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Mini Quest 2: Enjoy and Destroy


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Whew!  It’s already week 3.   I can’t believe how fast time is flying this challenge.  Obviously coming up later this week is American Thanksgiving, but in the next three weeks there will likely be many holiday parties as well.  


What to do

For this mini, come up with a strategy for dealing with the special events that are coming.  Your plan might be anything from planning to eat before you attend a party so you’re less hungry when you get there and less likely to snack to planning to take along your workout clothes so you can work out while you’re away.  It might be agreeing to meet a buddy at the gym the day before or even the day (or morning) after.  Everyone’s will be different.  Please post them here so we can all inspire ideas in each other!


Why is this important

So often when you've made changes in your lifestyle it can be hard to know how to deal with special occasions. Having a plan when you walk in will allow you to ENJOY yourself at the party while still DESTROYing your goals.


What it’s worth

The satisfaction of enjoying yourself at a special occasion AND +1 WIS.


Some ideas to get you started

- eat well leading up to the occasion

- workout normally the day of and day after

- deliberately choose foods high in protein/whatever your current eating goal is.  (E.G. if it’s buffet style, load my plate with meat, then fill in with veggies,  small amounts of “treat foods†allowed once plate is full)

- drink lots of water

- sit somewhere away from the food so it is hard to snack mindlessly

- use the words “I don’t eat that†instead of “I can’t have that†if someone offers you something you no longer eat


So, how are you planning to ENJOY and DESTROY?

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Since I am from Germany, I am not having that much a problem with these "special occasions", only my fathers 75th birthday, christmas and new years eve. So, I am tackling this as follows: Since I am spending most of these things with my family, who knows about be doing paleo and supports me or with a friends family, who's also doing paleo, it won't be much of a problem for me to avoid unhealthy food. There will be some there probably, cake and such, so I will be avoiding this by bringing fruits and nuts or get these foods to be there as an alternative. Workouts shouldn't be a problem, because I have mostly no hard time motivating myself to it.

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I usually try to bring something strategically planned that is "safe" for me to enjoy.  ie. dessert is my weakness so I'll usually just let the host know I'll show up with a dessert (paleo of course - but no one else needs to know that!)

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My plan is to make things I can eat to take along to share with everyone. I'm making sweet potato casserole and gluten free pumpkin cake to take to my moms for Thanksgiving.

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We're already looking into healthy subs for Thanksgiving meals and with the way our main courses are individually served now, I'm choosing low sodium options for everything. Ready to enjoy Thanksgiving and destroy some low-fat Pistachio pudding! 


Also, I'm planning a Black Friday personal 5k. I've mapped out a route in my neighborhood thats just short of a 5k (not by very much) weaving in and out of offroads and back to my house. I figure that should take care of any excess calories and also will become my new regular walking routine from here on in.

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1- cooking all the food for thanksgiving at our house.

2- going to the gym in the morning on thanksgiving and doing a 'self-orientation' with the barbells.  Likely to me 'nobody' there to see my fumblings.

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Big events for me are my kids birthday party and christmas.. but I control the foods there and so limit the things I don't want access to

But I also limit intake on the day either side to allow some lee-way for a little over indulgence ;)

The big challenge is staying active over the 6 weeks of summer holidays when the kids are home.. it gets really hard to make it to the gym when there is noone who can look after the terrorists

I've bought a dumbell set and will borrow my bfs kettlebells for the 6 weeks so that I can workout at home..

I also make a huge list of activities to do each day with the kids and I will be adding keep fit activities such as bike riding and hiking.

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I'm having a girls catch up event this Saturday - it's a pub crawl, 12 pubs/clubs/drinking establishments from noon til 10pm.

Plan: have a super healthy breakfast day of the event, drink a glass of water at every pub. The day after I will have a healthy breakfast as painful as it might be to cook followed by a swim at the beach.

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A day before:

- I'll play tennis, and eat clean, which is nothing more than eating my leftovers.


On Thanksgiving day:

- I'll bring baked sweet potato to the thanksgiving dinner.

- I'll limit the drinking to a glass of champagne. (I love bubblies!)

- I'll not touch any dessert.

- I'll count calories and keep the day's net calories within +250.

- After Thanksgiving dinner, we usually go out for a walk in woods.


A day after Thanksgiving

- I'll go out for a black Friday shopping. (Very tough!)

- I'll play tennis and workout.

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Not only did I have Thanksgiving, but also my fiancees Birthday and my Nephew's Birthday (on the 20th and the 24th respectively). So I have to take those into consideration. For the fiancee I allowed some minor cheating, for my nephew's I did avoid all the nasty stuff. and for Thanksgiving my plan was to behave for the main courses but allow myself to deviate for the dessert course, which was a decision made since my father made his infamously delicious Cheesecake. But that proved the only meal of the day, which should hopefully offset the higher than usual intake.

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I cut my portions down by about 1/3 for thanksgiving.  There's no parties so there's nothing happening there. I won't be tempted on festivus.  My 11 year anniversary with my g/f is coming up which is just going to be a dinner splurge. Nothing crazy.  As for xmas, I plan on making 3 types of cookies and everyone in my family already knows that I'm eating paleo/whole30 so I SHOULDN'T get stockings filled with chocolate.

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I'm a little late to this but my thanksgiving plan was: I made all the food.  I didn't worry so much about calories but I made sure everything fit into my diet rules I've set up for myself.  Then after Thanksgiving, I sent all the leftovers home with my son to share with his roommate.

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For my T-Day meal I filled up a bowl with rice and topped with meat and veggies.  For the rivarly party on Saturday instead of pigging out on bar food I did fairly well eating only chips and salsa and a couple of motzeralla sticks.  Only like 3 more parties during the challenge to go!


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I'm Canadian and Thanksgiving was done months ago (OCT) but I didn't have a plan for Christmas yet. I now have a workout schedule I only need to change the plan for 1 day and that's encouraging to know what my plans are now. I do need to create a plan for what I will eat but I know I will be bringing at least my own snacks so that I can stay on track and off the cookies as meals are generally really good with our family. 

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