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ytterbium: challenge 1


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New, not sure I'm doing this right, but I'm going to give it a try.


Main quest: Reach 200 pounds.


Three goals for this challenge:

Lose 15 pounds.

Complete 35 consecutive push-ups.

Consistently eat out of hunger rather than anger or boredom.


Side quest:

At least three job applications per week.


My current situation:

The good: I've been working out regularly and consistently for about 2 and a half years. I joined a gym that I really enjoy -- it's entirely group exercise classes, with a lot of different formats, and it is an approach that has worked really well for me.


So far I've lost about 60 pounds. Earlier this year I ran a 5K for the first time. (I also confirmed that running really isn't my thing, but I'm pleased to have done it. One of the 5K-ish obstacle course runs is in the cards for next year, I think.)


The bad: Without getting into too much detail, the job situation is terrible. The hunt has been going on for almost three years, and getting hopeless. That's making everything hard: I have a real hard time keeping any kind of discipline, particularly in my diet, for more than a few days at a time. My weight hasn't really ballooned up much (which it has done in the past when work is going badly), but it's plateaued.


I'm hoping that NF turns out to be something that's fun and new and can take enough of the edge off of the despair to help me get back on the right track.



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I'm sorry to hear that things have been hard. Sometimes it seems like things are getting to hard to deal with and we lash out. Maybe its food and on yourself or maybe its a bad mood and attitude towards others. I really hope you can find what you need here on NF. I am pretty much always around if you wanna back and forth with each other :) The great news for you is you already have quite an advantage in the fitness department. You have been going at for awhile and that's hard to do. Pat yourself on the back more so than be mad about things that are happening. Small miracles my friend. I have also realized that I do not like running but only cause I suck at it currently. 


Keep your chin up and soon enough things will start to look up! Not sure why I feel that way but my approach on life is "Things happen" Usually its for the good :)


Soon to be hero Level 0 

STR 0 | DEX 0 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 0 | CHA 0


--The Road--


You can't relate to a superhero, to a superman, but you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs but only after a struggle. ~Timothy Dalton

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Thanks for the encouragement, StealingCovert. I didn't notice it earlier -- it actually, and quite embarrassingly -- took a while for me to re-find my thread.


Anyhow, gearing up for the challenge, which I'm excited about. I'm swapping out the weight-loss goal for one about drinking less pop. Not that the weight-loss isn't still a goal, but I think it's more an effect of doing other things right. So the new goals will be:


Complete 35 consecutive push-ups. (35-A 30-B 26-C 22-D less F)

Consistently eat out of hunger rather than anger or boredom. (0-1 failures A, 2-3 failures B, 4-5 failures C, 6-8 D, more F)

No more than one soda per day. (Successful 38-42 days A, 34-37 days B, 31-33 days C, 28-30 days D, fewer F).


There has, sadly, been a death in the family: while biking home a few days ago, I hit a bump in the road too hard and the frame of my trusty bike broke, and the shop says it's not-fixable. I'll be able to replace it, so it's luckily nothing more than an annoyance... but I did really like that bike.

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Day 1: The quest would begin on that bog-standard questing milieu, the cold, windy, snowy mountain, except for the utter flatness of the terrain.


i.e. today Chicago got its first snow of the year. It was kind of a bummer--it's that time of the year when you can't really go outside without all of your clothes getting cold and wet.


My spirits were high, despite mourning my trusty steed, Marrrrrrr.


As previously mentioned, my bike died. I'm not the best at making up names. The weather prevented me from procuring a replacement as I had originally planned.


Early on, an incredible stroke of good fortune: I discovered a magical Gourd of Sustinence, possibly divine in origin.


Lunch was an acorn squash. It were tasty!


In the evening, I reported for a term of servitude with the wizard Robiliomundogamen. This began with a short period of torment on one of the wizard's new toys, a stretching rack. My companions and I handled this challenge with grace, aplomb, or dignity, but never more than one of the three.


