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Weekly Challenge 3 - In The Interval


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Greetings Scouts!


First off, I'd like to apologise for the confusion last week...this time around I won't be posting from my phone (twice)! As you can tell the effects of my misadventures last month are still hanging around....


Despite the confusion, many of you managed to find the threads and log some great distances, so well done!


This week, we're going to work on improving both our speed and endurance, using Intervals. 


For those of you new to intervals, what they are is basically bursts of speed that you add in within a normal run. They can be structured (for example, 15 seconds every minute), or free-form, where you just go faster at random times. 


Intervals aren't just for running though. You can use them in pretty much any endurance sport. They key is to keep your base speed at a comfortable pace, then push yourself hard enough to elevate your heart rate during the speed intervals.


So, for this week's challenge, we're going to try adding at least 1 interval session in for the week. You can do as many as you like or feel comfortable with, as long as they're in there somewhere.


Post back and let us know how they went, what you thought of them, and what you might do differently next time.


Good luck!


Scout Commander (ret.)

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