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Finally got someone to take a picture of my torso from behind...

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And honestly, I can't believe how tough I look. Even my rear and legs are easy to look at, but this is the first glimpse I've had of my flexed arms and upper back.


I've been working hard as nails since May and it's easy to track my progress from the front.  This marks 6 months and only makes me more excited to see myself in one year!  Any advice one what I should improve is welcome!



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Focus not on the force the world exerts on you, but the force you exert on it.

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Your back looks trained up and fit !!!

Weight lifting or bodyweight training ?

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Awesome. Now you've got me wondering what I look like from behind...

I slacked a bit this week though. When I slack, even just for a week, I feel like all my muscle is melting away... probably not the case but that's how I feel.

Must get back into it!

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Looks like you're doing great! Congratulations! I'm that much more pumped to get in better shape myself!

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To answer the questions as to what sort of training I do, I mostly lift weights, but I do mix a fair amount of body weight in there.  I'm a fan of compound lifts, i.e. clean and press, lumberjack squats to press, dead lifts, plank rows, get-ups.  The more bang for the buck, the better.  I'll do things occasionally that blast the hell out of me like cleaning the barbell from the floor, placing it back on the floor, jumping my feet back, then doing a pushup... and repeating that cycle until I am panting.  

Focus not on the force the world exerts on you, but the force you exert on it.

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