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the chronicle of the future ex-chubby

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I started last friday (01-nov-2013) to run 1.8 km 5-6 a week, timming and trying to get better.


I analized my current eating habits and found 2 main sources of carbs, bread and rice. (rice and beans is a staple food in Brasil)

Today i started to make some changes in my diet, cutting the carbs, limiting myself to 2 slices of bread, and a spoon of rice. I want to get rid of the rice, but i eat rice every day since ever, so it's dificult to quit. :)

I'm 1.68m and weigh 83 kg.

My ultimate goal is to reach 70 kg;

My weekly goal is run every day and keep the diet.

***** spoiler alert *****

At the end of this chronicle I will be an ex-chubby weighing 70 kg.


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Well, it's saturday, so, time to log!

My running goal was pretty good... I ran basically 5 times without today, which i will run. 
My times, my improvement was good too...

Did not weighed myself, but i feel more health.

And stick with my diet almost every day... only one days that i ate more bread (4 slices), and another i ate more rice (2 spoons)...

For next week, i will run twice (3.6 km) twice i did. I will time and my goal will be run below 25 min.

My runs this week:
02/11 - 14:15

03/11 - 15:25
04/11 - 11:36
05/11 - 11:43
06/11 - 11:23

07/11 - 11:52

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Thank you for the advice =D


A few time ago i cutted all the carbs and became a monster. I will not do that again. 


So, I'm not realy struggling against carbs, yet. My goal is just do not eat so much bread and rice, because of carbs of course and the high level of simple carbs. So, i think, if i cut and eat another type of food, or replace with another carb with a lower level of calories or a more complex carb, i win.

I just googled and find out that quinoa is not a cereal, so some part of the calories are from proteins and good fats. So, you're right, i will put quinoa in my menu. =D

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Another weekend, uhull !!!
Well, i double my running course. But i could not run 6 times this week. i run 3 times... and my times was about 33 min... 
But, my diet is going well... but decided to not push to much in the weekends. It does not means that i will eat a container full of garbage. But, if i go out with my friends, i will not count calories, or something... i think that is annoying and boring. I will eat until i am satified and that's it.

Well, my goals for this week will be, run 4 times at least. 
Keep my diet.

Good news, i weighed and i am with 82 kg. Maybe was the fluids loss, maybe not =]
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well done dude!

giving yourself some free space at the weekend is great for keeping on track, you cant be all work and no play, you'd be mental and burn your self out, or rather eat what ever is in front of you and then feel guilty.

that kg you lost is body weight, its slow and steady, once your metabolism get kicked in it will be more.

your times are good too. keep at it, you're doing great!

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Thanks again, Loulou. =]

Last week was tiring, began with a cold (feat. sore throat), so i didn't run until thursday. But i walked, same distance.

But friday i broke my record, 2 laps in 28 min.... \o/

This week i will run a least 4 times, (again, because the cold did not let me win this time ò.ó) and break my personal record.

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Thanks Loulou =]

Well, were almost 2 months that I have not updated this thread. xD

I will blame the end years feasts, the rainy season, and my vacations.
First, it's raining almost every day, and this broke with my schedule of exercises.
Then i went to the beach in Camburiú - SC. i didn't make formal exercises with schedules and timing. But i walked the beach almost every day, swam, having fun also burning calories. 
And, finally, in the feasts, i ate like a king.

Was concerned of finding the lost pound.

But, good news, i haven't find, but lost more 2kg. Because of the diet. =D
Today, i weighed and i am with 80 kg. 
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