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I have had about 17 month lazy period of laying in bed and sitting with my computer in various damaging positions, with close to no exercise at all (some mountain hiking in the summer, occasional cycling and swimming) and rampant eating habits as I started eating animal products (milk, eggs) again. Thus my back muscles have withered away, I huff and puff and tire way too easily, there is a unappealing coat of fat on me that slows me down, and that combined with shrunken muscles has made me feel terribly clumsy and out of control.


As I love exploring and hiking, I'd love to be able to walk up and down mountains with greater ease. I think of this as training for adventure. And this time maintain (!!! and increase to infinity) the fitness level I achieve. (GR20, Finnish wilderness and the big beautiful unknown of the world, here I come...) Alongside physical changes I'd like to be more in charge of my intellectual growth and get me back on track of learning new things and challenging myself intellectually and emotionally.


It's been a week since I started to exercise again and monitor my eating. Main goals right now are losing fat and building endurance. The plan is to continue doing moderate to high intensity cardio workouts five to six times a week, eating clean, having one to three sessions of strength training a week (haven't quite figured this part out yet, but I plan to go to the kettle bell class again) and throw in some yoga and pilates when I feel like it.


178cm / 5"10

74kg / 163lbs 


ikkipyrola 1.11.2013.

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  • 50 min beginner pilates (POP Pilates+lower back)
  • 30 min Wii yoga
  • food ok


  • (pre-breakfast) 35 min elliptical (random lvl 1)
  • food ok


  • (pre-break.) 40 min elliptical (random+interval lvl 1)
  • food ok


  • no exercise
  • food too much and the wrong things: ice cream, hobnobs...


  • 60 min elliptical (random lvl 1)
  • breakfast: greens, spinach, brown rice, leek, bean salad, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
  • 60 min kettle bell class: whole body strength
  • dinner: brown rice, two big scoops of quorn chili and whole wheat toast with matured cheese
  • snack: half bag sweet popcorn
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  • breakfast: 50g oats, 2 tsp chunky peanut butter, slice of cheese, 3 tbs kidney beans
  • lunch: 1/4 of a vegetable tart, 2 cups of roasted veggie cous cous, 2 tbsp hummus, white chocolate ice cream bar
  • 30 min elliptical (random lvl 1)
  • dinner: cooked greens, spinach, cabbage with half a cup of quorn chili and extra tomato sauce


  • took measures
  • breakfast: cooked greens, spinach, cabbage with half a cup of quorn chili and extra tomato sauce
  • lunch: slice of toast, about one cup of different cheeses
  • dinner: 2 slices of vegetable pizza, 3 buttered potatoes, salad
  • snacks: 1/5 of a vanilla cheesecake, half of a mini crunchy bar, two pieces of caramel chocolate, half of a toffee apple, couple spoons of couscous...
  • no exercise


  • breakfast: 150g of cooked couscous, about a cup of chopped spinach, ½ tin black eyes beans, olive oil, salt, soy sauce
  • lunch: 1/6 vanilla cheesecake (223 kcal)
  • 60 min elliptical (random lvl 2)
  • dinner: about two cups of vegetable stir fry (egg noodles)
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