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I don't feel that great. So, I think I'm gonna call today a strike against my final grade. Right now I have an A as opposed to an A+.


I wanted to do my tasks most earnestly, but I only had acquired a few hours of sleep after much yearning for rest last night. I awoke feeling like I have bile to purge, but to my dismay it is nothing more than an impulse I can not act upon. Considering I have been sitting here while staring at this screen all day, not willing to enjoy Minecraft or a good sized Steam library with which my working hours and sweat has bestowed upon me through monetary compensation, I wish to say: Shit sucks. I feel lethargic, with the will to act but also the will to rest embroiling themselves in battle within my thoughts.



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Intermittent Fasting: Not sure, but I ate around 1:30 PM today and last ate at 6:30 PM



Hub Pinch

1X5X2.5 Pounds
2X3X5 Pounds


Calories: 2,788/2021




  • I don't feel that sick today, which is nice, and I slept for about 10 hours last night which is also nice.
  • However, it feels like I took up sleep boxing and somebody wailed on my back and side overnight. My upper back is sore, but not a muscle soreness. It just hurts. And the right side of my stomach has been on the verge of going into a bad muscle cramp all day. I know that because this morning I turned to get something while making food and I had to sit down and wait for a major muscle cramp to go away. But I got to train my hands a little bit today, so I got that going for me.


So, hopefully tomorrow I can get this sickness out of the way and get back to it completely. The question is where I am going to go from here. I'm not changing the plan I just made earlier this week because I've barely used it and I'm happy with it.


If I want to be highly conditioned and overall an endurance fiend, I think I'm just gonna take the plunge and do a ton of conditioning, even if it sucks for a few days or a week. I'll just have to see how it goes.

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Remember how I said a post ago that if I liked my plan I could keep it? (Teehee current events) Well I may possibly be signing up for a GoRuck, so I changed it around.


Sunday: Ruck
Monday: Low Volume Strength Training/Ruck Circuit/Sprints
Tuesday: Low Volume Strength Training/Conditioning/Ruck
Wednesday: Low Volume Strength Training/Ruck Circuit/Sprints
Thursday: Low Volume Strength Training/Conditioning/Ruck
Friday: Low Volume Strength Training/Ruck Circuit/Sprints
Saturday: Low Volume Strength Training/Conditioning/Ruck

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Hey, just checking in. My tonsils were swelling up and were sore when the sickness came back but I'm feeling better today. Also, it was my birthday today, so I just hung out with my girlfriend and had my first legal beer. It was a Sam Adams, I've always wanted to try one.


I've been thinking of naming a list of circuits I've made, just so I have a standard and can compare times from one session to another. It's better than just tossing some exercises together and not knowing if I'm progressing.

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Intermittent Fasting: 10 PM Yestrday- 1 PM Today




Max Burpees: 3X


Set 1: 8

Set 2: 8

Set 3: 5


Short Bridges: 1X10


Calories: 2237/2021




  • Felt kind of crappy for a week. For quite a while I've had this thing in the back of my head that I might not be accepted into the military because of the various sicknesses I've had. It's almost like I've been more comfortable not knowing as opposed to actually finding out. Well, it's just time to buckle down. I've wasted enough time with this in the back of my mind. I feel hesitant but motivated. In a month or two I should either be preparing to go to basic training or looking at what to do with my life.
  • I last ate at 10 PM.
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You still fightin' the good fight?


Yessir. I was gonna update yesterday but we got a storm that has completely demolished my internetz so I've been putting it off. I've been downloading the update for Starbound since noon today. I'm getting 50kb/s and I can't play Youtube videos for more than 5 minutes at a time on 144p. Send help. Or download speeds.


Also, calories have been fine, they have been eaten but not too much. I did exercise and things but nothing extraordinary. A Chin-Up was performed, that was nice to get back. I should be getting some cold weather gear tomorrow from Amazon since I train outside. I bought some thermals, winter gloves and a balaclava. But I want my intertubes back right meow. I'm gonna hit 'Post' and hope for the best.

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