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Yeah, I'm going a bit goofy with this challenge's theme. :D But I got a hashtaggin' partner in crime, klaymates and we are here to rock the next 6 weeks! I'm pretty much following up with my last challenge's goals, but with a little more planning with the extra food consumption and sleeping...
#mainquest: #strengthgains


  • Wake up at 7am every day (weekends are exceptional)
  • Get enough sleep
  • Absolutely no skipping morning classes


  • Eat 90% primal (exception with rice and oats)
    • Add to grocery budget, cook more food
    • What I'm thinking: Cook a load of rice, meat and vegetables for each week and just eat that (For treats, thinking banana bread, avo pudding, anything that I can enjoy, get my calorie intake up enough, easily pack for school and not feel too guilty about.) Suggestions are welcome!
  • No more lattes, coffee only 2x/week
  • No more crappy cakes/sweets/desserts unless made homemade with no sugar


  • Lift 3x/week (alternating days between squats/BP/DBrows and squats/OHP/deadlift)
  • Over holidays: attend Muay Thai 1-2x/week


  • Continue improving GPA
  • Get 80%+ on all 3 final exams


  • Mini-quest: Got a bet going on with a friend who thinks I can't go 2 weeks without my daily coffee. 
    • November 3rd - 16th, no caffeine, only drinking water and milk
    • I'm currently on day 3, after doing a necessary all-nighter on finishing 2 lab reports... aaand I'm doing pretty well. So I got this. Having a tolerance break might do me some good anyhow. I'll update on whether I complete this or not by the time we actually start this challenge. :)
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Came for the llw, staying for the awesome :tongue:

Always appreciated, Ki! :)




Whooo! <3


#YouGottaWinThatBet #ICouldn'tStopWatchingTheVideo #DEBRA, DEBRA! #LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL....lol

#ilost #itwastheorangejuice #LOLOLOLOLOL


Remember when I said to link me when you put this up?




About that.

#sorrynotsorry #justkidding


#awesome #ilovelittlewings #littlewingsandklaymatesforever #subbedduh!

#lovethealaskan #iloveluluuuu #lululululu


Totally gonna actually follow your challenge thread this time, assuming that the 4-pages-in-10-minutes-of-animated-gifs that people seem to like spamming you with are kept to a reasonable ten billionty per day. :D

Awesome! :D <3 I'm already lost myself.

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#iknow #greengoblingrouch #hashtaghate




#GREEKYOGURTYES #..I gave up coffee because he said I couldn't and I'm extremely stubborn, competitive and can't turn down a challenge. >_>

I don't tweet.  Which means I don't even understand 90% of this thread.  I am a nerd even among nerds!


(But I love you anyway, LLW!)

To be honest, I don't use twitter, in fact I don't like twitter... and I don't like hashtags either, this is really to make fun of them. :P Aaaand it may have gotten out of hand. Love you too! :D



#WeWon'tStop #MonksAreTheNewWarriors


Pound sign I'll follow this.




...I don't think I did that right.

Hahaha, thanks, Kdub! 









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Oh god.


I remember when # meant number. I feel old.

Sounds awesome llw, so many hastags :tongue: :tongue: The goals are great too.


Lookin' forward to some gifs :tongue:



"I feel old" 

You're the only one in the forums that I can call little! ;)


Thanks for the sub!



#update #beforewebegin


  • I lost the bet. :( I did not drink coffee, but juice/soda was also included, as I was supposed to only drink water or milk. After waiting 3 hours in the freezing cold (it was snowing) for a Greyhound bus and having no water, I finally made it home for the weekend. There was a glass of orange juice on the table and without thinking, I chugged it... then realized immediately that I shouldn't have done that. I was really thirsty. >.< So that counted and I lost.


  • I met up with Rob yesterday to get my lifts actually looked at and sorted out. Soooo although my lifts had gotten a lot heavier, the technique was sloppy so I'm lowering weights back down again until I improve my form. So squat's back at 65lbs and dead lift's back at 95lbs. (Even though I deadlifted bodyweight last week. >_> )


  • K. Think I'm ready now. #gotthis
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