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    • And speaking of movement, I'm joining @Jarric to a Squatmas Advent Calendar. Since I will not be squatting 50 reps on Christmas day... I will be doing squats and counter top pushups daily for the day (before I can have my coffee).  I have to catch up 2,3 and 5. But that will be caught up as I gain  my energy back.    Has me thinking of keeping dice in my kitchen for rolling reps or an exercise when I want a snack or a 2nd cup of coffee.... Get those movement snacks in one way or another. Especially as I am rereading the article and it brings up "lowering caffeine content". 
    • Ain't that the truth.  Luckily, I generally like exercise. Less luckily, I am notoriously bad at planning, so more ambitious "plans" get dropped.     Thank you!!    
    • So the up side of teaching night classes is that I have more time in the morning for exercise.   Today I got a full weight session in - bench, squats, deadlifts.  I also took a walk on the treadmill for 20 min.  I feel really good today.   You know, other than being tired.
    • I confess that wasn't my first thought when I read "six-pack". 
    • Guilty as charged, especially when it comes to my job. Which is definitely problematic at times! I'm not going to lie, I still feel like it's not a great idea to not have a speaking final, but I'm just straight up too exhausted and at the end of my rope to find it in me. And frankly I might save a few kids' grades, as I could easily see several of them straight up refusing to do it this year, and I'm already expecting to get in trouble because I'm also refusing to make personal phone calls home this week (we're supposed to contact every parent of every kid with a 69% or lower in our classes...yeah, no. Not doing that. My boss can yell at me when I get back if he wants, I don't care. We already send grades home every single Monday, so at this point, it's on them to pay attention in my opinion. Especially since this is high school! Well and my courses are not required for graduation, or I might be more open to trying.)   Oh no! My first OB, way back during that first loss, told me that the first time your body hits one of those pregnancy stages (like implantation, trimester changes, labor, etc.) tends to be the roughest and after that it's kinda figured out what to do, so I was assuming that maybe my body isn't working "together" because I have technically never been allowed to go through labor - my first loss ended in a D&C because my uterus and cervix couldn't get it together (at 13 weeks, it was up to us which way to get the fetus out and I wanted to avoid surgery. They let me try to labor for almost a full day, but it was so painful and so slow going still at that point that they convinced me to go the surgical route so it could be done with less pain and less risk of infection). My son was a planned c-section who did try to come early twice, but he tried so early (iirc, 24 and 34 weeks) that they stopped the labor both times and I never actually went into labor with him at all while I was full term. Then my second loss was ectopic and my third loss was so early it just felt like a bad period, so baby girl here is actually the closest I've ever come to "natural birth". But who knows, maybe this is just how my body would react anyway 🤷‍♀️    I will say that at least planned c-sections mean I will never go past my due date! They're planned in order to avoid causing additional issues with my Crohn's disease, but it's still a silver lining for sure - especially in a rougher pregnancy like this one, having a very definite countdown where I can say I 100% for sure have 5 days or less to go has been a big help.   Update because I can and apparently posting on here and reading Reddit are more interesting to my brain than actually getting work done today: Spanish 3 and 4 final reviews are (mostly) done! I will need to record one audio file and edit three others, but I can't do that until I get home anyway (my district refuses to allow me to download any audio editing programs on my work computer at all for whatever stupid reason). Going to try to knock out Spanish 2 hour 1 grading next, just so I can feel good about having at least one class totally knocked out. It's almost the same size as French 1 (which I originally chose to be my first target because it's the smallest class, but they have more kids who turned in late work on time to still be counted that I haven't gotten in yet, so hour 1 might still be a little faster)  Then I might try for another set of grading, some "list for later" task items, or I might try to get the Spanish 3 final set up for the sub, I can't decide yet...
    • Thanks, I'm glad I took the time off too. Pretty sure everything is just soft tissue damage with Vivian. Fingers crossed, though that's certainly painful enough.   @RES:  and anyone else who wants in:  
    • Greetings and welcome! This is a place to post a daily accountability for whatever helps keep you sane, balanced, and on track. Post  yes/no, did my morning thing or didn't? had a toxic day or didn't? or whatever helps keep you on the track to leveling up. We are stronger together.
    • Oh yes movement. I do try to bring in movement when I can (and it does help...). Just starting is the hardest part.    Lol... it is a Sautee of onions garlic before adding in mashed chickpeas that are seasoned with turmeric, paprika and pepper/salt. On a bed of a sauteed spinach ( a whole bag of 8 ox). 
    • You are killing it. I did day 1, 4 and 6 in the last 2 days... Before drinking coffee. (I was personally impressed with my 6 before breakfast this morning lol).  Thank you for joining me on this, has me realize how little I am doing to move my body and how I can add a side quest to enjoy some needed movement. 
    • I am glad you have scheduled some time off for yourself. You certainly need it after the semester you have had.    I cope with work meetings by knitting or carding wool. Something to keep my hands busy and help me feel productive allows me to relax and listen to people blather on about things. If anything actually interesting comes up, I can easily set down my fiber and take notes.   I hear you about Vivian. Elf went to the emergency room last week and didn't tell us about it until the next day. 😬 They will see their primary physician tomorrow. The ER is useless unless one has physical trauma. Hopefully the doctor can figure out what is going wrong.
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