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Hey there. Getting a late start on this, since it only popped up on my radar this morning. Excuse my scrambling.


Name: Naniwatt. Pleasure to meet you.
Level: Goose Egg.

Race: Half Dwarf. Down to earth, stubborn, bit of a gut, rather friendly. No beard though. :(
Class: Ultimately, Body of an Assassin; Mind of a Druid.
Height: 5' 6" / 1.67m (Did I do that one right?)
Weight: 215lb / 98kg


Ultimate/Main Quest

"It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.†― Socrates

Six Week Quest

I'm here to improve my stamina, which right now is nothing to bring home to mother. By the end of the six weeks, I'd like to pass any song in this series on Heavy:




Right now, I'm comfortable at 6 or 7 footers with the occasional 8 that leaves me totally winded. I know where and when to step, but that pesky lack of endurance is killin' me Smalls. So this means...

  • Minimum of 15 songs on either Standard/Heavy three times a week.  
  • Take my Pokewalker out for a walk/jog/rollerskating/whatever suits my fancy at least once a week. Just to get up and move more.
  • Eat more fats, drop out the carbs, resist the snack foods. Sticking close with stuff like meat, butter, eggs, heavy cream, garlic, nuts, bacon and cheese. Mmm...Kerrygold.


Life Quest

I need to get back in the habit of drawing more. Comic pages, portraits, fan art, whatever. I spend too much time relying on a computer to fill in the gap between what my brain can picture and what my hands can draw. During the six weeks, I'd like to set time aside on the weekends to get something done. Anything. Which makes this a pass/fail scenario in grading.



Alright. Let's get down to it.

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Level 0 Assassin Hopeful: Naniwatt the Half-Dwarf

STR: 0 | DEX: 0 | STA: 0 | CON: 0 | WIS: 0 | CHA: 0

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Hey Gang! How has everyone's first week been so far?


So, how's it been going?

Not too bad! I went and took some measurements using the scale at our mall's GNC tonight. I'm 212 lbs on the dot. This isn't as horrible as I was expecting, which is a bonus. When it did my body fat percentage it gave me a 44% though. It's usually closer to 35%... I'm just assuming it's the fat cells having a panic attack about the drop in carbs? Maybe? I'll go back and check again at the half way point.


Something to note: The temptation of the work fridge sodas has been whittled down to nearly nil thanks to sparkling water! I get La Croix in either Peach or Orange and take those instead. Fizzy like soda, has flavor, is cold in a can, but no sugar or other nonsense I don't need. It's a fantastic substitute, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a way to kick a nasty soda habit.


Goal Updates

  • 15 Songs didn't happen on Monday like I had planned thanks to a late work night, but they were done today. I'll get the other two days in tomorrow and at the arcade Sunday.
  • Payday is tomorrow! I'm thinking a surprise date with the Ladyfriend to the roller rink...sound good to you guys?
  • Om nom nom nom foods. I think my total daily carbs has been kicking around in the single digits from some almonds, a handful of grapes, and some green beans. I've been eating a lot of eggs, lot of butter. (Like, whack a slice off the stick and eat it. ...I may have a problem.) Cooked pork steaks in coconut oil last night, took the leftovers with me to work for lunch today. Been taking heavy cream with me to put in my coffee too. Did some grocery shopping tonight for the weekend and adamantly told myself that picking up that bag of kettle chips wasn't on the list. :) 


Life Quest

  • I got the chance to doodle a bit for a coworker on Tuesday, but I don't think that counts. I need to start a portrait for my friend all done up from her wedding so it will be ready when she comes to visit over the Christmas holiday. I'll post progress shots as it comes together.


And a Question!

Are any of you out there familiar with Sam Feltham? He's conducting a three part N=1 Experiment on whether a calorie is a calorie no matter what, by eating 5000 calories daily of certain food proportions. (High Fat-Low carb, High Processed Carb, High Natural Carb.) His findings are the reason I'm not concerned with the amount of calories I'm taking in over the six weeks. It's really interesting stuff.

Level 0 Assassin Hopeful: Naniwatt the Half-Dwarf

STR: 0 | DEX: 0 | STA: 0 | CON: 0 | WIS: 0 | CHA: 0

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Hi Naniwatt! I have to be honest, I'd never seen that Paranoia series... holy cow! That's some crazy stuff. I'm pretty sure my head would explode if I tried them even on beginner.  :-o


Grats on discovering sparkling water. Cutting sugary drinks out is a fantastic diet change.


Looking forward to reading your future updates. Good luck with your challenge!

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