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The Ending of Insanity - A New Beginning

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As some of you know I have been doing the Insanity challenge, I am currently on week 7 and my progress has been absolutely amazing, at the beginning of the challenge I weighed 82 Kg [12.9 St] and 7 weeks on as of this morning I weigh 73.8 Kg [11.6 St].

I can't express how great I feel at this moment in my life and I am in the best shape I have ever been in, since well, forever, my main target now is basically just tone up and get rid of the little remaining belly fat, so my main targets will be focusing on core body work, continue on the diet and increase cardio.


Insanity continued :- STR + 4 I CHA + 2 I STA +2


I am about to start week 7 of the insanity which leaves me with 2 weeks to go, I feel absolutely amazing for doing it, that said I will be re-doing the insanity programme from scratch to build muscle and just generally carry on the healthy life style I have adopted.

I will be focusing on core work a lot more this time round as, well basically, I now have muscles that can be felt through my stomach, which is a first for me!


Food, glorious food! :- CON + 2 I WIS + 2


As with all workouts aimed to loose weigh it is 80% diet 20% exercise, on Insanity it fortunately comes with a tailored diet plans for my height, age and current weight.

This is broken down into 5 meals through the day each being 4-500 calories and made up of the correct food stuffs to make the workouts in the evenings worth while.

I have always struggle with dieting and I am a huge foody but in the 6 weeks of insanity I have only fallen of the wagon twice but each time was for a special occasion so I wasn't hung up over it, I have also been sober now for 8 weeks and will be continuing this until Christmas where I will have a few social drinks with the family.


The best shape of my life :- DEX + 2 I CHA + 1


Doing Insanity I have lost a total of 8Kg (1.3St) with my current weight being 74Kg (11.6St) and I feel great!

The aim is to improve on this even more, talking to a fitness instructor I am friends with he said "You have gone from a poor body shape to average, think in 6 months or a years time when you are in a great body shape and you can look back and know how hard you trained to get where you are now" which put me in a super good mood.


Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support over the last months!


TlDr; INSANITY! - Tone up, eat healthy, Dig deeper, get the results!




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