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Good bye GrimmThing

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Hey awesome nerds.


This is a goodbye of sorts.


Over the past year and a half, you have been incredibly supportive in my chronically inconsistent attempts to get strongerand healthier.


I, however  have been growing more and mopre depressed, if you've noticed.


Over the past month it has gotten really bad, and some old bubbling issues started swirling and swirling, and things exploded.


I had a breakthrough and my mood and motivations shot up.  Here's the part that might seem a little weird.  I think my gender identity is female.


I've been running from that thought for at least 25 years.  I would much rather things make sense without having to admit that, but life isn't fair.


Once I admitted that to myself, my mood skyrocketed and life became easier.  I haven't had a screaming fit, and I've even been showering.  I don't really have it figured out.


Yeah, so the corpulent gargantuan depressed ogre that has been grumbling about here was an amazon in disguise.  Of course I'm still trapped in the form of an ogre, and any changes other than losing a lot of weight are not planned at all.


What is helping is being semi-anonymously open about it with a very supportive group of people.  So yeah, my posting persona has changed.  I've decided I felt dishonest about having created a second persona,so I'm just letting you all know where GrimmThing went.


So, Relunctant Amazon says hello.


My re-introduction thread:



My New Challenge:




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GrimmThing - Warrior

Maybe I'm just too dumb to collapse - - too ugly to die !! I'll let you figure out the reasons...

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Way to go Amazon, we're here for you.

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Congrats and admiration for the self-discovery, and I'm glad it's allowed you enjoy life a little more. If that isn't self-justification, I don't know what is!

Way to go.

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Damnit, Reluctant Amazon! You DO realize you've just discovered the Secret Level of Epic Awesomeness, don't you? You have no idea how many of us biological females would KILL to be on par strength-wise with our male peers! And !!!BAM!!! you're actually there!


You've got some serious amazing ahead of you. :-D

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Keep up the momentum!

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Wow, big realisation. Really happy for you, I hope this brings a new lease of life, and I genuinely hope your journey continues in a positive direction. :D

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Whatever the future holds, you are now more prepared to face it.  Good luck on your journey.  

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Well not sure I agree about the strength thing.

Developing actual defined deltoid a and traps was caising me a lot of emotional discomfort,

No idea what the future holda

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at some point you will come to realize and accept that your body is what it is.  Many of us struggle with the limitations we hold because of it.  But even with the gender identity search/hunt/realization... you need to remember your body is what it is.  what you may dislike- may be someone's dream body part... and vice versa.  And that's okay- but just realize there is only so much you can do about it- but that we ALL struggle with "I wish my X was a little more like a Y instead"




Do what you need- we are here for you. :D

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amazing. many hugs.

"Come with me if you want to lift" -The Brominator

"Later, I would learn that coincidences are the most planned things in the world. Later, I would learn that every single moment is a coincidence." - Douglas Coupland

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Hello reluctant amazon/ grimm thing!

All the best for you in your future journey. The brother of my favorite powerlifter, a mighty well renowned cartoonist called Laerte Coutinho, came out as a travestite some years ago. I don't quite understand the details of his identity, but he dresses as a lady and he has been very activist about it since his position in the media is so proeminent. Since he's come out, a lot of his work has been openly about gender identity etc, but even before it and even now when it's not about it, he's never short of genious.

Maube you can find something that inspires you in his work: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2010/09/03/laerte-coutinho-comes-out-as-transvestite/ There are a couple of links there to the comics. I've chosen the only link in English can find because, you know, we're all brazilians, the cartoonist, the powerlifter and this here four-eyes :) But even if you don't find anything in your language, google him. I think he is really an inspiration.

Stay strong!

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"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." - W. Faulkner

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Nerd Fitness member in a messed up state wants help, but not in a public forum.  send me a PM if you are willing to let me blather about my life over email.


Got  a lot of supportive words, haven't responded to them all yet, but it's helping.

GrimmThing - Warrior

Maybe I'm just too dumb to collapse - - too ugly to die !! I'll let you figure out the reasons...

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