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Eboncat visits the Monks

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Thanks!  I did pretty well.  Only hopped a little on a kick stance.  I was so nervous!  They had us stand while they wrote our names/position on the floor, it took a couple minutes.  It felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest.  Once we got going and I had something to concentrate on it was better.  Hubby and I advanced to gold belt (8th gup) and my son advanced to orange (7th).  He's super excited because he gets to join the sparring class this morning.

That's totally awesome!  Congrats, EC!


So, this challenge was mostly a bust.  I got overwhelmed halfway through and stopped tracking most of the goals.  Definitely need to rethink winter-time goals and simplify.


I did keep up with 2 goals - the TKD classes/home practice and the water.  80% for the TKD and about 70% for water, not great, but ok.  Totally dumped the cardio and pullup app. 


I'm not giving myself any points for this challenge (that's 2 in a row, sigh).   I don't feel that I really accomplished anything other than to tread water.


I'm going to spend the holidays enjoying my family and coming up with short workouts I can do at home.  I think I'll steal Idealistinfire's idea of putting the workouts in a jar and doing whatever I pull out for the day.  I've got some ideas for tabbata workouts and need to come up with some speed work (punching, kicking) to help me get faster in class.  I'll be putting up a Mini-challenge thread sometime today.

Hmm, well on paper it was a bust, but I think you really did learn a lot from this challenge.  The least of which was that you'll need to tackle winter challenges differently (I think we all need to take that into consideration).  However, regardless, you made some good progress with TKD and the water.  You need hydration for your body to function well in everything else, so I think you did fine.  I think you did GREAT on the TKD, you may not feel it, but look where you started and look where you are now, hello, GOLD belt!  Your training has paid off and it will continue too, also don't forget that your whole FAMILY is doing TKD, which is really freaking awesome in my book.  That's something you weren't tracking, but should be noted, that your whole family is getting healthy and doing it TOGETHER :D


Also, it's okay not to give yourself points for a challenge (I've done the same for the last two challenges) just take away what you can from them and move onward.  Lets keep the momentum up okay?  That's more important than "passing" our challenges where goals get tanked by life and it's fun twists and turns.


Oooh, I love the sort workouts in a jar idea :D  We have something similar for my daughter called the "boring" jar.  It's got a list of things she can do on papers... things from crafts, suggestions, to chores she can do lol. I can see the workout jar being pretty fun.


I look forward to seeing your mini-challenge thread :)

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone! 


I like that "bored jar" idea too, could use it for my son...   cool!


link to Winter Break Challenge



Merry Christmas!

We've got a stipulation on the "bored jar" if you ever say you're bored and we catch it, you gotta go pick something randomly from the jar and you HAVE to do it.  It could be "count to 100" or "play outside" or "clean your room" etc.  Surprisingly, after a month of using it, our daughter doesn't say the B word that often anymore :)


Sweet!  Have fun rocking the mini-challenge!

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