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SpaghettiMonster III: You are your own enemy


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My first two challenges focused on fitness. This time I'm keeping the fitness part on a smaller scale (not aggressive, nor progressive) but will also focus on my productivity. I've been keeping a habit in Lift for "setting my priorities" but that has ended up meaning "let's re-arrange my to-dos on the calendar at the start of the day. So I'm adding a "complete my priorities" habit which will count what i've actually done during the day



- Week 1 (11-17/Nov): 7' workout x2 

- Week 2 (18-24/Nov): 7' workout x2 + 5km run 

- Week 3 (25/Nov-1/Dec): 7' workout x2 + 5km run  

- Week 4 (2-8/Dec): 7' workout x2 + 5km run 

- Week 5 (9-15/Dec): 7' workout x2 + 5km run 

- Week 6 (16-22/Dec) : 7' workout x2 + 5km run 



- Week 1 (11-17/Nov): daily priorities counting at start/end of day - including weekend

- Week 2 (18-24/Nov): as above + 50% achievement

- Week 3 (25/Nov-1/Dec): 60%

- Week 4 (2-8/Dec): 65%

- Week 5 (9-15/Dec): 70% 

- Week 6 (16-22/Dec) : 75%

Wish me luck :) 

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Haha, the same happened to me. I was keeping a similar habit and I finished doing the same thing as you.


Now I have less priorities but they're the 'first thing on the day'. And they're routine, so it's easier to follow.


Ah, of course: GOOD LUCK!

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Thank you for the support guys! :) 

Log so far 

1) Fitness: overall not very good. Stopped counting calorie and have reduced the workouts. Found excuse on increased walking...

2) Productivity log (keeping log of priorities set for the day in the morning and how many were done at the end of the day)

Mon Nov/11/2013 : 3 out of 7
Tue Nov/12/2013 : 6 out of 9
Wed Nov/13/2013 : 4 out of 7 items. I may be needing to have more items in order to push to do more...
Thu Nov/14/2013 : 7 out of 10 During the day, priorities got re-organised as things got dumped on me.
Fri Nov/15/2013 : 7 out of 9
Sat Nov/16/2013 : 2 out of 3  
Sun Nov/17/2013 : 2 out of 3  
Mon Nov/18/2013 : 8 out of 10
Tue Nov/19/2013 : 4 out of 8

Overall keeping track has helped me stay in focus, but it takes effort, while it shouldn't :) 
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