Part 1 of my workout was on suspension trainers. Today we did something new - planks, but with both arms and legs on the trainers. It was scarier to think about than actually to do, although I couldn't hold them for the full period the coach assigned.


After that, Robiliomundogamen demanded his servants haul boulders for his catapult, which is currently aimed quite uselessly at a small hole in the otherwise neatly-manicured grass some three hundred yards away.


Part 2 of the workout was kettlebells. I was using heavier bells than usual (30s and 40s), which got me fatigued quicker than usual in a lot of cases, particularly lifts.


Overall, today was lobstromonous.


Goal- and life-specific details:

Weight: 278

Consecutive push-ups: 21 (I'm planning to test this a few times a week -- generally in the morning after rest days or otherwise lighter workouts)

Eating only when hungry: Success! 1/1

No more than 1 soda: Success! 1/1

3 job applications per week: None done today; I did check my main job sources but found nothing appropriate. (What I'm looking for is pretty narrow; I've got a job so I'm looking for the job I'll love--or at least a step towards it. But that does limit possibilities.)


Day 1 of 42 done.

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Day 2:

I wake, perplexed at why no epic quests ever seem to take place on delightfully fluffy lands.


Today was a bit rough. I didn't sleep well last night, which happens occasionally, but it made everything tough.


After light exertion, I appealed to a far-off king for assignment to a gainful quest. It crosses my mind that this king may be my true enemy.


Mondays are a heavy workout day for me, so today was much lighter. After it, I knocked out one job application. It's a frustrating process--I'm trying to jump industries and job titles and location simultaneously, which I think raises red flags even though the first two at least are closely related to what I've been doing. On the up side, it's been a few weeks since I've sent any applications, so I was able to tackle the cover letter with a fresh eye and try some new phrasings.


Overall, today was flanky.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 272.5 (Not as alarming a drop as it seems; the number always goes down significantly the first day when I go from eating junk to eating right. It will stabilize.

Consecutive push-ups: not tested today.

Eating only when hungry: Success! 2/2

No more than 1 soda: Success! 2/2

3 job applications per week: 1/3 done. There are three or four more that I found that are possibilities, although I haven't investigated thoroughly yet.


Day 2 of 42 done.

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Congratulations on a good start.

Having given up on finding a job I know how discouraging the job rat race can be.

Working on a challenge like this can be very rewarding because it show you that there are still thing in ones life that can be controlled.

Good luck on your first challenge.

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Day 3:


Despite unknowingly making camp in an area that had been struck by a mild fatiguing curse, my travels today were ultimately successful.


I woke up slow, but today was a lot more productive work-wise than the past couple have been. (I work at home, which is a double-edged sword -- nothing external to make me work when I don't feel like it.)


A minor skirmish with a wayward troglodyte tested my abilities, but I was able to overcome it in good health.


My workout almost didn't happen -- my gym has a limited number of slots for each class, and for some reason I forgot to sign up today, so I got stuck on the waitlist. I was the second-to-last person to get in. Which is nice, because this is one of my favorite classes - it's called (neatly enough) Warrior Conditioning, and it's a circuit training class with rowing mixed in. Today the rowing was a bit less hard than usual, because it was short sprints with a recovery period. The circuits were a bit tougher than usual, since a lot of them involved arm-supported bodyweight work.


Provisions were adequate but not exuberant.


Nothing exciting on the diet front, although I did eat right. So that was nice.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 272.5

Consecutive push-ups: not tested today.

Eating only when hungry: Success! 3/3

No more than 1 soda: Success! 3/3

3 job applications per week: None today yet, although I've got a few leads to take a look at. 1/3 done this week.

Day 3 of 42 done!

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Day 4:


Provisions on this quest have been adequate but not generous. Today I dined upon a pig that had been roasted, but was definitely not suckling.


I've been eating right this week. Today for lunch I had some pork roast stuffed with spinach, pepper, and cheese from Trader Joe's. Sadly, it sounds way better than it actually was. I find that a lot of TJ's meals are really good, but I don't seem to like most of the meat-based ones. (I'm relatively new to Trader Joe's--just since my old, unfocused grocery store [seriously: it had a used book section] closed a couple months ago.)


