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Hi all,


This is my second attempt at the 6 week challenge. I know what I did wrong on my first challenge and so am intent on making this one work.

My main goal is the same:

  • Drop a dress size


My 3 tasks to reach my goal are:

  • Eating paleo 80%/20%, - milk and cheese are my down fall but if I cut it out completely I'll binge when I do eat them, also knowing that I cant have them makes me want them more and id rather have a little than none at all and be a total grouch ball pinning over dairy food,


  • Do the beginner work out 3 time per week - I did this on the last challenge and it worked, but I stopped, it was working and my body was changing, I started to jog too and got injured, my body weight is too heavy to jog and my joints were not happy with me, also I could feel my flabby bits bouncing up and down and it got pretty uncomfortable and sore haha


  • Drink more water - its now the wet season where I live and so drinking water is of high importance, its something I forget to do at the best of times so I will be carrying a water bottle and also recording how much I have drunk. Tap water here is really not good for you as its warm and cloudy so bottled water is the way to go, I will need to think of a better environmentally friendly way to drink more water that's not going to make me sick.

My motivations are -

  • Healthy future
  • Greater chance of survival in every sense
  • Feel good in my head - health mind, healthy body.
  • Actually complete something
  • Satisfaction of doing something good for myself


I have a list of motivations as there are less excuses I can come up with to stop doing this and where my motivations are about me and not people perspective on me (like look good) I think I have a better chance of success.


So with 3 days to go I will do the following to prepare for the challenge:


  • Write a meal plan and prepare the first 3 days of meals so they are ready for when I start
  • Write a weekly to do list to look over and improve at the end of each week
  • Print out a box calendar to record my progress/success/improvements for the next day etc
  • Print out exercises, goals, motivations and put them where I will be working out and make them a mantra.

I feel much more prepared than last time. I feel differently about this as I know where I failed and have made changes to it doesn't happen again.



Good Luck every one!

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Feeling good both mind and body should be on everyone's list. You have to feel good to really experience life in a positive way. You seem like you have learned from past mistakes and that is exactly why we fail. I could quote Batman begins but everyone know's what i'm talking about :)


You will do great so long as you stick to it and be happy about each and every step of the way!!!

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Soon to be hero Level 0 

STR 0 | DEX 0 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 0 | CHA 0


--The Road--


You can't relate to a superhero, to a superman, but you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs but only after a struggle. ~Timothy Dalton

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Well kick them back out!!! If you do happen to go back a bit don't fret just start right back up. Its only a fail if you let it take over. Some indulgence can be ok!!! 


Soon to be hero Level 0 

STR 0 | DEX 0 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 0 | CHA 0


--The Road--


You can't relate to a superhero, to a superman, but you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs but only after a struggle. ~Timothy Dalton

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It is true, 'moderation is key'. No more failing. I'm too prepared and determined this time.


All my check lists are now completed.

meal plan ready

meals cooked and frozen

shopping lists ready

Calendar, work outs, records and mantras ready


I have bought a new water bottle that filters the yucky tap water here, its 600ml so need to drink 4 of these a day. Its getting real hot now so need to keep drinking.


I have a folder made to keep everything in. I seem to do better when things are written down and its more of a project. if its up in the air I get pretty relaxed about the whole thing.


So two more sleeps then its go time.

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I thought I'd make a blurb about food issues I have, maybe some of you have the same.


A few years ago I had a reaction to penicillin and came out in a scab rash all over my body. After many visits to the doctors the rash wouldn't go. The Dr put me on different meds and nothing changed. He took a skin test and it came back as varied type of dermatitis. So I had blood tests.


The results showed I was allergic to corn/maize, rye, barley, wheat, soy and peanuts (which I already knew). It turns out im more allergic to corn than I am to peanuts, yet I get an instant reaction to peanuts but with the rest, nothing.


I'd always struggled with migraines and aches and pains, stomach ache, back ache, joint pains etc and was always told by the doctor to drink more water. (different dr to now)


So when the results came back I sat in the Dr's room and asked him how was I going to change my diet. All these foods i'd been eating my whole life and it was my diet and my staple. He told me 'well don't eat it'. hmmmm ok.


