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What do you do on Rest Days... and tell me of your success with Barbell Battalion!


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I am a recent purchaser of the rebel strength guide, just starting Barbell Batallion, and i'm slightly sceptical / confused ...


Firstly... I am 'skinny-fat'... slim, female, with 18% body fat.

Also relatively fit, certainly not starting from ground zero with exercise.

But I AM starting from ground zero with strength training. Its intimidating...!

Would love to just build some strength and power, im tired of cardio making me tired without building my muscletone !


My first question -


What are you all doing on your rest days?

Surely not... nothing? Can i do interval running? Kickboxing? Or will that affect my strength development / recovery...?


Secondly -


Barbell batallion... two exercises?? Is that really going to do it... ?? It just doesnt seem right.

You go to a personal trainer, they'll do at least 4 or so different weight sets wont they?

Can you guys tell me about your experience (and success!!) from sticking to this routine?

I think I just need some reassurance and encouragement while getting started.

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