Feeling my energy flagging as the day grew long, I quaffed a Potion of Not Technically Cheating But I Still Should Watch It.


I did stick to the 1-soda rule, but I did supplement it with a Vitamin Water, which isn't much better.


Late in the day, I discovered a great treasure hidden in a tiny chest!


That just means my paycheck came. I work remotely, so it comes by mail, and it doesn't come on any specific day. (There's usually a window of a few days, unless the carrier decides to deliver it to another box in the building, or to a building on a nearby street with a number that's within a few dozen of my building. The first has happened to me; the second hasn't that I know of, but I did get somebody else's mail from a block over, so I know it's possible. It all makes getting my wages THAT MUCH MORE EPIC!!!)


One mighty slash was made against the mostrous Emplomacron. I was tempted no less than four other times before it withdrew, but each of those strikes could have only ended poorly.


1 job application done today. Four other leads that I had in the hopper I decided against applying to, for various reasons.


Despite my labors, the training continues.


Today was a heavy workout day - a core class followed by boxing. I'm very much a beginner at that -- we just started introducing some footwork into the mix, and I'm still comically bad at it.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 271.5

Consecutive push-ups: 22

Eating only when hungry: Success! 4/4

No more than 1 soda: Success! 4/4

3 job applications per week: 2/3 done this week.

Day 4 of 42 done!

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Days 5-6:


A Tome of Dubious Inspiration has entered my quest. I've been browsing it with a critical eye, hoping to glean whatever value can be so gleaned.


I downloaded the Spartan Race organizer's free ebook. I'm kind of confused by it; thus far it seems to be trying to be simultaneously inclusive and exclusive. It's obviously a marketing piece, which I realized going in and I'm not bothered by, but I'm kind of annoyed by how it tries to say the Spartan Race is for anyone and then immediately turning its focus to elite athletes. Part of my distaste is also that I never respond appropriately to things that are "inspirational." On the other hand, I did have what was probably my best workout in at least a month today, so maybe I do respond right.


I've been pondering my future profession in this quest (as opposed to life). While it will be some time before I must decide, I'm intrigued by the possibilities and confused at how I might fit into them.


Assassin is right out, at least for now: I've got too much body weight to be good at climbing/jumping/etc. A case could be made for just about anything else, though: Warrior (my raw power level is relatively good); Scout (I need to pace myself properly, but in many things I can go at 85% forever--though I'm definitely not a runner); Ranger (I'm pretty adaptable); Monk (I do take boxing classes, although I'm still quite a beginner); and Druid (logical brain-wise--I do volunteer at a nature museum--but it doesn't really match up with my body or activities.) Ranger is the early leader, but who knows how things will all pan out.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 268.5 (Friday)/271 (Saturday) (my diet has only been OK the past couple days -- not that bad but not flawless. There's naturally plenty of 'noise' in my daily weight, so I'm not too bummed out about it.)

Consecutive push-ups: Not tested

Eating only when hungry: Success! 6/6 (At least technically.)

No more than 1 soda: Success! 6/6

3 job applications per week: 4/3 done this week. Two more done this morning.

Day 4 of 42 done!

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Day 7:


An ill wind blew today, and with it came several strikes from an unseen, yet very real, foe.


Not a good day, diet-wise. Weekends are always tough for me, and if there's a positive to take from this it's that I went off the rails less than I often do. Tomorrow shall be better.


I reported for duty among the serpents.


Today was my volunteer shift at the Nature Museum. I did a little bit of snake handling. The black rat snake seemed not particularly keen to be handled by me today, so I had to resort to one of the easier fox snakes. Several children were delighted.


I also accepted an invitation to a grand Tournament, to be held in several moons.


