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I have a recurring dream...


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And so a reluctant hero is born……


I have a recurring dream.  I’m walking along a midway, clouds threaten the sky, just a few drops of rain intermittently hitting the dirty pavement. I look ahead and see the side of an old circular ride.  Something that moves rapidly up and down, around and around, two per car.  The muffled screams from the ride settle over the humid air.  I notice a pale, thin, brunette carefully following me as I saunter through the ring toss games.  Suddenly I become aware that I’m running, running, running from that strange brunette.  Because this is a dream, it becomes evident that brunette is a vampire, nearly lifting herself off the ground as she chases me.  My breath is short, can’t breathe, she keeps gaining on me, I get to the circular ride and look behind me.  Heaving, pains in my side –dammit, I should jog more!  That freak vampire is going to kill me and I can’t bother to do a stupid push up once in a while.  If only I wasn't so, so, so 40 pounds overweight maybe I could outrun a tiny vampire.  She’s silently standing and staring me in my face. That's when I awaken to the two green glowing eyes of our cat - Gustavo.  


Well, if that doesn't get me motivated to get more exercise I don’t know what will.  Geez, a vampire chasing me through an ominous amusement park, and all I do is suck wind. 


Motivation:  Paraphrasing a quote I saw the other day, "if you always do the same your results will never change.  I've never participated in a random fitness online forum before.  So let’s see how it works." - said by a poster somewhere online


Epic quest – Lose post college and post honeymoon extra lbs. 


Main questLose 15 Lbs (baby steps I mean it's only a 6 week challenge)


Steps to lose the lbs

            Focus on pre-planned meals with portion control

            20 minutes of cardio 3 times a weak

            Do squats, push ups, and sits ups once a day


Life Quest – Mind level Up 3X

·         Read Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden (Escobar was boss…so I hear)

·         Read Interview with a vampire by Anne Rice (got to know the competition to beat them)

·         Read First Family by Joseph Ellis (John Adams crafted the third president of the US, maybe I can pick up a few tips for my kids)


Fitness side quest 1 of 3 - Hike on South mountain (2 mile trail) 3 times

Fitness side quest 2 of 3Do 50 squats, 50 push ups, and 50 sit ups as the first thing I do every morning   Fitness Side quest part 3 of 3Get back to running 2 consecutive miles in under 20 minutes


Grading scale

A = 15 lbs

B = 12

C =  8

D =  4

F =  0


Specs - Sorry, I didn't do all the fancy measurements.

Weight - 220

Height - 5' 8'' (I know yikes)


I'll post more baseline measurements later.  


Thanks for reading my post.

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