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Nusuth's 4th : Vegetable is comming.


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Week 3 :


Workout 0/3

Well, I 'did' , more like 'started' one.  Did one exercise out of 3.. Such a feeble attempt, i'm not counting it.


Diet 4/7

Another week where it collapsed in the weekend..


Life : 4/7

Weekend shizzle...  



Off-week , one to forget.    Reset, go for week 4

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Week 4 :


Workout 1/3

Second week of having a cold, snottering all my strength & willpower away in tissues.

Took a day of work Friday, slept 12h, starting to feel better ever since.


Diet 4/7

Still better then before the challenge..


Life : 4/7

I do follow the call to go to bed a lot now.  But the actually falling asleep part is .. still work in progress..

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I'll write this challenge down as a fail.  Apart of the Vegetables, it was abysmal.


Still i'm happy with it overall. 

The "vegetable steaming daily preparation" is a huge perk.

Sleeping still a work in progress, but the 22:00 alarm is ... accepted in my life.

And while failing my workout-goal, I did get over the 'must improve every workout, or useless'-idea haunting me.  I started in the last weeks to 'just do something' ; 'got 20min here: get some random sets done'. 


So yah, I gained a cm of waist :s   , but not bothered by it as I'm seeing the light at the end of tunnel.  I learned so many new skills & habits at NF these last 6months in these challenges.  They just have to kick in all at the same time in a week & i'll be flashing a 6pack :panda:

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Well, as far as gained girth at this time of year goes, a cm isn't that bad. And meanwhile, you learned a lot, you got the veggies in, and you're not stressed out. There are worse finishes to these challenges, man.

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