Another positive: I committed and signed up for the sort-of-local Warrior Dash next June. I've been wanting to do an obstacle race for a while, and finally I decided which one to go for. Which means that next April I'll have to start some running-specific training again. (Feh)


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 272

Consecutive push-ups: 25

Eating only when hungry: Failure, 6/7

No more than 1 soda: Failure 6/7

3 job applications per week: 4/3 done this week. One more lead found today, though I'm not sure how strong a possibility it is. I will probably examine in more detail tomorrow.

Day 7 of 42 done!

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Day 8:

I awoke, somewhat further from the mountain peak than I recall, but on a crag that provided a sturdy base from which to restart my journey.


Yesterday's slip-ups did not carry through to today, happily. Diet was good, with the return of acorn squash (this time with pecans, as recommended by the sticker on the squash.) I'm realizing that I have to not view the weekends as part of this whole process, rather than free cheating days.


I do wonder if I was afflicted by a minor curse of weakness, or if it was all in my mind.


Today was one of my heavy workout days, and it was a bit of a struggle -- just felt able to do a bit less than usual. I'm not overly concerned; I figure it's just one of those days when things are a bit off. It's a bit surprising since yesterday was a rest day, but I can sometimes be like that.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 275 (7-day average: 271.85)

Consecutive push-ups: NT

Eating only when hungry: Success, 7/8

No more than 1 soda: Success, 7/8

3 job applications per week: 1/3 done this week; 5 total so far.

Day 8 of 42 done!

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Day 9:

A relatively uneventful day, but for the temptation. I largely resisted, which is excellent for me, though not for the excitement of the tale I tell. Perhaps I ought to claim to have been beset by giants and merfolk and evil, evil unicorns--but such would not be true, and my gentle listeners deserve better.


Work today was grrrr, my energy was blah, and I really wanted an extra soda at several points. I settled for a Vitamin Water, which falls under the letter-but-not-spirit of my goals.


I do have an upcoming training choice upon which to ruminate as the leagues stretch into miles.


For the past 6 weeks or so, I've adjusted my workout formats a bit, adding a bit of time overall in the week but mixing up with some double classes and some shorter sessions. My plan was to do this until Thanksgiving, and then switch things up again. With Thanksgiving almost here, I need to figure out what mix I want to do next and for how long.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 270.5 (7-day average: 271.57)

Consecutive push-ups: NT

Eating only when hungry: Success, 8/9

No more than 1 soda: Success, 8/9

3 job applications per week: 1/3 done this week; 5/18 total for challenge.

Day 9 of 42 done!

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Day 10:


A difficult day, less due to any particular challenge than the lack thereof.


My job is weird in many ways. I work from home, and the schedule isn't always normal -- there are times when I will be waiting for work without really having anything that I can do. Yesterday morning was one of those times. I'm not yet great at shifting my schedule to adapt to it. I did okay, but it's still kind of awkward.


I also had a certain difficulty when traversing a mountain stream.


An important lesson from my workout yesterday: On the rowing machine, a 1:30 pace for 500 meters is not sustainable for me at this time. What we were doing was 200 meter sprints, and on the first one I went full out... for about 15 seconds. Then full-out became a lot less full out. The rowing was just one part of the workout, and going so fast kind of hurt the rest of it. Need to remember to pull things back a bit.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 270.5 (7-day average: 271.28)

Consecutive push-ups: 26

Eating only when hungry: Success, 9/10

No more than 1 soda: Success, 9/10

3 job applications per week: 1/3 done this week; 5/18 total for challenge. 4 more leads that I haven't yet

Day 10 of 42 done!

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Days 11-12:


Yesterday, isolation weighed heavily on my soul... until it didn't.


Working alone kind of got to me yesterday. It got better, though; after my workout, several of the people from the class went out for drinks. Beer isn't exactly the ideal thing for a diet, but given that I go drinking pretty rarely and this instance was massively positive for my mood, so I think it's ok. (And the instructor was with us, and he gave us his OK.)


The workout itself was tough; it was one of my heavy workout days (1:45 total). The first class was fine, but I ran out of gas in the second.


Today, the libations I consumed slowed my wits somewhat.