I booked an appointment with the naturopath and she provided more insight to everything. Where these allergies had gone unnoticed for so long I started t develop other allergies, I can no longer eat nightshades, apples, pears, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pineapple, avocado, plums. The list is long and stupid and I love fruit, I just cant eat it.


The naturopath gave me so much medicine I had to have a chart and timer to remind me what to take and when. It worked but the vitamins made me high, like so high my teeth were chattering. I came off all the medication and now I'm trying to level it all out with vegetables and good meats and to fix my 'leaky gut'.



Some foods give me real bad indigestion to the point where I cant keep it down. After much research on the internet, speaking with friends and the naturopath I have a very limited food source but it is rich in all the vitamins and minerals I need. It get a bit boring though so its pick a veg and cook it 12 ways.


I've re-learnt how to cook and how to look at food. Sometimes I get really bored and eat the wrong thing and pay the price for it later. is it worth it? no. its just a bad habit.


This is why paleo makes sense to me. I'm not allergic to milk or eggs so that's a HUGE bonus and its pretty impossible for me to be vegan or vegetarian as I'll have less to eat!


So if anyone has any ideas, I would be willing to listen and if you have any questions on these allergies, I've got a stack of info for you!


One more sleep then my challenge begins!

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Your level of organization is awesome! I am gluten free myself, after a while I just started looking at pastries, pasta, etc. as 'not-food' (it's tough when I'm hungry though :(


Good luck!

Same here with the pastries :)

I work at a cinema and so I'm surrounded by sweets and chocolate and popcorn and soda. I only make popcorn if I absolutely have to as I end up sneezing and itchy!

Its a real temptation but like you I just thinks its not food and sometimes have to make myself think its poison.

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So day one done!

I had scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms for breakfast, olive tapenade carrot and cucumber sticks for lunch and *coughs under breath* pie and chocolate nann for dinner. I have frozen meals in the freezer. No excuse, I just wanted it.


Exercise today was c25k week1 day1 and continued for another 10 mins walking with the dog to finish the block. when I got home I did the beginners work out 3 times after a 10 min warm up then a 5 min cool down. after a shower im still pretty hot!


My dog is pretty happy too, alternating between jogging and walking she can still have time to sniff around.


I was getting sharp pain in my hip and up my side when I was walking. is this to do with the weight im carrying or my technique/ posture?

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Hey there!


I totally love your goals (pretty similar with mine) and all the detailed explanations :)

I have no allergy to gluten, but I have to admit bread and cakes are my weakness. And I also surrounded by food everyday (I have a bakery at home), so things are really tough haha..

Good luck and I'm glad to hear that your Day One went well!

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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Hey there!


I totally love your goals (pretty similar with mine) and all the detailed explanations :)

I have no allergy to gluten, but I have to admit bread and cakes are my weakness. And I also surrounded by food everyday (I have a bakery at home), so things are really tough haha..

Good luck and I'm glad to hear that your Day One went well!

Thanks Xerla,

Wow having a bakery at home must be so tempting with all those awesome baking smells!!


I have my food ready for today and my water bottle full, heres to day two!

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Today I found it really hard to walk with out looking like a penguin.

I went out for dinner last night and walked there and back, its about 1k away from my house so the crippleness isn't from that.


But I was a good girl and did day 2 of c25k, then did a full body warm up and could only manage one circuit, my thighs and butt are so stiff its very difficult to sit down let alone squat. So instead I lifted my 1.5kg weights many times to keep my heart rate up and so something else that would benefit me.


so today im feeling a bit sorry for my self and happy that I still went and did it.

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Yeeeh move like a penguin! How's the crippleness?


hahaha, that really isn't far off what I was doing.


Was good today, my body was thankful I had a day of rest yesterday.


Did day 3 of c25K then the circuit then lots and lots of stretching!!!!


still getting pain in my leg but it was nothing like Wednesday so I'm happy about that.


my planks and push ups are getting stronger and my butt doesn't move around so much,


I'm having trouble to balance when in doing lunges so need to hold on to the wall, just a finger stops me from wobbling all over the place, I think that's where I hurt my self, going down in the wrong position.


