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Lin Kuei - Beyond the Monastery Walls

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If you're here, it's because you feel it - a disquiet in your soul, a yearning to go beyond the walls of the Monastery, to seek out new and worthy opponents.


By posting here, you signal your intent to reach out for new monks to enter the monastery and undertake our rigorous training, and to endure with us the trials of the martial arts.


And where shall you look for them? Why, in the most fertile grounds where such warriors can be found.


I speak, of course, of the First Timer's Guild. :D


If you should find them - those souls whom you deem worthy - inform either I or Spaurrachio. We shall work to make sure that they are reached and known.


Lin Kuei Monks:



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Goodness, how did I forget? Shame on me.

lol, no worries.  I've got a sleeper cell in there ;)


Good thing we have our own adventurers' sleeping cell in the guild.

hehehehe, too true, but as much as i love the Monks, i have to wear a GL hat and send them to other guilds too ;)

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