I really didn't drink much yesterday, but I still felt it this morning. (I'm ironically lightweight with alcohol.)


I spent part of the day observing another warrior.


Since I wasn't particularly functional this morning, I shifted my work and went to an early showing of the new Hunger Games movie. Quick review: Significantly better than the first movie, and an impressive adaptation of the book.


Diet was good both days, but I slipped up on soda today. Oh well.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 268 (Thursday)/267 (Friday) (7-day averages: 270.78/270.57)

Consecutive push-ups: Not tested

Eating only when hungry: Success x2 11/12

No more than 1 soda: 1 success, 1 fail. 10/12

3 job applications per week: 2/3 done this week, 6/18 total for challenge. 4 leads to investigate.

Day 12 of 42 done!

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Day 13


A chill wind blew today, but the arena for my mock battle provided shelter from the freeze.


Coldest day of the winter so far--despite not yet technically being winter. This was one of my heavy workout days--boxing followed by barbell-based strength training. I've been doing the boxing for about two months now, and I'm seeing definite progress; my punches are making better sounds against the catching pads, and the rudimentary footwork we sometimes do isn't completely terrifying. (Handling both hitting and moving my feet took a long time for me to figure out.) I will enjoy the rest day tomorrow.


My steed seemed curiously averse to a certain area of the town.


Not once but twice today the bus that I was on turned away from its typical route. Quite curious, until I found out that...


Upon investigation, I discovered what appeared to be a fair. It seems strange that I came that way earlier and noticed nothing. As I mulled this over, my feet carried me down towards the site.


I didn't realize it until I stumbled upon it, but today was the Lights Festival on Michigan Avenue, where they have a parade and turned on Christmas lights along the big downtown shopping district in Chicago. Apparently, Mario Lopez was there.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 267 (7-day averages: 270)

Consecutive push-ups: Not tested

Eating only when hungry: Success, 12/13. Bonus success in that I had a craving for junk food and successfully substituted it for a much less junky snack.

No more than 1 soda: Success, 11/13

3 job applications per week: 3/3 done this week, 7/18 total for challenge. 3 leads to investigate.

Day 13 of 42 done!

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Days 14-15


Only a quick report now.


Yesterday was a more successful "cheat" day than last week. I had a treat, and a decidedly imperfect dinner, but I don't feel like I went off the rails. So that's a plus.


Today's been good, though nuts. A massively frustrating work thing was the big excitement, although my diet's been good and I'm on my way to workout shortly.


Thanksgiving may be tough. Early flight tomorrow, plus dealing with family and limited workout opportunities and stuff.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 268.5 (Sunday)/272.5 (Monday) (7-day averages: 269.5/269.14)

Consecutive push-ups: NT/27

Eating only when hungry: Success, 14/15.

No more than 1 soda: Success, 13/15

3 job applications per week: 0/3 done this week, 7/18 total for challenge. 3 leads to investigate.

Day 15 of 42 done!

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Day 16


Today was a day for lengthy journeys.


Yep, traveling for Thanksgiving. Up absurdly early. During a lengthy layover, I failed on both of my diet-based goals, having an extra pop for the day and a fro-yo-like-thing that wasn't strictly necessary. The positive to take from this is that if all failures were like this, things would actually be pretty good -- they weren't egregious, off-the-rails type things. Overall, I think my diet was well within acceptable bounds.


The end, however, had a great reward.


I'm visiting my brother, which also means visiting my nephew, who is almost 7 months and a big part of my motivation. I really want him to think of me as what he wants to look like (and, of course, be like) when he grows up. I don't really want him to have memories of his fat uncle.


No workout today, which I'm kind of okay with. I've been on an increased workout schedule for about 6 weeks, so I'm looking forward to sort of a recovery week. I'm planning to do some light workouts for the next few days, at least.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: 270

Consecutive push-ups: NT

Eating only when hungry: Failure, 14/16.

No more than 1 soda: Failure, 13/16.

3 job applications per week: 0/3 done this week, 7/18 total for challenge. 3 leads to investigate.

