk

+2 charisma

+4 wisdom


I have:

STR 17 | DEX 5 | STA 10 | CON 15 | WIS 14 | CHA 4


so I now have:

STR 22 | DEX 6 | STA 10 | CON 21 | WIS 18 | CHA 6


My challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/36719-terosx-round-4-whole-30-warhammer/

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So, this wasn't my best showing but I did pretty well overall.


Goal #1 - No Beer Until Halloween +1 CON

I had beer on four evenings, including Halloween: B


Goal #2 - Cold Shower Every Day +1 CON

I skipped a few days here and there: C


Goal #2 -Eat Clean and Fuel the Machine +1 WIS, +2 CON, +2 STA

Not too shabby at all: B


Goal #4 - Exercise Every Day +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 STA

Way too ambitious: D


Goal #5 - Organize the Museum +1 WIS, +1 CHA

Unplanned deep carpet steam cleaning: C



+0.85 CON

+0.75 CON

+0.85 WIS

+0.85 CON

+0.85 STA

+1.3 STR

+1.3 DEX

+1.3 CHA

+0.75 WIS 

+0.75 CHA


Grand Totals:

+1.3 STR

+1.3 DEX

+2.05 CHA

+2.45 CON

+1.6 WIS

+0.85 STA

Ion Aurum 0th Level Viking Monk

STR 0 | DEX 0 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 0 | CHA 0

"Prepare for victory! Our minds have been awakened. Rid your life of tyranny. We are The Resistance." - Iced Earth's V

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Hey everyone, so, I am going to "report in". 


Goal 1: get back to my full-time paleo diet by eating paleo after the 80/20 rule for this challenge - pretty much nailed this one. I ate some crap, but sticked mostly to paleo, so I think I ate 80/20 at least most of the time.


Goal 2: do the Rebel Strength Training Level 1 Dumbbell Divition and Barbell Bataillion to muscle up and start living up to my big inspiration Stacy

alternate Strength Training with Yoga most of the time when I am at my fianceés appartment and don't have access to a gym (that is Strength Training mostly Tuesday to Thursday from about 15th October, when I am done with moving into my new appartment and doing only Dumbbell and Yoga until then). - I tried doing this and completed this goal except for the week when I got the stomach flu and needed my rest.

So, since I could do nothing against me getting ill from stress, I am awarding myself an A under the circumstances and earn +3 STR, +1DEX, +1STA, +2CON, +2WIS.



Side Quest: On all days of the week I won't play video games nor watch TV after 8pm to improve my sleeping habits and I will also try to watch fewer TV generally and read more books. - Meh, this didn't go so well, I did read more, didn't play very much videogames (mostly cause I didn't have the time) but I could help watching TV before sleep and got dreams about what I was watching (too much emergency room, though  ;)). This has to get better, so I am giving myself a C on this one, and +1 WIS.


Overall, I learned very much throughout this challenge, which I will use to getting better at the next one. Level up, I guess  ;).


For completing this quest I will earn +2WIS.

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