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Nanako's semi-epic six months to 40 quest

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Hey rebels,


I'll hit forty in about 6 months and I want to be in good shape when I do. :)

So I figured I'd list a few meta goals here to remind me what I want to achieve until then.

Not so long term & epic but hey, semi. 

It's very much weight loss oriented but I would also like to increase my running speed. These should go hand in hand beautifully.

I'm a bit vain so I'd like to get "good" at running (i.e. hit the "local class" age grading, which is 60%). 

And I really want to be able to do a single muscle up just for the hell of it. :D


weight loss 


fit into a US size 0

fit into a US size 2

fit into a US size 4

fit into a US size 6


upper body strength

do one muscle-up


do 10 pull ups

do 5 pull ups

do 3 pull ups

do 1 pull up


do 10 chin ups

do 5 chin ups

do 3 chin ups




do 10K in under 52' (60%AG) under 8.20min/mile

do 10K in under 54' (57.8%AG) under 8.40min/mile

do 10K in under 58' (53.8%AG) under 9.30min/mile

do 10K in under 62' (51.2%AG)


do 5K in under 25' (60% AG) under 8min/mile

do 5K in under 26' (58.6% AG) under 8.20min/mile

do 5K in under 27' (56.5% AG) under 8.40min/mile

do 5K in under 28' (53.25% AG) under 8.55min/mile

do 5K in under 29' (52.6% AG) under 9.15min./mile

Level 3 Human Assassin



challenges 1 2 3 daily battle log


6 months goals



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