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SammyShark - First Challenge!


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Day 34 


Points today: 3.25

Points total: 49.5 (1.46/day average)  



B- eggs, bacon, spinach, tomatoes, butter

L- kale chips (kale, olive oil, salt, garlic), snap peas, salami, olives, cheddar cheese, strawberries

D- sweet potato, butter 

I really feel like I ate a LOT today, but as long as I’m eating 80% paleo, I’m not stressing about my calories. Not for the remainder of the challenge anyway. I am supposed to weigh myself tomorrow though. I’m horribly anxious about it. 



Run & BBWW. My run was pretty pathetic. It was just a lot slower than normal, didn’t run as long as normal, felt really lethargic. Probably because I was up WAY too late last night. But I did it. I also ended my run feeling super depressed because I saw this older guy stumbling around drunk, and it just made me feel overwhelmed at how harsh life is. Ugh. 


Life quest: 

Did an OA meeting tonight on the phone. I usually do a morning one in person on Saturdays. I’m sad to have missed this one, but I just couldn’t get up that early today. Next week. 

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You're doing great things and making positives changes in your life.  You'll start to lose weight eventually, it might take a while but for the moment, concentrate on the good: you're getting healthier and stronger! 


Also, do you weigh yourself the same time every time you weigh yourself? (ie - when you first wake up, before bed, etc).  This really does make a difference in the consistancy of your weight tracking. 

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Hey Sharkie, you know the scale is a filthy liar! You should consider picking up a pair of $5 body fat callipers and pitching that bathroom floor menace right out the window. It's not worth having around if it just makes you feel like shit about all the hard work you've put into yourself these 5 (almost 6) weeks.


Seriously girl, you have been kicking some serious goals, just reading back through your feed you have been so committed and so good this whole challenge, I understand feeling frustrated, we're all allowed to feel like that, but you owe your self way more than even letting the words "what the fuck is the point of this if I am not losing weight" even enter your mind. I've been upset because my legs still look like tree trunks after 6 weeks of going hard, but it just reinforces that this shit takes soooooooooooo much longer than the 6 weeks, 6 weeks is habit building and base building time, sadly not magic time. Keep with it, keep going, and you'll see the magic happen.


I'm sorry we're digital friends and not "real life" friends, because you totally deserve a hug. You are AWESOME!!!!

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Hey Sharkie, you know the scale is a filthy liar!


I'm sorry we're digital friends and not "real life" friends, because you totally deserve a hug. You are AWESOME!!!!


Wolf is absolutely right.

The scale is highly inaccurate measurement of body fat.

Also, your body's condition greatly affects the "weight", like amount of salt in your system that retains water.

As far as I understand, women's fluctuation is even bigger depending on hormonal state - aka period.


Since we are nerds, I'll show you an example of weight fluctuation. This is my weight of last 4 weeks or so.

I weigh myself every day. The scale weight can change as much as 3.6lb in one day in last 4 weeks.

I've seen over 4lb difference from one day to next.


When I'm trying to lose 1/2lb/week, 4lb variance of scale weight dwarfs my progress. I mean, I cannot see the 2 month of work I put in if I take only two samples 2 months apart.


The scale weighs muscle gain, skeletal improvement, water retaining (too much salty food), poop and pee (yup. easily over 2lb. If you are constipated, even more!), etc. such that fat you are losing is very hard to see from scale, esp. in short period (like 1 month.)


That's why body fat % is a lot better way to see your progress.


In my case, I have a long history of weight log such that I can see the graph and see the progress over time.

Also, since mine is Fitbit scale, it logs the body fat% as well, albeit it's also inaccurate.


BTW, say, if you hit the number you want to see and if clothes don't fit right, who cares the number.

It's about how you look good in the mirror. It's about clothes you want to wear.


Scale is not only liar, it's a mental health hazard.

That's why the history of selfies is much better way.


