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The Shogun

Operation Impending Doom II

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+4!!! Me too!


This few last days I've been working on getting me back on the game. Mainly dealing with insomnia (I'm beginning to think my house is haunted, seriously.) and with the uneasy feeling of not knowing where to start. Too many things to focus, it's hard to choose one. Should I sleep? Should I workout? My mind is riddled with this questions and I end up doing nothing but to watch TV all day. Could I watch any more of those old Friends episodes? Maybe not. 


There have been a few things to be happy for. My gig went more than okay, people were happy with my talk. After eating like a beggar for weeks I over enjoyed the meals in the center we were staying and just last week I went to a international gastronomical fair and found something I've been looking for: in the distant part of the fair, all alone, under the sun with no shade there was a "Paleo" stand with two lonely people talking on their cellphone (probably because they had nothing to do) and they were selling almond and coconut flour, butter and milk (things you don't find in a supermarket here, jeez, things most people don't know they even exist), they didn't have coconut oil but they knew where to get. Of course I didn't have any money, but I made contact with them and promised them Ii'll be a loyal costumer once I get a job. Also I've been looking for stupid simple recipes, so far I made some dairy and gluten free banana pancakes. Stupid simple, healthy and sooooo good. =D


Unemployment is starting to take a toll on me.


Let's take it day by day


Last night I went to sleep early. Now I sleep like a vampire, with a mask and earplugs after listening to Storm Front (I love it, thanks for the suggestion). But for no particular reason I woke up at 3:00am (by a ghost? is my house haunted? who am I going to call?) and found unable to sleep again for a couple of hours. I woke up again at almost noon. The only good thing about it is that I didn't eat anything until lunch time =D. I've been focusing all day in planning steps to make tomorrow a better day: going to sleep early, set several alarms to wake up early, make sure I stay active, etc... and slowly get back on my feet. It might sound crazy, but it always helps me to clean my bedroom and house. I'll start with that.


I won't allow Operation Impending Doom II to be a failure!

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What Kishi said.


I hear you about unemployment taking it's toll.  Stupid lack of jobs.  I hope you find something soon!  I've kept myself (reasonably) sane by forcing myself into a schedule.  Maybe that'll help you?  Though starting with house cleaning... ugh.

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