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LoD vs. the jump rope - a postpartum struggle

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My newest little one is 5 weeks old as of today. I'm working on getting back into my workout routine, which is mostly CrossFit, although I'm planning to work through the C25k program soon, to ease my body back into running. 


However, I have found that I cannot control my bladder when jumping rope. I have no problem with it in other situations/with other exercises (although I haven't tried jumping jacks yet). This was my first vaginal birth, so I'm not sure if this is standard or not. I'm doing my kegels...is there anything else I can do to help with this? Is it just something that will get better with time (and kegels and squats)?

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It's really common.  CF games even did a whole thing about women peeing during double unders (and many are not yet moms).


Women in Muay Thai complain about it all the time - plus kicks and heaven forbid - knees. 




one more reason to hate the jump rope.

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can't really offer any advice - just sympathy.  Its been 4 and a bit years since my last birth and I still have issues with not peeing myself whilst jumping rope - with everything else I'm fine - jumping jacks are no problems at all, but I have to make sure I have a totally empty bladder if I want to jump rope....

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If I have exceptionally bad sneezes it happens to me- and I've never given birth- same with front squats. 

It happens.


We do a thing in dance called soccer ball- thinking about kind of ohlding a soccer ball in the cradle of your pelvic bones- as a dancer it's very helpful to maintain posture and control- spinning and turns and keeping balance when you do weight shifts... I'm finding that's helpful with the weigh training- but i'ts hard to maintain all the time.

high knees maybe an option?


Softer feet? there are times when I definitely jump TO HARD and it causes things to jiggle lose that I don't want- there are definitely different ways to jump to reduce banging- experiment with speed and landing technique - that might help. 

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