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Hello all of you beautiful people. Im Dylan, a 23 year old, 280lb, 5'9" machine... that needs a lot of work. I came here about a year ago and didnt make it far, but Im back. As you can probably tell from my name on here I am a Green Lantern fan(and zombie survivalist). Im here to get back my willpower and build myself up to be in heroic shape. I plan on starting with bodyweight exersises and getting into running(which im not a fan of at the moment because it makes me jiggle and hurts my man boobs). I would love the help of the great people on this site to help me stay motivated and inspired, because you are all a very inspiring bunch. It is time for me to stop making excuses and start making a difference in my life. I will live by the oath of my corps. Beware my power GREEN LANTERNS LIGHT!

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In brightest day, In blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evils might, beware my power, GREEN LANTERNS LIGHT!

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Welcome back. I would bet it took a lot of strength and willpower just to come back. I know from personal experience that every time I have a failed experience with my ability to lose weight, it gets harder to convince myself to try again. So I commend you on trying again and not letting the previous experience stop you from what you truly want. 

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Welcome back. Have you thought about getting into weight training? I hate cardio so launched into weight training. It kept me going back into the gym to try to beat my numbers. Starting Strength or Stronglifts is good if you want to give it a whirl.



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