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(Finally) Reporting for Duty. Or something. Hi.

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Having just finished my first Nerd Fitness workout, I figured I really should get myself on the boards to keep myself more accountable than usual. So here I am. Hey Rebels, I'm Ashley and I'm excited to join your ranks. This is a bit long winded, warning.

At my highest weight, I was around 275-280, I don't know, I stopped counting because it was depressing. When diabetic symptoms started creeping up on me, I knew I had to change something. After X-Mas 2009, I made huge lifestyle changes - cut out processed food, fast food, and a lot of other stuff I thought was making me gain weight, and started working out on a regular basis, and four months later I'd dropped 45 lbs. Then World Cup happened, and I plateaued because. It was World Cup and that required my face to be attached tot he tv most of the day. I was still working out, but in honor of my favorite national clubs, I was stuffing my face with pasta and paella.

In the months to follow, I lost about 20 more pounds, but my eating habits were still pretty crappy. The final two semesters of college are hard, okay? Especially when you're studying two dead languages and writing 2 long form papers/wk. So burritos and pizza were clearly a necessary, quick fuel...Eventually I managed to get brainwashed by an infomercial, bought the program, certain it would help me reach my goals, and at the end of those three months, I was finally under 200 lbs, but had only lost 10 lbs or so, most of which was muscle, not fat, despite lifting very heavy weights. If I had the understanding of fitness and nutrition that I have now, that might have been different. I started another infomercial program after that, more focused on cardio (because OMG CARDIO BURNS FAT RIGHT?) and just two weeks ago finally hit my 100 lb weight loss mark. And while I credit that loss to finally getting a handle on my eating habits, I was still losing too much muscle and not enough fat.

It was also two weeks ago that I came across Nerd Fitness via a Tumblr follow. At first I thought it was silly. Then I read the 'Real Life Roleplaying' article, and was pretty much sold. To the point that I seriously sat there and wrote up a character sheet for myself. Seriously. No shame. A few days later I bought the rebel fitness guide. The subsequent week, I went about 70/30 paleo to get rid of the dairy in my house, and in one week lost nothing but fat (according to my not so professional calculations). I was impressed, and I'm excited to be fully jumping into the program this week. I don't care about the weight anymore. I'm fighting a battle against the fat that's hanging on for dear life.

TL;DR Hey guys, I'm Ashley, I'm a Classicist, and I want to get fit with you. You can find me on tumblr at fit2bhappy where I chronicle my fitness journey and sometimes post recipes, foobuffed where I post pictures of pretty much everything I eat (showing other people what I'm eating keeps me from eating horrible things), or diomedes which is just my personal ridiculousness, and @pisistratus on twitter.

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it."

— Thucydides

An Amazon in Training - Fitblr & Progress. Food Buffed - Food Photography. Advised by Zeus - Personal Tumblr.

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