Tolsimir you have bought up the yogi in me again. this will help my lunges no end, thank you!!

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Although today was a rest day I completed week1 day 3 again and found it much easier than yesterday. I feel more confident about going in to week 2 now. The pain in my right leg is going away now, its still there every now and then but I'm doing real deep stretches after work outs and its really loosening those muscles.

After the work out I did a few sun salutations and then ended up doing a few workouts from YouTube. so big plus today.

Tomorrow I have a whole day at work so no exercise. just need to be careful of what I eat as I've been slipping a bit with a pie or sausage roll and a sandwich this week, but I've had so many veggies I think I've done pretty good. the meal plan slipped a bit, I was very close to sticking to it, I think I for next week I will be a little less ambitious and more realistic. some of the things I put together looked good on paper but were not so good taste and satisfaction wise.


Hope you all had a good week.


Good luck for week 2 every one

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Ok I know I said no exercise BUT, I was looking over the yoga videos I had on my play list and did a morning flexibility one. it was just over 7 minutes but my body feel awake and ready for the day.


egg and mushroom scramble for brekkie, I have sweet potato, parsnip and sprouts roasting in the oven ready to take with me for lunch and ive had 2 coffees. I know they are not paleo as I have milk in them but that's my 20% bad for the day. I was planning on cooking chicken for lunch too but its still frozen. (I freeze it as I buy in bulk so save a few $, its still fresh)

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Thanks deftona. C25k is good for me as I'm starting all over again. It's a steady progression.weeks 1 and 2 are the same but it does make sense. My puppy gets a bit confused when I slow down, but sometimes when I speed up she thinks I'm gonna sprint and I've nearly fallen over a few times as she pulls me along. It's pretty funny when she does it as we walk past people, they try to catch me haha. I'm ready and looking forward to week 2 too lol

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Week 2 day 1

Had a crazy rush around this morning getting ready to open up for work so had a coffee breakfast which made me so very hungry at about 1pm and where I was in a tizz I forgot my lunch so raided the kitchen at work for sausage rolls and pie *cough* and a cheese and ham and tomato toastie. That's all ive had to eat today. I know its bad and I should have been more organised so minus points for that.


When I got home I was fried but I still took puppy out for a run. I start my app at the same point every time and today I finished closer to home. I could run faster with out being so out of breath and no pain in my leg! yahoo its paying off! go me.

Then I did the body weight circuit and smashed that too. Maybe its cheating but ive been doing my lunges static as I really hurt myself from not being able to balance. I can now feel it when I go down, so im taking it slow with those. BUT I did the whole thing AND THEN a yoga routine to stretch out. I feel so much better today. after those lunges I have a twinge in my leg but if I keep doing what im doing it will get better because it has already in just a week.


So apart from my diet today I feel good about starting this week.


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Nice, Loulou! I really had to push myself through the workout today, but I recognize the feeling you had while running. It feels so good to see your progress! I went running yesterday and got much further without pausing than I did 1,5 weeks ago. That's what I love about running outside. The park seems to encourage me now. Much better than just standing on a treadmill and basing your progress on numbers. I'm excited to go running again tomorrow morning. 

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thanks guys! so good to have some support through this!


last night I made some 'cookies' with coconut flour. the recipe said to use protein powder but I don't have any so I ground chia to make meal. it kinda worked, it uses flax ground too. its full of energy, like a home made energy bar but without the nuts. I must but a rolling pin. cant believe I still don't have one. I made them a bit too thick so they came out more like round energy bars than cookies. the taste is less than desired but I have an idea to add some fruits in there to give them a bit of a kick.

I also separated eggs successfully too. domestic goddess? maybe :P


So for breakfast it is one cookie and a large long black. Ive made my lunch of chicken thighs and we're going out for a friends birthday for dinner. ill take another 'cookie' to work for later.

no exercise today but ill be running around at work so that night count.


that's the plan for the day.


later rebels

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