Day 16 of 42 done!

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Day 17:


A quick update since I'm tired. Another travel day, this time from my brother's house to his parents-in-law, in a minivan with my parents, brother and his wife and kid, and a dog. It went fine, although there was a surprisingly large quantity of discussion of gangrene, which also showed up at both lunch and dinner.


The big success: No soda at all today. Overall, the diet was I think very good, especially keeping the intake to rational quantities. I wasn't expecting that--family time is historically pretty terrible for my diet.


I also did a workout, which was fine, although I already miss my gym. It's massively helpful for me to be in a group and have a trainer who's planned the workout and offering encouragement.


I've done less in the way of work and job applications than I would have liked. Things have been surprisingly busy. Today we took the 7-month-old to his baby music class. Fun, even though the kid had more of an entourage than typical.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: NT

Consecutive push-ups: 29

Eating only when hungry: Success, 15/17.

No more than 1 soda: Success, 14/17.

3 job applications per week: 0/3 done this week, 7/18 total for challenge. 3 leads to investigate.

Day 17 of 42 done!

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You have a really awesome style. I love the Rpg aspect. Wish I could do it a little more. I need a storyteller to get much done though XD. I noticed you mentioned anger and sadness up there. I haven't read through all of your stuff yet, but in my experience the best healing for those is talking it out. You need someone who will objectively listen. It's hard to find them, and trust then at times. Sometimes it's even hard to talk about issues in general. It definitely helps though. I have a hell of a time talking about something until it nearly eats my nerves but I can listen to someone almost any day. I'll be following your quest of awesomeness from this step onward. May the wind be on your back. :3


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Thanks Kan! I'll get back to the RPG style soon--I'm trying to knock things out quickly because I'm concerned about falling under the weather (travel has mucked up my normal schedule, plus I'm spending time with a somewhat germy baby and his mildly sick parents, so I'm trying to do my stuff and get to bed.)


I'm bad at talking and comfortable writing, although I'd agree that I should do more of the former. It's a tricky thing to have happen currently, although I'm at least working to fix the situation that prevents it.


Anyhow, today's update:


Day 18:


Naturally, a challenging day diet-wise, due to it being Thanksgiving (aka, for non-U.S.-residents, incredible traditional massive stuff your face day.) All things considered, I did well: I ate a bigger meal than usual, certainly, but not spectacularly so. Plus, the host served a rather good dish of roasted mixed veggies that I filled a good chunk of my plate with. I never really got stuffed, and I was good about not eating much from the plates of food that were out for the full party [i was at my brother's parents-in-law, with my parents and a total of about 26 other people]. I'm not currently feeling stuffed now or anything -- I could probably have a bit of dinner now, although I'm not going to. So diet-wise, I'm calling this a pass.


Missing my gym again, although I managed a light cardio workout today. (Mostly on a surprisingly rickety stationary bike.)


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: NT

Consecutive push-ups: NT

Eating only when hungry: Success, 16/18.

No more than 1 soda: Success, 15/17.

3 job applications per week: 1/3 done this week (though not yet sent), 8/18 total for challenge. 2 leads to investigate.

Day 18 of 42 done!

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Day 19:


Definitely a bit sick today -- travel plus weird schedule plus being around a sick baby will do that. I'm hoping to skirt the illness rather than getting it full on with rest and vitamin C and stuff.


No workout today. Diet was okay -- meals were bigger than ideal, since our hosts had a big breakfast to-do, and then we traveled home to my brother's place and got dinner at Olive Garden. On the plus side, I didn't do any junk food between those, and I definitely could have gone much, much worse. I think in total it was actually about the amount of food I should have eaten for the day.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: NT

Consecutive push-ups: NT

Eating only when hungry: Success, 17/19.

No more than 1 soda: Success, 16/19.

3 job applications per week: 3/3 done this week (though not yet sent), 10/18 total for challenge.

Day 19 of 42 done!


(Good night!)