 157.4 -1.1

 158.5  1.2

 157.3 -2.3

 159.6  1.8

 157.8    0

 157.8  1.5

 156.3    0

 156.3 -3.6

 159.9  1.8

 158.1  0.2

 157.9 -0.9

 158.8  0.6

 158.2 -0.4

 158.6  0.1

 158.5 -0.2

 158.7 -2.4

 161.1  1.2

 159.9  1.7

 158.2 -0.1

 158.3  0.1

 158.2 -1.7

 159.9  1.2

 158.7  1.9

 156.8 -1.8

 158.6 -0.9

 159.5  0.3

 159.2  2.0

 157.2 -2.4



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Bad_Wolf is totally right! You've worked so hard and done so well. You're still here, you're still on track. Don't let all that get minimized to some numbers that don't accurately illustrate what going on with your body. Try to find some other metric that will give you a better idea of your progress. Take pictures of yourself every month. Measure your body fat percent. Buy a set of clothes that's just a smidge too small and see how long it takes you to fit into them. Most of all, keep yourself accountable. Some people think, "Well, I can't do this perfectly" or "I'm not getting results fast enough" and this leads to "Why do it at all?" It is so important that you keep going. If you do, years, even a few short months from now, you'll be able to look back on what you've done with a lot of pride and joy. It just takes time.

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Thanks for all the kind words and support re: the scale, guys!


I know the scale fluctuates a lot - trust me, I watch it - but it is incredibly frustrating to feel like you are doing "all the right things" and not seeing any results. The scale is just one way to see results, but I haven't really seen any. My clothes fit the same. I need to take my measurements again and see if they've changed, but since my clothes fit the same, I doubt it. I have not taken to testing my body fat % yet, but I will be starting that soon. I ordered a body fat caliper and it came in the mail the other day. The only problem is that it's just as easy to obsess over these things as it is to obsess over the number on the scale. Does it really matter if I can fit into a size X when sizes vary so much from brand to brand? Is that really any more worthy a goal? I think it comes down to the same thing.


What I really need to do is focus more on being healthy. This is extremely difficult because I am insane... Let's not get into it.


Anyway, I'm having a hard time figuring out if I'm going to complete this challenge or not. The last 12 days were not great. But they weren't terrible. My individual goal points are going to be close to Cs for my 3 fitness type goals, and an A for my life quest. My overall points are going to be around a B. I feel like with an A or a B, I pass, but that's taking into account things like posting regularly. I knew I shouldn't have done bonus points. I don't think I'm going to pass myself. It doesn't feel like a win. Although I do feel like I've made major changes in my life, which is awesome. I don't know! Dilemma.

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Although I do feel like I've made major changes in my life, which is awesome. I don't know! Dilemma.


This is what's important!  Even if you end up with a C, that's still "finishing".  Just go with your original grading system and you might surprise yourself with passing :).  It might not be the best grade ever, but it's still a win considering if you did not join this challenge you would have done worse than failed -- you wouldn't have changed anything!


There's always next challenge and the new year.  You've instilled some great habits in yourself in this first challenge, next challenge will be the time to improve on them.

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My first challenge, done and gone. It was hard, it was exciting, it was fun (at times). I made a lot of friends here at NF and even though I won't say I passed this challenge, I will say that I've done a lot of good things over the past 6 weeks. I think I worked out more than I would have otherwise. I think I ate better than I would have otherwise. I tried out the OA meetings, and although I'm not sure whether or not I'll keep attending, I still think it was a good experience.


For the first time, I really feel like I'm making good changes and this is something I should keep up. I'm excited to continue my progress into the next mini challenge, and extra excited for the next full challenge. In this past challenge, I had an especially hard time during weeks 4 and 6. The beginning of week 5 was rough too, but I pulled it together, at least for a while. Averaging my daily points for weeks 1, 2, 3, and 5, I was at about 1.78pts/day. That's exactly where I needed to be. I need to figure out how to stay motivated and engaged past the first half of the challenge. I'm changing my point structure for the next go round. I really want to focus on food and weightloss. Light, easy cardio will be factored in more. I also want to focus on getting my workouts in earlier in the day and earlier in the week. Perhaps if I give myself rewards for each week, I will be more motivated? Nothing major - just little things that I need anyways. New black boots for work, a sunrise alarm clock, etc. Something to consider, definitely.


By the end, like the last 4 days or so, I really lost steam because I'd already done so poorly that I knew I couldn't make up for it. I'm all for procrastination, but once you hit a certain point, there's only so much you can do. That's why I need to focus more on getting stuff done earlier and staying motivated EACH WEEK.


Anyway, overall, I got a D on this challenge. Got a D in every goal except for my Life Quest, in which I got a C. So... I guess I didn't fail, but I don't feel particularly good about leveling up and saying that I "passed" per se. So yeah. Starting over next time. But there WILL be a next time. I lost 6.5 lbs... although at one point I think I was down about 14 lbs so... I don't much feel like taking measurements. I will tomorrow morning. 

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