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Faervel17 - Winter Neverland


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This session is going to be a tough one for me but I'm not going to let it beat me. It's already snowed and cold enough that I don't want to ever leave the house and the holiday chaos has already started to begin. I not only want to survive this craziness I want to improve!


So.... GOAL 1: Improve the quality of one meal per day

Ultimately I would like to go to Paleo for a while and then slowly start adding foods (in a clean eating kind of way) into my diet in an elimination type of way to figure out what causes my digestive issues and what doesn't. Realistically this is proving to be a harder challenge than I planned having kids schedules to work around and trying to work out so often, etc. Instead I am going to pull back and baby step this into making sure I have one high quality meal as close to Paleo as I can.



 A- 1 meal a day B - 1 snack a day C - half a meal  F - nothing


GOAL 2: Eat Breakfast


Many days I don't eat until supper and then I eat whatever I can get my hands on first and then I eat all night long. No more. I've never in my life eaten breakfast and I only eat lunch if I'm really hungry so this will be hard for me. Excited to see how different I feel throughout the day.



A - ate breakfast C - tried or at least ate sooner than supper  F - nope didn't even try


GOAL 3: Keep Up My Workouts


My motivation died with the snow and I'm not okay with that. My classes also end in 3-4 weeks and instead of going 2 blocks to where the classes are I'll have to drive into the neighboring town to get to the gym (add in the fact that I've only ever been in a gym once and it's still scary for me). I just need to keep up my motivation to get out of the house and keep getting active at least 3x a week despite the blocks in the way. 



A - 4 a week B - 3 a week C - 2 a week D - 1 a week F - none


GOAL 4: Get Back On Track


This applies to finances. Every year my husband goes to school in Sept & Oct where he goes on EI and we only get 50% of his income. This was his last year and that also means this is the last year we spend November and December catching up on bills while trying to pay for Christmas and enjoy the holidays. We've simplified the holidays, told our family they are getting pictures and homemade goods and asked for only the same in return. We've made the new budget and created the plan the hard part will be sticking to it and not getting off track. 



A - everything on budget paid off B - 75% of budget paid off C - 50% of budget paid off D - 25% of budget paid off F - nothing


Age: 23

Height: 5ft 5in

Weight: 149lbs.

Waist: 32in

Hip: 37in

Thigh: 22in

Arm: 11in

Level 2 Sprite

STR - 3.5 : DEX - 2.75 : STA - 3.5 : CON - 6.5 : WIS - 11 : CHA - 4



You are good enough NOW! 



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Great challenge!! Good luck! :)

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I hope anyone who takes this is having good progress the first few days of this challenge I am excited to go read through the message boards and see what others are tackling.


So far I'm doing good on eating 1 quality meal per day and I'm about 50/50 for breakfast but it being my first week I'm happy with that. I'm on track with my workouts this week I've done 2 so far and I have a date with my personal trainer tomorrow so that'll give me my 3. Might also fit on3 in on the weekend depending on how hard tomorrow is for me.

Finances are in order I've stuck to the money in the envelopes so that's good, next week may be a bit harder though. As less money but longer period of time.

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You are good enough NOW! 



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Hi ! pretty great set of challenges you have there ! I like the way how you've identified life goals as the one you need to really prioritize on - looks like you've got your work mapped out for you !


You're very right in saying that some of us need to recognise that we can't really do everything everyday and instead just focus on doing SOMETHING to reach the goals everyday - couldn't have put it in better words myself ! 


It;s going to be an interesting ride !

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I'm super upset with my Internet provider it is unreliable and it is interfering with my ability to check in here. I definitely need to switch but I'm locked into a contract for 2 more months. Oh well It's only effect is that I haven't been able to stop in here even 1/8 as much as I like. I don't feel that it has affected the success of my challenge so much though :)


I have been doing really good at making a conscious effort to eat one healthy meal per day. I'm doing really good with that if I know I'll be having pizza or something "bad" for supper I'll make smarter choices all day and I find if I've made bad choices all day I'm more motivated to have a healthier supper. It's not quite as close to paleo status as I hoped as I had to jiggle that to fit into the budget to keep that on goal for the last half of the month. It's OKAY! I'm happy with progress. Mental is 90% of the challenge right? I also plan on going as Paleo as I can starting Sunday. I'm jumping into this with no transition period and with very strong dislikes to many paleo foods. Could definitely use some advice, help, sites, etc in this area preferably free or close to free. 


I've been failing at eating breakfast. I think my definition of breakfast is the problem here. I've been pressuring myself to eat breakfast withing 30 minutes of waking up or I failed that day. I'm now going to give myself an hour because by the time I get up, get dressed, get my 3 kids up and changed themselves then set up their breakfast it's been half hour or more so I need to give myself more time. 


I have been doing EXCELLENT at 3 workouts per week. This is the first week that is challenge. I missed yesterday's class as my babysitter was sick and all of my other classes have ended. I also don't have the finances to hit the gym with my trainer for the next 2 weeks so I need to be getting in my home workouts. This week will be my hardest so I know if I can nail it this week I can nail it for the last 2. 


Get back on track with finances has been harder than planned but not in a bad way. I've had to prioritize some goals but I really want to start the new year with a much better grip on them than we have now. We're in the right step. Payday is Friday and with planning to go more Paleo this month and of course the month having some extra expenses I need to rejiggle for this month and get back to the priority board. 


This site is changing my life 6 weeks at a time. I failed my first two challenges on paper. Looking back, I didn't fail because I grew. I was starting it was the stepping blocks to making such changes. I was gaining knowledge, my mindset was beginning to change. I now find myself not wanting sweets. I LOVE chocolate and I literally spat my old favorite out because I wasn't enjoying it. Ate an oreo and said no I don't want this. Got take out and I thought I wanted pizza, what I really wanted was chicken wings. Slow, small changes to most but huge for me. 

I thank everyone who checks in with me, keeps me on track and I am glad to do it for others. This is changing lives and it's amazing to watch!

Level 2 Sprite

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You are good enough NOW! 



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