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Day 20:


The cold is progressing, but it seems to be mild. Colds like this usually take several days to get through me, but this level of sickness is going to be pretty easy to deal with. I've got an early wake-up tomorrow due to my flight home, which could be a bit problematic, but I'm going to get to bed early tonight which should help to mitigate that.


No formal workout today, although I did help rake leaves, which counts for something.


Diet was travel-okay. No between-meal junk food, and the meals themselves were reasonably sized. Hopefully all of this translates into not a huge bump in weight when I get home.


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: NT

Consecutive push-ups: NT

Eating only when hungry: Success, 18/20.

No more than 1 soda: Success, 17/20.

3 job applications per week: 4/3 done this week (though not yet sent), 11/18 total for challenge.

Day 20 of 42 done!

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Days 21-22


Yesterday began with an early-morning dragon ride, followed by another slightly less early-morning dragon ride.


Returned home yesterday from visiting my brother, his wife, her parents and extended family, my parents, and of course, my 7-month-old nephew. A good trip, although I really don't like being around crowds like that (26 at their peak). The nephew, however, is adorable and a big part of why I want to lose weight -- I want him to look at me as his uncle, rather than his fat uncle. I do wish I hadn't had to be up at 4:30 to catch the flight, though.


I spent the rest of the day in a frenzied haze.

I had a lot of work that I hadn't done on the trip due to illness, festivities, and lack of necessary computer files and software. Which meant that I had to finish it last night. It probably was not my best work, since I was still not feeling well and not particularly caring.


A small seed of health did wonders, however.

I know this isn't a good thing to do often, but I broke down and took some NyQuil yesterday. It helped a lot, and after a really good night's sleep, I woke up feeling much better -- lots of congestion but no sore throat. (That's how colds typically progress for me.)


The morning presented a major, and unpleasant, challenge. A dosage of Breath of Distance proved invaluable in permitting me to meet it.

Had to go to the dentist this morning. I get pretty bad anxiety about that. The laughing gas helped a lot. (Also, the checkup turned out just fine -- not even any pain.)


The evening's labors proved, well, laborious, although whether due to remants of the illness, falling out of practice, or some unknown curse I cannot say.

It was good to get back to an instructor-led workout today, although it was really tough. I was really struggling in the last 20 minutes or so. I'm mixing up my schedule a bit, changing some classes around and making Tuesday a heavy workout day rather than Monday, which today was a blessing.


The day concludes with a small honor: Promotion to join the ranks of the Ranger Initiates (with moderate Warrior and Druid tendencies, as well as periodic Monkishness).


Yep, we're halfway. Level up! My new statistics:

STR: 2.5 Pretty good here.

DEX: 1. Manual dexterity is my saving grace here; I carry around a lot of weight that hampers the agility and speed.

STA: 2.5. In a lot of things, I can go at a decent (though non-sprint) pace for...well, ever. Well, probably not forever, but things like a 5K row with all of the 500 meter sections at the same pace.

CON: 2. While my current situation suggests otherwise, I've been pretty good at avoiding illness since I started getting serious about working out. Let's hope I'm not annoying karma.

WIS: 1.5. I'm smart, but I miss things sometimes.

CHA: 0.5. Yug. Ugly, fat, and as persuasive (in person) as... well, in 2004, I lost an argument over whether the internet was going to stay a thing. (It's actually not funny -- coupled with some other factors, it had some majorly negative impacts on my career. I really should have realized and gotten out of that job a lot sooner.)


Goal and life-specific details:

Weight: NT (Sunday)/266 (Monday) -- a very good number, although the possibility of it being an outlier cannot be dismissed. Still, this is a great point from which to begin my Assault on Christmas. (Let's hope Bill O'Reilly isn't reading, or else NF will make some kind of list...)

Consecutive push-ups: NT/NT

Eating only when hungry: Success x2, 20/22.

No more than 1 soda: Success x2, 19/22.

3 job applications per week: 0/3 done this week (though I sent the 4 that I wrote last week), 11/18 total for challenge.

Day 22 of 42 done!

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